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  1. 😄 Yea I always like to get the business part of vacation done and paid for, so I can just relax and enjoy the trip!
  2. Sorry if this is a repeated topic, I tried to search for it and could not find the subject. I am wondering if there is any real benefit of booking our next cruise on board at the NEXT CRUISE location? I have my eyes on the next trip we want to take, but also see the prices rise as the months tick away. Has anyone found a real value to booking while on your cruise, verses booking early anyway. We tend to book a year out at least as it is. Thanks
  3. Cruising the is only time I get to wear a tux, so I take advantage of it. Bought mine years ago.
  4. Navigator was my first ship to cruise on. It set the standard for RCCI for me. I wasn't disappointed then nor now.
  5. My wife and I always dress for the formal nights. I wear my tux, and she her "ladies stuff". But we are old fashion I guess. Because I will typically wear my suit on any dining night, so a tux is a bump from that on formal night. We look like beach bums during most of the trip, so it is a nice change. Frankly, I don't really care who thinks what. As many people say on here, this is MY vacation and I will dress up if I want. It isn't a snob thing either. I like to look special for my wife and to give ourselves a special time together. We rarely get to enjoy an atmosphere that is specifically made for such a time.
  6. My wife and I went on Liberty last year and this year. We had a BLAST on the Tidal Wave thingy.... I think it is called. We did that several times. We rode the slides once each.... but noticed that is kept pinching us as our big old bodies slide down. Where the tubes connect, I guess there is a little lip there and kept pinch pinch pinching us. But the tube ride that drops you, right next to the slides was soooo fun... we thought we were going over the edge but never did. (They did weigh me to make sure we would not be over 450 pounds combined. (I guess if over that weight, you WILL go over the edge ha ha ha...) Even one the last day of eating, we weighed again.... and LOST WEIGHT... go figure..)
  7. I forgot about that! I will have to look in to that as well. thanks. I saw $1500 balcony on another post, that is a decent price.... and I like the idea of flying and cruising back to unwind... I love the rest break of open sea cruising before having to get back to the grind.
  8. And anyone who buys from a jeweler is NOT getting ripped off? The reality is diamonds are not rare at all. They are abundant and common, but people pay the price because they are purty, or have a special memory attached. So who cares if the charm is fake. At least the memory is as strong as paying thousands for a common diamond as one would pay for a piece of glass. So why tell someone afterwards they got ripped off? Why plant a negative memory on something they are proud about, feel good about, and happy with? I have a lot of diamonds over the years. I am sure I could not sale those rings for what I paid for them, even 20 years ago.... why? because they are not rare. It does not minimize the value of the memory tho. My wife and I love to collect the charms. Each one is a memory of the port, and the vacation we spent together. Cheap or not, that doesn't matter. Like diamonds, we find value in it regardless. That is exactly what jewelers tell me when I ask them why they are charging so much for a common commodity. "Its the shimmer, and the beauty, and the memory" So.... back at ya. BTW: Glass can provide all that as well, much cheaper. I could only see popping someone bubble if they were trying to buy INVESTMENT grade gems. Otherwise. let people enjoy their purchase. It's a value to the purchaser.
  9. Or..... turn off the devices and just enjoy the trip. Take pics and download them to your friends later (You never want to post you are out of town when you are out of town.... it opens up your home to break ins; (former cop)) You're on vacation. UNPLUG and enjoy!:D:D:D
  10. We had a dining mate on our last crew who was gluten free. I was amazed at how the waiter kept up with her menu and options for her. I was impressed. Can't speak to the WJ, we didn't use it much.
  11. I am trying to decide if a Hawaii cruise is the way to see Hawaii. I notice a lot of the time on the cruise is just getting TO Hawaii, or traveling away from Hawaii. Can anyone share their experience with the Hawaii Cruise?What was the good and or poor (or lesser) point? Thanks :D
  12. For us, anything 7 days or longer will be a balcony or more. I would do an interior on a shorter cruise, but being older, we love the quiet time to relaz on the balcony. As far as OBC verse view... we dont gamble or drink or spend extra cash on paid dinners when we get good ones included, so OBC is only for special non-alcoh drink or shopping, so we would opt for the view.
  13. I stepped out of my comfort zone on my last cruise and tried the escargot in the MDR... WOW.... SUPER GREAT... I had them every night afterwards and looks forward to them again. They have the texture of a cooked oyster, smothered in a butter/spiced sauce, and I did not have to dig them out of the snail shell. (Liberty of the Sea). We also enjoyed the beef wellington in the MDR My wife and I enjoy the MDR because the food seems to us a little more elevated. No complaints here....
  14. I agree. When you find a price you like, buy. Don't torment yourself by seeing if others get better prices. That is a great way to spoil your vacation. Just rest with the fact that you search, the best you could, made an informed decision, and got a price you were satisfied with. THEN ENJOY YOUR CRUISE!!! In spite of that logic, try this.... There will be ALOT of folks that paid MORE than you on the cruise! There, it all balanced out.:D
  15. You know..... my wife says that to me all the time.... still can't understand WHY tho.... must be a mysterious woman thing.;):D:p ha ha
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