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  1. Dwhit....thank you SO much for posting the info on excursions/bubbles in the Caribbean....I called the office and they are not sure about requirements pre and post cruise for SXM and BGI....we'll see!
  2. Late to this party....we're due for final next week as we're on the 12/27 SXM-BGI......I called SD today and nothing was said about staying in bubble or cancelled ports (for now anyway)....Much can change in 3 months....HOPING things are a little more open in the Caribbean by December (for the vaxxed!)....
  3. Oldsweets...are you on the 7 night trip on the Star? Ours was wonderful early in August. 80 of us out of 148. Test before boarding...3 days in...and before departure. Well done. Everyone was respectful of masks, etc. Crew is stretched a bit thin but doing a great job. Food and drink good and plentiful. Christy the Cruise Director/Excursions did a great job in her talks the night before each new stop. Captain funny and a pro. Milos was first day in port, Turkey having been canceled. One of our favorite islands! Enjoy your trip!
  4. Just off ATH-ATH on the Star......we were at anchor every night...no portside except in Piraeus.
  5. Cindysuep37....I read back and it looks like you're doing this itinerary later in August? I'll definitely write up a report after our 8/7-8/14.....we do like doing our own thing but in Mykonos the Elia Beach excursion should be fun. Been to that beach. Crowded but good swimming and tavernas on one end for a bite. I think that's the only one we signed up for but now that there's a beach trip in Milos we might do that too......away we go!
  6. I feel ya....got the email as well. Sorta expected it. Have not been to Milos so that should be fun and they did schedule an event in Monemvasia....and 100 bucks OBC....YES we leave wed lax-cdg-ath....yikes...cheers cruisers!
  7. MsMermaid...that is true EXCEPT for Greece and Tahiti at present....
  8. Hey there earlvolfan! Getting closer! We're thrilled to be returning to WS...see you soon!
  9. How different these two cruises sound! But such is our world today...Since we're on Ath-Ath in August we've been closely following cruisers' feedback/reviews so far. Since we can wander freely in Greece we're pretty happy. We'll see which restaurants are open onboard... It'll be interesting to see how full Wind Star is. Cheers all!
  10. Flygirl! Awesome...getting close right? We are thrilled to be returning to our favorite ship..we also are spending two nights in Athens pre-cruise....see ya!
  11. Regarding tests...called WS and rep said we can buy onboard.(for our Athens-Athens August 7th)...that's what we'll do. Easy....
  12. Hi Windstar lovers! Since we all have to get tested before returning to the States, can anyone tell me how it's organized onboard? I see you can pre-order online, but is it just as easy to buy the kit on the ship? Thanks! We'll be on ATH-ATH in August!
  13. I'm not surprised. And of course a disappointment for many. Judging by the situation in Turkey, I don't expect things to change for some time. We're on this itinerary in August. And live in LA where starting Sunday masks are required again indoors.
  14. Appreciate the info and thanks! Don't we need a PCR test not an Antigen test? I worry about a good internet connection onboard but I guess the telemed call could be done onshore....
  15. We're on Athens-Athens in August. Does anyone know if WS is helping with Covid tests that are required to re-enter the States?
  16. Not yet canceled for August 7th (at least we haven't been notified as such) but reading the forum, I see it has been on sailings thus far..Turkey is a wild card....
  17. Mocamps! Thanks for that. Yes, I forgot Kusadasi was canceled...and probably will be for a good while. There's a lovely beach on Patmos we visited before by taxi...and we'll return..Cheers!
  18. Appreciate the first review and info. Sounds great! We're onboard August 7th!
  19. We're on the August 7th Wind Star Athens to Athens. Does anyone know what beach in PATMOS is used for the excursion? Thanks! I know in Mykonos it's Elia Beach.
  20. Thanks all! Yes called the office yesterday and it looks good for "on your own" re: the Greek cruises. Rep said Greek officials are allowing this "every two weeks" as they extend the "free roaming." Can't wait...
  21. Yes I saw that and thanks! But when I called and spoke to a rep he said that was only for the June sailings. I'm going to try to get more info today or Monday...I think we'll know more when the first cruises set out!
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