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  1. We were there last Sunday and did not pay a penny for any activities. We ate at the Snack Shack. My husband and son enjoyed drinks. We enjoyed the pool and snorkeled with googles we brought from home. I also brought my own towels from home because I did not want to have to worry about them. I did notice a family who was desperately looking for a towel. My guess is someone else picked it up on accident. She kept looking at me but I said I had no idea. We left our stuff for over an hour at our chairs with the umbrella with no problems. My girls looked at the souvenir stuff but did not b
  2. I think I will write a review but I wanted to give our impressions as first time cruisers. We are a family of 6 - mom and dad and 4 kids (21, 20, 18, 16) - not really kids anymore but still love to travel with us and were beyond excited about cruising. We cruised with family friends and their kids (20, 18 and 15). They had 2 Disney cruises under their belts. If anyone wants to know they preferred Mariner of the Seas to the Fantasy. I was a bit nervous about cruising because I found it a bit difficult to plan for and we had interior rooms. My family is a bunch of giants. The boys are 6'4
  3. Thank you for this review. We are embarking on our first cruise on this ship next Friday. We are very excited and nervous since it is our first cruise and the planning has been very different than any other trip I have taken. I mean I can plan a Disney trip with my eyes closed but this has been a challenge for me. We do plan to get off the ship briefly in Nassau so that the kids can say they were in the Bahamas. Is there a bar that anyone recommends since 3 of the four will be legal there and I know that would like to get a drink? We would just be walking somewhere no taxis.
  4. My son says thank you doing this. He is excited to know that one is available. Of course I will have to tell him that he is not allowed to hog it for 45 minutes to row whatever long distance he rows.
  5. Thank you so much for the information. We are looking forward to our first cruise.
  6. So I live with giants. My husband is 6'10" and my sons are 6'4" and 6'5" even my girls are tall. I am the shrimp. My question is I know that the showers are going to be tiny and it is only a 3 night cruise so we will live but is there a gym with showers that my boys could use if they chose. Just wondering. Also on that thought on the Mariner of the Seas does anyone know if there is a rowing machine (erg). My oldest is on the crew team and while he could live for 3 days with no rowing he would like to have the option to workout if it is available. Thank you so much.
  7. So my sons asked me to ask this question - they want to know if there are pick up games of basketball and do the courts ever close? Being that we are a family of 6, but 3 of the kids are now adults (21, 20, and 18) and the youngest is 16. We are hoping that we like cruising and can meet up on some as they get jobs and move away.
  8. Nope nothing listed so I will have to look for my email from Royal when I purchased the cruises. It is not that big of a deal. I am just having a hard time planning for this cruise. I am usually so well planned out but I feel very lost with the cruise. Thank you for your assistance.
  9. So nothing is listed for dining does that mean that we do not have a dining time assigned to us at this time? I am 99% positive that I chose the early dining but maybe I did not. Does that mean we will be assigned a late dining time? Just trying to figure things out. I am not sure the kids will even eat in the dining room with us as we are sailing with another family and they may just go to the buffet.
  10. We are first time cruisers on Mariner of the Seas this August. We chose a 3 day cruise to see if we like it. We are a family of 6 and have 2 interior cabins booked side by side. I have a couple of questions about the cruise planner and Coco Cay. When I log into my cruise planner I do not know where to see the dining time that I chose when I booked. I am 99% positive I chose the early time but when I log onto the website I can't see anything about the dining times. Also at Coco Cay can we bring our own tubes? I was thinking about picking up some cheap tubes that I can deflate and bring b
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