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  1. We got a guest operaqtions update email about 2 months before our Nov. 7th cruise. Checked my booking and saw all destinations changed. They gave us 14 days to rebook with no penalty.
  2. Maybe that is what happened, and I didn't pay close enough attention to what the PVP was saying as he went through all the numbers. The cruise was not cancelled. We had a November cruise that they changed the itinerary on. We didnt want to go to the new destinations. They gave us 14 days to rebook with no penalty.
  3. We paid for our original cancelled 2020 cruise and excursions with gift cards. Took the $600 OBC offer and rebooked a more expensive cruise. Got gift card refund for original excursions. Used gift card to pay balance on rebooked cruise. Second cruise cancelled. Rebooked again with lower price casino offer. Got gift card refund for difference. $600 OBC carried over, plus $200 casino credit. Just rebooked again with killer casino offer, about half price from previous booking. No gift card refund, but $1200 OBC, plus $200 casino credit. PVP seems like a good guy, have used him before, but he talked fast and went around and around without really explaining. It seemed to add up right and I didn't think it all out at the time. I didn't loose anything, but would have prefered a refund gift card for difference. Would prefer to not have all that OBC. Seems like they gave us OBC instead of refund. Anyone know about this? Thanks
  4. I was reading another post about prepaid gratuity, and one responder mentioned using OBC. I have just rebooked for the 4th time and I opted for the prepaid gratuity. I have a lot of OBC. How would I use OBC to pay gratuites while on my cruise? Can I use it for tips? My last and only cruise I prepaid and used cash for all tips.
  5. We also live in Ohio and my county health department website states I can get 3 free at home test kits from my local county library branch. We went through our county health department for our vaccines, no muss no fuss.
  6. Little about us, my Wife and I are 37 with a 5 year old. We left our son at home this time.
  7. Carnival cancelled our May 10th 2020 cruise on Glory. Booked same cruise on May 9th 2021.
  8. I Googled "Carnival PVP" and found a couple on Facebook. I am using one of them now and am happy with service. She re-booked my cruise and transferd FCC and OBC, also 2 price reductions. E-mailed back and forth and set an appointment to talk, no waiting on hold.
  9. My May 10th cruise was cancelled March 30th. All paid with GC. Took the FCC and OBC. Re-booked within a week with PVP. Took about a week for all FCC and OBC to transfer. Cruise, gratuities, and taxes all paid with FCC. Received GC refund yesterday for excursions. Still waiting on room purchases refund. Only about 6 weeks, so pretty happy!
  10. While surfing on Cruisemapper.com I see ships at port and at sea near ports. In a day or so they seem to change places. I thought I read on an older post once that cruise ships do not hook up to shore power. I have no clue of the economics of shutting down and starting up a ship. I understand there is reduced crew on board. Would it be better to fill a couple of ships with those crew people and just keep the minimum number of ship moving? I know the Panorama is ferrying crew home. Just curious!!!
  11. Carnival Sunshine March 2019. Eastern Caribbean from Port Canaveral. Youngest daughter got married 2nd day at sea. She had 50 friends come along and it was great time. Our first cruise and we loved it. May 2020 cruise from New Orleans got cancelled, now going in 2021.
  12. I am trying to transfer my trip insurance from my cancelled cruise to a new cruise. The insurance company wants documentation from both cruises. I have the new booking info but not the cancelled one. Only thing I have is the sheets showing itinerary and charges, not a "cruise balance details"sheet like I have for the new cruise. I can't seem to find it online. Anyone know where I can find it, or have experience with insurance transfer? Thanks
  13. Same here. Put the cruise I wanted on HOLD. Found a great PVP on Google and hooked up through email. Made an appointment and she called me and took care of everything. She works from home and is easy to get in touch with. Took about a week for all FCC and OBC to show up.
  14. Thanks! Of course I didn't read the fine print.
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