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  1. Okay what do you do about mail and medication etc. on these long cruises. I just can’t wrap my head around how it’s handled. Thank you.
  2. I have my iPad not a smartphone .it keeps me in communication with my grandchildren because I can message them and they can return my call or message when they are available. I keep track of my meds. And doctor appt. read books and keep track of my cruises and navigator. Also I am disabled so it’s my entertainment movies,games,books. Not a smartphone. My phone is a 12$ flip phone. That’s what technology does for me. The app for ordering on ship will help me since standing in line with a mask will be very difficult for me. So I say thank you Holland for this choice I may or may not choose to use.
  3. Ouch. Not being a party person, I just wondered about what might be. I’ll be fine if the crew just enjoy themselves. We will be in Cartagena for the day so will probably have an early evening anyway.
  4. I guess we will all be wearing masks for Halloween…lol…just alittle frivolity would be nice.
  5. Thank you both for letting us follow along. Cannot wait to board in Barcelona Halloween weekend.
  6. Saw that there is a theater on board. Is it used daily. Didn’t know about it until I saw screening room on the deck plans.
  7. Thank you for letting us know that life is almost normal on the Eurodam. Hope to see you on our leg of the journey to Fort Lauderdale. P.s. happy birthday.
  8. We are on the Eurodam for Halloween. May we bring packaged candy to share or not?
  9. Holland site my bookings then click dining on left side
  10. I use my navigator all year round to check out excursions watch temperatures where the ship is I’m joining. Check menus,even days until next cruise.
  11. So by the looks of things to come we should order the rapid test 6 pack for our October and February cruises.
  12. I do hope you are wrong. The cruise was the only way to talk my husband into the vaccine. I’ll never hear the end of it if it’s cancelled….again…if it is they are either going to extend the dates of FCC or let us use them towards excursions etc. on the cruises we have already booked.
  13. Our boarding time is 1:20 group B in Barcelona for the Eurodam. Our plane lands at 10 so I thought that would get us through customs and to the Holland shuttle and to the ship without too much rushing. Lido for lunch will be fine because we will still be exploring before crashing in our cabin until sail away and dinner.
  14. It will be interesting to see how many are sailing the transatlantic now. Maybe the upgrade fairy will visit everyone left.
  15. Alaska was our first land and sea cruise on Holland and we would do it again if I didn’t have other ports to sea. The most beautiful landscape and the weather was perfect. The only thing I would do differently was do Denali first so I could rest on the cruise. Way to many things to do. Also when booking pay attention to what side of the ship your room is on if you have a balcony. That way you can pick shoreline one ocean views. Breakfast on the balcony in august in Alaska was a perfect way to start a morning. We have been back but not for the land sea but as part of a transpacific cruise. Do it you won’t regret one minute.
  16. Sorry I haven’t responded. Site wouldn’t let me in. Everything is fine now.thanks for caring.
  17. All is fine thank you. Sorry I haven’t gotten back sooner but site wouldn’t let me reply until now.
  18. Thanks. Luckily I have a very wonderful husband who will fetch and carry for me if need be.
  19. Read somewhere we can order from the mdr or lido menus for room service. Is there a specific time or do we just call and ask that the items be delivered at a specific time. We have ordered room service but only from the actual room service menu. Thank you.Trying to make the most of our experience this time, specially on shore days.
  20. Yes closer to Pittsburgh than Columbus so we fly out of pitt. Hope to meet you on the cruise.
  21. We might not be the only ones. Thought others should check. Will contact Hal Monday.
  22. This is the problem. If I go onto my payment summary it says Rotterdam cabin 7042. If I go to my itinerary it says Zuiderdam cabin 7042 both for February 13 to 27. See why I am confused. Have all my excursions from ft.Lauderdale to San Diego booked.
  23. Fort Lauderdale to San Diego that’s why I’m confused. Not Lauderdale to Lauderdale.
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