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  1. Hi...ice tea,hot tea,lemonade,chocolate and white milk...also the 25 dollar soda card is worth 50$ of soda..hope that helps...
  2. If you drink soda get a 25$ soda card it is good for 50$ worth of sodas at lunch dinner or wherever...also if you don’t do alcohol have them empty the mini fridge and keep juice from breakfast etc in it... cookies and tea at night from room service is a great way to unwind at night
  3. We just got back...our table staff was wonderful...you may get the Caesar salad without anchovies...any main dish with any sides that are listed on the menu so if you want mashed instead of roasted potatoes if it’s listed it’s available...if you don’t want horseradish tell them and it won’t make it on your plate...if you want iced tea,chocolate milk,every evening it will be there...they just need told asked once and it is there...change your mind that’s fine too
  4. Venting is good...you just aren’t preaching to the choir..maybe someone out there will take heart and just enjoy themselves...lol
  5. I seem to be missing something.i love cc and we have a very busy rollcall for our up coming cruise.i enjoy all the feedback,except for the few negative people,but you will have those...thank you all who submit information and suggestions
  6. My foreign currency is usually what I plan to spend on the grandkids....that way I set a limit and don’t go overboard.....
  7. FYI If you are a aaa member they will get you foreign currency in about 3 days... have agreat trip
  8. I just got the new Alaska Yukon brochure in the mail....great chart in the back to compare tours...probably the same as in the e brochure...
  9. Thank you ..I can not agree more and I could not have said it better...semi new for cruising and new to the site and I have had every question answered and went thru the change about a month after I joined my roll call and except for asking a question or to in the wrong area have enjoyed every new incite...thank you cruise critic for being here to help guide us til our tour...
  10. Confused...we are signed up for our roll call..about 100 are signed up and our meet and greet scheduled...maybe you need to step up and handle the meet and greet...if no one else seems to be doing it...thankfully we have a lovely person hosting ours
  11. Just wondering...can I order crab legs and a steak or is it extra for the steak ..or are there plenty of crab legs so I don’t need a steak too...going to have the husband order the fish and shrimp combo and thought that way we would sample everything we like... thank you
  12. Thank you ...glad to know of another perk I was unaware of in the room.....getting better and better.
  13. Just wondering if there is a gift card to purchase to give someone OBC or if you would need to apply it directly to there account...
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