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  1. Usually two. An when possible they are usually fall on sea days (but not always).
  2. Definitely go with a private tour. We saw so many things that were not included in the large ships tour. We used SPB Tours and they were great. There are so many local small tour companies that get rave reviews it was hard to pick which one to go with. The small 16-20 passanger buses were much more personal and you could ask as many questions as you wanted.
  3. That was the dumbest thing I've read recently. Those are the rules on just about ALL cruise ships. SMH.
  4. Following....I'm doing the same cruise Nov 30th. 3rd time on the Elation. Been to Grand Turks 4 times and Amber Cove once. Driving down from Illinois. Will be on the road Thanksgiving Day so a Waffle House Thanksgiving dinner - lol. Enjoy! Looking forward to the rest of your review.
  5. I leave this Sunday and we are in port on Wednesday. I'll make sure to get a 10/3/2019 pic.
  6. Love the review! I leave for my second trip to Alaska on Sunday - last cruise of the season on NCL Jewel. So sad to see how far Mendenhall Glacier has retreated. Attached is what it looked like last time I visited.
  7. Had this happen a few times. Last time was on the Triumph right before she went to dry dock. That was the last cruise I went where I didn't use the twin configuration.
  8. I almost always carry my own on. I purposely choose a check-in time of 1:30. No lines and straight on and to my cabin. I also pack very light - one rolling bag and one carryon type bag. My laptop bag works great as a carryon for meds, Kindle, passport, wallet, phone , charger etc. I carry my own off at the end of the cruise too.
  9. I almost always carry my own on board and off. I pack very light and I seldom arrive before a 1:30 check-in so the cabin is always ready. Some of the gangways onto the ship can be a bit steep, so if you have major mobility issues I wouldn't do it.
  10. Hey! I booked a GTY Sailaway for my upcoming Alaska cruise and got assigned a deck 8 Oceanview near O'Sheans. Give me 'steerage' any day!
  11. Well this is Cruise CRITIC. Seriously, some people like to complain. And like any consumer product the good is always buried under the bad, or what someone thinks is bad. Remember - to some having the room steward forget to bring them ice ruins the whole cruise. I've been on many cruises with many lines and where some were better then others I've never been on a bad cruise - even one that skirted a hurricane for 4 out of the 5 days! Sure, I've had complaints. If it's a bad enough complaint I take it to guest services to get it rectified. Other complaints are just annoyances and I live with it. The good far outweighs the bad. Go on your cruise. Have a fantastic time. And forget about the complainers and draw your own opinion.
  12. I wear black slacks, a nice top and sandals or black flats. Absolutely no interest in dressing to the nines and lugging formal attire with me on vacation.
  13. Loved Hawaii!. Did POA years ago. Flew in 2 days before and stayed a day after. Rented a car for both the before and after trips and rented a car on all ports except Kona. Really liked the extended overnights on a few of the islands. We fell in love with Kuai and went back two more times for land vacations.
  14. When did they bring that back? Haven't seen that on a ship in many years. They do have Ultimate Texas Holdem (I'm playing in the Tournment in May), but I don't even see Carribean Stud at land casinos anymore either.
  15. Nice top, black slacks and sandals is as 'formal' as this old gal gets anymore. Actually, that's what I wear just about every night that I eat in the MDR. Did the formal thing the first few cruises and then stopped lugging all that extras stuff with us. We didn't enjoy it and sure didn't want to pay extra baggage fees for it. Never cared for the overpriced pictures.
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