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  1. Thanks Joy, we'll check out the site. Still debating on what to wear but understanding the area we'll go with what Grand Circle recommends. Marilyn
  2. Hi Joy, Yes you and Fred are taking the pre and post trips and I believe you start your trip in Aswan and work your way north. We thought of that cruise but I don't get out of teaching until the 18th of May so that is why we're taking the May 20th trip. We have plenty of memory for our digital cameras and plenty of tapes for our digital video camera and we'll check back here when we're back and share stories and photos. We loved Australia and spent three weeks exploring the eastern coast and will be going back for much more. Our China trip was fantastic and if you'd like to see the photos here is the site I put them on www.flickr.com/photos/prius-04 enjoy.:D Marilyn
  3. We're going on the river cruise as part of our 15 day tour of Egypt May 20th of this year. We're wondering if anyone has taken this ship and what they thought of the cruise with Grand Circle Travel. We went to China last year with them and was very impressed and hope we have the same luck this year.:)
  4. We are heading to Cairo May 20th and we had a choice for getting our visas, buy them through the PVS service for about $80 or get them at the airport when we arrive for $15. That's a no brainer for us so we'll get them when we arrive. ;o)
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