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  1. We have also received the FCC (full cruise amount less taxes) and the 50% bonus. This was part of massive mid-March cancellation. Still waiting for the port taxes. I'm not sure if they are coming back to the credit card, or if they are in the mystery holding account. Either way, no one is cruising anywhere yet, so we can afford to be patient.
  2. I'm hoping big time for the January cruise. It's the big 60 for me and the big 50 for one of my friends. I would say it's the "girls gone wild" cruise, but we are kind of old ladies now, lol. 😉
  3. I am hopeful for you. I have friends in Cabo who have said that there are very few cases there. The ships don't go to Mexico City, so I wouldn't be so concerned about the cases there. Things are constantly changing. There are some on this site that focus on the negative. I choose to focus on the positive, and have a back-up plan if needed.
  4. Thank you for the clarification. 🙂
  5. I'm booked on the same cruise. I'm a little concerned, but there's still plenty of time. If she doesn't get finished, we will book something else.
  6. We took the FCC's for a few reasons: 1) We wanted to help support a company that we own stock in and have enjoyed vacationing with. 2) We have other cruises booked that we were able to apply the FCC's to. 3) Unlike others that asked for cash back, we have already received our FCC's. 4) Even if we never get to use our FCC's, the amount ($6,000) is a drop in the bucket compared to the stock market losses in our IRA's and 401K's. 5) We are optimistic about our ability to cruise in the future. 6) We no longer spend time worrying about things we have no control over. Everyone should
  7. No, this cruise is not cancelled yet. There's a cancelled cruise list on the Princess site and your sailing is not on it. In your case, coming from another country, I would probably try to reschedule for next year. We live in California and I wouldn't even attempt to book an overseas cruise before next year.
  8. We are booked on the Royal for the first two weeks of October. Anything can happen. If she doesn't sail, we will apply our credits to a cruise next year. We have a short flight from Sacramento to Long Beach, and booked with Southwest points. I have told myself to stop worrying about things I can't control and to focus on getting our house ready to sell (as my DH would like to retire in December).
  9. We had to have the roof done, but we may have waited until the fall.
  10. We had a new roof put on the house. We still have two cruises booked for this year, but I am doubtful that they will sail.
  11. We actually got our FCC last week. We are just waiting on the port taxes now. I think ours was one of the easier ones because all they had to refund was the cruise costs. We booked our own hotel and airfare. Our tours were booked with shipboard credits. Your case sounds a lot more complicated. Hopefully you will receive your refunds soon.
  12. Not yet. The amended payment dates are for cruises leaving prior to 10/15/20. We would leave on 10/17/20. We have FCC's to use from our cancelled April cruise, but I don't want to apply them until final payment. It took six weeks to get them, lol, and many others are still waiting. I'm trying to not make extra work for people.
  13. Things change every day. I'm hopeful that our late October cruises on the Royal will take place. Our final payment is due mid-July. We will wait until then to make a decision. I'm thinking we will find out more around July 1'st.
  14. While I would have liked to have had my port taxes ($790.00) credited back to my credit card, I can understand that in my situation, it makes sense for the cruise line to hold those monies and apply them to any of the five future cruises that I have booked with them. Merchant's pay a little over 2% in fees for each new transaction. As a shareholder and a customer, I don't want to see Carnival Corp. file for bankruptcy. If this helps keep the company in business, then I am all for it. On the other hand, there should have been a email to communicate these changes to customers. Al
  15. We were part of the mass cancellation on 3/12/20. Our FCC's (less the port taxes and fees) showed up today.
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