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  1. Just back from Iconic Christmas markets cruise on Ama Viola. Kudos to Ama waterways, right from sending me updated emails a week before departure regarding water levels and changes if any to my cruise ports and also a plan B as per their ships and routes. I have been trawling these boards for months now and have been anxious like everyone else but I realized the reason why there may not be advance notice of changes. The water levels, the locks, the position of the ship - all these play a factor and as long as the cruise company talks to the travelers, not a lot can be done in advance. The minute I boarded the cruise, all is forgotten and forgiven - service is top notch. All the 60 passengers that were bused in from port left their luggage and some of them don't even have tags and not one luggage missed making to the right cabin - THAT IS MAGIC !!!! Ama Viola ship is 2-3 years old, pretty much travels every day up and down and still looks clean. The inside glass doors cleaned with steam machine, banisters & stairs cleaned every day, not to say the cabins. All the crew right from cruise manager to dining room staff - were amazing. Never once have I seen a bored expression on anyone's face. They all do deserve more than the suggested gratuities. I don't know how they do this day in and day out for a whole year and still stay sane. In keeping with such a busy itinerary, they still managed to include a gingerbread decorating session in keeping with the Christmas time theme, a crew carols singing session, visit of St.Nick with chocolate and gifts - such small things do go a long way in making wonderful memories. All meals were sit down - good selection of food and wine (no complaints here). Information regarding excursions provided every day, weather instructions given before we left so we could take what we needed with us. Umbrellas were provided in every room for use, complements and gifts to every traveler. The gift shop with limited souvenirs is a godsend nonetheless - there was no time to buy in some of the ports which means we did visit the shop and we did buy stuff - prices trust me were not too bad. Regarding cabin - I had the smallest one, two adults and a child fit very well. Yes, its a little tight for suitcases but then there is enough cabinet space, ample water bottles provided daily and all toiletries as well. Two to three times a day they would come and clean/change. No noise or smells or anything like that. This is just my experience and my opinion. I feel bad for anyone that did not have a good experience considering how much these little vacations cost. But I also want to add to the list of good experiences for other people so it sends good vibes their way. Feel free to ask questions on anything as these details are fresh in my mind
  2. Just to say thanks to Notamermaid and dogs4fun. I am back from my trip. I used the tram and it was easy peesy like you said. Everyone was so nice and helpful and gave us all the directions, information we needed along the way. We did see the Zeppelin field and walked 30 mins back to documentation center which allowed my 4 year old and she seemed to enjoy the audio piece and the informative movies in there. We did not go inside the courtroom 600 but did go to the palace of justice as we got a good overview of it at the documentation centre. Loved Nuremberg, loved Germany - one of my favorite countries now.
  3. Woo hoo, Ama Viola is "underway using engine" as per cruise tracker. Still hoping and praying for cruise movements
  4. Thanks Notamermaid and dogs4fun As you are aware I am on the other thread for danube water levels and most likely my Nuremberg time might be cut short to embark in another port (I am getting mentally prepared for that) which means this will give me really a half day at the most on Friday morning. At this point I have gathered all info and made a note to myself of option 1, option 2, option 3 and will go for the one that works best with the time given. I might be a tad disappointed if I miss the WWII sites but looking on the bright side atleast my 6 months of research is not a complete waste, I am still "probably" going to do the trip and will enjoy it no matter what last minute changes happen Going to miss talking to you guys after the trip :(
  5. This is reassuring for me. By all that are using AMA, it looks like AMA is doing its best-est given the circumstances. Thank you for taking the time to respond
  6. Hi Deval, I am on the Iconic after yours. I will probably hear a changed itinerary on mine any time soon. Did the starting and ending ports remain same or have they changed ? Nuremberg is not even on your itinerary now. Did you buy flights from Ama or on your own ? If on your own, how far are the changed ports to airports with your flights ? I am following your updates really closely... thank you for taking the time
  7. Hi, what was your original trip called ? original ship Ama Lea ? The itinerary you copied in your post still shows Ama Lea. I want to understand how much of itinerary was changed. Mine is Ama Viola departing on Dec 7
  8. Thank you Jpalbny. My flights are non changeable and all that so we will fly in to Nuremberg. I am travelling with a 4 year old so everything will be twice as slow to change and to do (not complaining, its a fact). My worry is not that AMA will totally cancel which they won't just based on all my reading on boards these past few months but if they ask me to embark in another port once I am already in Nuremberg, then I will be scrambling with a child and 2 big suitcases. Especially since my German is limited to Guten morgen and Danke. Yes, Vienna & Budapest will be an awesome alternative.
  9. This much of tension is really taking the fun out of this first timer's river cruise No update yet from AMA or TA on my Nuremberg to Budapest departing Dec 7 (10 days out). I fly out a day early on my own to Nuremberg. As I track where AMA Viola ship is today, its in Vienna. First itinerary on this Christmas markets cruises for Viola is Nov 30 from Budapest to Nuremberg. I assume mine would be the next from Nuremberg to Budapest. I found out finally the ship is 135 m in length. Even if I not focus on the actual ship, I am finding it hard to come up with a Plan B considering flights were not thru AMA any advise for worst case scenarios ?
  10. I went on the website of the documentation center and it says children over 14 are allowed and ticketed. does not mean a 4 year old cannot go in. but I still sent an email off, lets hope they respond. If I can't go in then I can't go in, will just do the zeppelin field and come back. Dachau is on my bucket list but for another time
  11. I did google maps as you suggested and its super exciting. I have most of Friday to do WWII sites before I embark on my cruise in the evening. The 4 year old has to go where all I go, just don't want to go all the way there only to be turned back because they do not allow a child inside. Zeppelin field and palace of justice if I can do I am happy, doc center will be a bonus so I buy a ticket for U3 @ euro 3 and then one more ticket for city rail 8 ? I appreciate your patience in answering me. thank you
  12. I am travelling with a 4 year old, do any of these sites not allow a child inside ? if you know, please reply
  13. also if I were to leave at 9 on Friday morning, what would be the best way to do this - first documentation center then rally grounds and last palace of justice ?
  14. one more question - the trams and buses - will they accept cash once I board or do I purchase tickets ?
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