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  1. I have L101 and L102 booked for the 12/28/20 Regal cruise. Still hoping but I'm very doubtful my family and I will be able to cross the pond for embarkation.
  2. Nearest outlet is across from the bed at the desk in front of the bathroom. There is multiple outlet types.
  3. It'd be my pleasure. The cabin is amazing! Any questions, I'll try to answer.
  4. S108 and no, no Christmas decorations yet☹️. Ship is absolutely gorgeous though! And smells fresh too!
  5. We had a wonderful photographer on a previous cruise this year. He had taken our pictures during our ultimate balcony dinner (amazing!) and on the gangway during port visits. We purchased some photos, but a lot were left behind. On our last day, we wanted to submit a compliment sheet for him but we needed the correct spelling of his name. We sought him out at the photo kiosk and told him our intentions. He was so delighted! He then handed us a bag and said we "forgot these". It had every photo we didn't purchase! Obviously, they were going to be discarded si
  6. Since we're talking about the app, why does the app ask for microphone permissions? Is there any advantage to allowing it access?
  7. I'm starting to see lots of photos of the Sky Princess, but I've yet to see one from the window suites. Has anyone come across a stateroom photo yet?
  8. 12/1/19 is now bookable online. I was booked on 12/4, but was able to change to the earlier date without penalty.
  9. I just want a photo of the window suites on Sky. 710 square feet without a balcony? Seems massive but could more likely be wrong. However, I still feel lucky to have booked one with the 50% off promotion for the 12/4 cruise. I guess I'll have to report back if nothing else is still posted by then.
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