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  1. You can always buy CruiseNext certificates to put toward future cruises! Sent from my H3321 using Forums mobile app
  2. I agree that this is the right reason to buy jewelry on vacation. You still have to do your due diligence and buy from a reputable source, though. Sent from my H3321 using Forums mobile app
  3. Also, you can use two certificates per cruise as long as you are in a balcony or higher and book at least 6 months in advance. So in that case you are saving $250 off the total cost of your cruise. It always seems to me that they have gone out of their way to make the program complicated by saying that you pay one price and get OBC back. But that OBC is credited directly back to you on the purchase of the certificates. I have seen a thread somewhere on here saying that they aren't going to use that explanation anymore, so hopefully it will be less confusing because it really is a nice way to save a little money if you plan to continue sailing on NCL. Sent from my H3321 using Forums mobile app
  4. That was very helpful! I'm definitely going to try it out for the next cruise I book. :) Sent from my H3321 using Forums mobile app
  5. This is great information, thanks! It seems like a good compromise that allows smokers several places to smoke, while keeping the majority of the ship smoke free. I especially like that the smoking section of the casino is enclosed. People often have the attitude that if you like gaming, then you simply have to deal with smoke. Sent from my H3321 using Forums mobile app
  6. No worries! It was actually lizp who posted the link to an article about a study on the topic of how pre-vacation planning leads to increased enjoyment of said vacation. It is definitely a fascinating area of study. I think it is so important for people to realize that the things that are commonly thought to result in happiness (money, power, rank, etc.) are really only happiness-creating up to a certain point. That is to say that we need a certain level of ease and material comfort in order to be healthy and unstressed. But, beyond that, the things that really increase our happiness are our thoughts, our beliefs, and our actions. I'm lurking on another thread that has basically devolved into a bizarre debate on who is more deserving of perquisites and preferential treatment: suite passengers (who have presumably paid more for the particular cruise they are on) or frequent cruisers (who arguably have spent more money total with the cruiseline). If only the proponents of each argument realized that they could squeeze more enjoyment out of each cruise by compulsively planning it instead of worrying about the tiny inconveniences of sharing their perks with the other group! [emoji182] Sent from my H3321 using Forums mobile app
  7. Oh, and I meant to mention that I also use Sheets. Super convenient that I can access/edit/download on my computer and on my phone. Sent from my H3321 using Forums mobile app
  8. This! Glad to find my people here, because it really is true: anticipating/planning something absolutely does deepen our enjoyment of it. Sent from my H3321 using Forums mobile app
  9. There are definitely musicians and comedians on the Jade. You could see if a recent cruiser has dailies they can scan for you to get an idea of the types of entertainment available, as well as the times and venues, but of course there is no guarantee that the same entertainers will be on board for your sailing. Sent from my H3321 using Forums mobile app
  10. I agree that having the officers available to supervise staff, chip on the work that needs to be done, and socialize with the passengers is good for customer service, brand management, and employee morale. Sent from my H3321 using Forums mobile app
  11. So sorry for your loss! Sent from my H3321 using Forums mobile app
  12. Personally, I would pick the Gem, since I have been on both, and I love the feel of the smaller ships. But it really depends on a couple of things. Mainly, do you want to try a megaship? If so, this might be a good time. The Escape is my favorite of the megaships. It really is a lovely ship with a lot to do, so this itinerary would be a good chance to check it out. Do you enjoy Broadway-style productions? The shows really are in another class, compared to the entertainment on the smaller ships. But if you know yourself, and you know that you really prefer the ambiance of a smaller ship, with more personalized service and a much less crowded feel, then there is no need to try the newer ships. You already said you aren't big drinkers, so the District won't be a big draw for you. Do you like a lot of physical activities, like a ropes course, rock climbing and big waterslides? Sent from my H3321 using Forums mobile app
  13. I love the detail in this review! Thanks for posting all of the shorex and embarkation papers, as well as the Haven menu. Very helpful! Sent from my H3321 using Forums mobile app
  14. Great review and pics! I want to try a Hawai'i cruise, but I'm just starting my research, so this is very helpful. Sent from my H3321 using Forums mobile app
  15. This is the correct answer. You absolutely do not need to renew your passport before going on this cruise, but why wouldn't you just do it now? It is best to always have a passport with over 6 months left before expiration, simply because a great travel opportunity could come up at any time and you really don't want to miss out over an almost-expired passport! I put off renewing my passport once, and then I had to take an emergency trip. It was fine in the end, but it was very stressful to have to go down to the passport agency and let them know that I needed a passport by the end of the business day so that I could fly that night. Sent from my H3321 using Forums mobile app
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