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  1. Buying online tickets may not give you an actual ticket, only a voucher which must be exchanged for a ticket at the city wall entrance. Not sure if this is also applicable for the cable car, but do believe it is the same. Your arrival is in June, it should be too busy, but standing in a short line should not be a problem. https://www.wallsofdubrovnik.com/ http://www.dubrovnikcablecar.com/
  2. You should have enough time to finish your proposed itinerary. I do hope you enjoy your visit to Dubrovnik.
  3. Yes you can enter the old part of town via Ploce gate.
  4. Croatia has been in the European Union since 01 July 2013.
  5. Yup, that is how you reach the top to the walkway. The wall is 1940 meters long, including all 3 entrances, has a grand total of 1,080 steps spread throughout. Depending how often you stop to take a photograph and some of our spectacular views, the walk can take up to 2 hours. The wall encompasses the entire old part of town. Good luck and enjoy!
  6. Yes, please take a taxi from the harbor to Pile gate. You can buy your tickets there and once you begin the walk, you will be able to finish. Do keep in mind that sunset is early, depending on your exact date, so check sunset times for Dubrovnik also. Weather can be good or wet, windy and cold. Be prepared and make sure you have good walking shoes with radial tires on the soles. Normally at 3pm, there is a young man at the Pile gate entrance who begins to lock the many gates. So if you beat him up the 87 entrance steps, you will get to walk the wall. Enjoy
  7. Sorry but as a local resident the rules of cruise critic do not permit me to make any personal recommendations. You can google car rentals for Dubrovnik Gruz harbor and will find a multitude of rental companies. Do keep in mind that driving and parking in our area can be daunting. I do strongly suggest renting a car only when you want to visit the outlying areas.
  8. My best suggestion is to utilize our local tourist website. Good information on our historical and cultural sites, you can choose accordingly to your interests. Walking the wall is always a must, it can take up to 2 hours and getting up there as early as possible. The photo opps and views are spectacular just make sure you have good walking shoes and be prepared for 1,000 steps spread throughout. Exploring the old part of town, in my own personal opinion, not worth doing without a local guide. Many guests believe they have 'done' Dubrovnik and have no clue to our history. Lunch at your choice, hint many of our homemade local eating places are those with no views! Banja beach is a 5 minute stroll from the Ploce gate, a nice stop to end a perfect day. Since I am a local resident, cruise critic rules do not permit me to recommend any specific restaurants or tours. Use our website - http://www.tzdubrovnik.hr/lang/en/
  9. Sorry Grandma, I totally disagree! By using a local guide, one can learn our history which dates back to Roman times. There is are more to see than just walking the wall. Utilize our tourist bureau website and decide which of our many sites interest you and enjoy. Please do not miss the Rupe Museum, it is my favorite. Enjoy my beloved Dubrovnik, I have been doing so now for the past 11 years.
  10. The crowds will only become more massive in July and August, it will very slowly become slightly less in September. Reason I no longer visit Dubrovnik until the end of October. Do your best to enjoy our cultural and historical sites...
  11. Yes, they accept both debit and credit cards, 200 Kunas per person. Enjoy the walk, views are amazing.
  12. The cost of Libertas #10 from Gruz harbor to Cavtat is 25 Kuna one way per person. It is a lovely ride and do sit on the right hand side for a view of our sea. But I would also consider taking the small boat transfer for a return to Dubrovnik, it is the perfect ending to a fun day. Enjoy my home, I certainly do every day.
  13. You do not mention your arrival date, nor length of time in port. Of course I am partial to Cavtat, it is my home. Ideally a drive from Dubrovnik down the coast, a stop at the view above Dubrovnik, continue to Konavle valley, check out a few of the wineries and end in Cavtat...Always one of my perfect days.
  14. Of course the town permits mobility scooters inside the walls. I did not see that part of the post, must look into getting new glasses soon. However I would not waste the time and effort it will take to use the scooter from Gruz to the old part of town. Entrance can be done easily at Pile gate, there is a very good ramp which will permit entry with ease. Please use a shuttle service or taxi to town, our roads and sidewalks are not scooter friendly. The Stradun, our main promenade, is relatively flat with a few minor indents but you will be able to enjoy many of our sites with ease.
  15. You can reach the old town by scooter. However you may not use a scooter inside the walls, it is for pedestrian only. Do keep in mind that from the harbor to the old town is uphill and normally busy with automobiles.
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