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  1. Hi Haley, I didn't bring any at all. The lounge I ended up having the wedding and reception in (Diamonds are Forever), as the name implies, was beautiful just as is. All I took on in terms of decorations were a few big, glittery butterflies in my wedding colors that I decorated the cake table with. On the cake table they put your bouquets, along with the cake and champagne flutes, so with the butterflies strategically placed it was all quite beautiful. I took my own cake topper, gift envelope box, favors (handmade soaps) and that's it. I also had a Unity Cross ceremony so obviously I took that as well. I kept it as simple and cost effective as possible, because neither of us had a lot of money to spend and it was perfect.
  2. There was one small glitch with the music, but everything else was awesome. So did an embarkation wedding on Carnival Fascination when it docked in Barbados. My husband and I live in Barbados so this was the best option for us. The wedding was to have been held in the Passage to India (PTI) and the reception in the Diamonds are forever lounge. l wasn't comfortable with the décor in PTI, but I wasn't sure if everything could be done in Diamonds, so after trying to see if any other room was available, I left it as is, but really wasn't comfortable. We were told to arrive at the port for 10:30, my invitations said 11:00 but the WC suggested we get there early and I'm glad we did. Boarding was a breeze. My husband, the wedding party (my 2 daughters, my son and the bestman) and I boarded through one entry and the guests boarded through another. I already had on my makeup so the onboard WC escorted us to our cabin where the guys dressed first and then my daughters and I got ready (only my husband and I sailed so there was only one room). I gave the WC my decorations, favours, gift box, etc. and she took them down to the room where my bff was going to set them up and do a bit a decorating. Meanwhile, apparently the WC told my guests they could go up on Lido and get some refreshments. So when my bff saw the room she was like 'no', this is going to spoil her big day. My issue with the room is personal and has to do with the various deities and symbolism that's in the room which are not in keeping with my belief system. She spoke to everyone she thought would have influence and got the ceremony changed at the last minute to the Diamonds are Forever lounge next door (originally set for the reception alone), so everything was held in that one room and it was spectacular. Around noon or so the photographer called to ask if I was ready and if he could come to take pictures. He was wonderful. He took some beautiful shots (more on that later). After that the WC came for me and we went down to the ceremony. It was beautiful, but it went by in a blur. We signed assembled the Unity Cross, signed the register, cut the cake and threw the bouquet. Only my husband made a speech. We had our first dance and then it was on to the reception. We opted for the DJ and I had gone through the entire playlist of songs and chosen the ones I wanted rather than choose one of the themed playlists on the entertainment form. I had put a lot of work into it and listed the songs in the order I wanted them played and timed them as well, so when I heard him playing songs I hadn't chosen I asked about it and he said no-one had given him the list. The time was whizzing by so I only really noticed that he was playing from my list about 10 minutes before the reception was due to end. I sent my daughter rushing up to the cabin to get the list so that we could at least get in one or two songs. We were able to get in "rock the boat" and everyone went on the dance floor. I had chosen 70s songs. That was the only thing that didn't go as expected. Everything else was fabulous - the food was great and everyone had a wonderful time. With respect to the photos, we only budgeted for the cheapest package because we had my family members and friends taking pics with a variety of devices and cameras. The picture packages are exorbitant. Barbados dollars and 2:1 USD so that makes it every more costly for us. We got the wedding pictures we did buy scanned and added other pics from various family members and did out album ourselves on Mixbook at a fraction of the cost. The rest of the honeymoon cruise was lovely and I would recommend an embarkation wedding any day as an economical way to get married. I wish you all the best in September and if you wish anymore information I can send you my email address. Blessings!
  3. I also have this challenge as It's only me and my fiance crusing so there's only one room. I had asked my WC and she said he could dress in the public bathroom. Well I think not! That doesn't appeal to me at all. He wil have to try to dress quickly and then vacate the room so I can finish dressing. It is what it is. Maybe they don't get many non-cruising guest wedding parties and so have not thought about accomodating the bride and groom is such a situation.
  4. Hi, I'm new to this forum and am planning my wedding for February 27, 2019. I chose a embarkation day wedding because this is the 2nd time for both my fiance and I and we wanted something affordable, good value with zero fuss and stress. A cruise wedding seemed like the answer. Having read so many reviews and experiences I'm now not so sure. We're are doing the Southern Caribbean 7 day cruise honeymoon and doing the embarkation wedding in Barbados as this is where we live. My main concern right now is about delays or changes in port, as well as all the added planning details that I wasn't aware of when I first had the idea - not the mention all the exhorbitant additional costs for photography especially. I'd like to say though that this forum has been invaluable to me to point out many of the pitfalls and has provided many tips on thigs I hadn't really considered. I'm hoping and praying that everything goes smoothly and right now I would just like to get it over with. I'm pretty much doing everything myself. We're an older couple and I have adult kids, 2 of whom reside in another country. My bestie also lives outside the country so I'm pretty much doing this alone, of course with the support of my fiance, but let's face it, he will go along with whatever makes me happy. Anyway, I'm very glad I found this forum and will provide a review after my wedding. All the best to everyone getting married this year and next who are now in the planning stages.
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