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  1. I purchased a classic beverage package for $47.20 vs the $59 I've been seeing. I also got a discount on an excursion that was in my cart.
  2. Just got off the phone with X. The Kids Package ($15) = Classic Non Alcoholic Package ($18). They are charging $3 less for kids.
  3. My kids are very rarely with me on the ship. I want them to be able to enjoy a soda if they want one without having to come find me. BTW--I called Celebrity to ask what the Kids Package entailed. The rep said she had no information and to call back during the week when they would be able to find out more information.
  4. The kids package is available on my Reflection sailing for Dec 2020. It’s $15. The classic non alcoholic is $18 and the soda package is $9. I don’t know what you get for $6 more in the kids package over the soda package.
  5. I looked at this itinerary. I also looked at a similar one on X that is 12 nights. The X was less expensive to begin with. Then they recently ran the kids sale free promo and it was a no brainer to book X over RCI. Just some food for thought. My kids will be 10 and 13 when we go. Like you, the ports will be new for us but there seems to be a lot of fun and interesting things for the kids to do.
  6. My kids are 12 and 9. I would pick the Western itinerary. Coco cay and Labadee are both the private islands. That's an easy day at the beach and you can augment with the waterpark and zip lines etc. Antigua is a beautiful beach. In Nassau, you can easily find a beautiful beach. For Falmouth, I think the excursions take some time to reach, but I could be wrong. I'm sure someone here knows more than me about that. In any case, I would stay on the ship in Falmouth if the excursions were more then an hour travel time. That would give the kids a day to play with less people on board.
  7. We were on the Horizon and spent a port day on the ship. It was fantastic. My kids had the sky ride and roles course to themselves.
  8. My kids are a few years away from this. I can see at organized activities might be poorly attended. But if they just did a few on the first sea day, it would probably help introduce the kids to each other. Something simple like an organized scavenger hunt or meet at the sports court for games. On the more enhanced ships, maybe offer a dedicated hour on the flow rider, ropes course, rock wall, etc on day 1.
  9. I have 2 competing issues. First, we'd like to do a longer cruise, not a cruisetour, in Alaska. That limits me to Princess and HAL (unless you have other recommendations). Second, the kids will be 10 and 13 and love all the activities on the RC mega ships. If you've done Princess with kids after the bells and whistles ships, how was it? My kids do not like the kids clubs and won't set foot in them. They just tend to go off and find the activities they want to participate in and have fun together. I'm worried that on a day 10 Alaska cruise, they will be stir crazy on the sea days. I'm looking at the Star Princess SFO R/T which has 5 days at sea. I see that there is a sports court and a pool with no slides. Beyond the kids club, what else is there to do on the ship for them?
  10. I would love it if OTF did a pop up like they did at the Boca Resort. How’s Hell Week going for you? I don’t think I can take another day of squats!
  11. Thank you for this. I didn’t realize that.
  12. I know actual itineraries have not been released yet but I think both the Bliss and Encore will be sailing Alaska. I’ve ruled out the Joy as there is no thermal spa. As I’m starting to plan, I want to know if the Haven is something I should consider. What appeals to me to the private deck space and private pool area. But I’m wondering how much that will be used on an Alaska cruise. Most likely we will sailing in mid June. If I don’t go with a haven suite, I would do a balcony cabin. I’m not really interested in any of the other amenities of a suite except the ability to find some peace and quiet. thanks for the input!
  13. I’m taking my 2 kids on the cruise. AQ doesn’t seem to be available for 3 people. I like the idea of joining them for dinner in Luminae. That might be a nice change.
  14. Thanks. We’re having dinner tomorrow night so I’ll let them know rooms are going quick.
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