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  1. partybarbie

    Sabatini’s Breakfast

    I eat around 9:00 am, so it's more of a brunch. I will normally skip lunch, have a snack around teatime, then go to late dinner around 7:30 pm. 😉 I can't believe how much food I used to eat in my 20's and 30's. I can't do that anymore, lol.
  2. partybarbie

    Sabatini’s Breakfast

    Belgium waffles with fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and powdered sugar on top. Yummy!
  3. partybarbie

    Bad Reports about Pacific Princess, are they true?

    I've spent about 45 days on her, including a 30-day Trans-Atlantic. I like that she is small and can get into ports that the larger ships don't go to. The library is beautiful. We also enjoyed playing "cocktail karaoke" in the Casino Bar before late-seating dinner. The service and food were excellent. What I don't care for is the "shabby-chic" old lady decor, no MUTS, no IC, and that there is only one pool. If the itinerary and price were good, I would sail her again. Otherwise, I really like the Island Princess, which a lot of people on this forum don't care for.
  4. partybarbie

    formal dining

    There is a roll call for your sailing. Since you are new to Cruise Critic, you may not be aware that a few of us have been chatting for the past couple of months. If you would like to meet some fellow cruise critic members, we are having a very informal "meet and greet" at the aft pool bar, directly following the muster drill. Here is the link to our roll call https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2452467-december-3-2018-grand-princess-10-day-mexico/ You will recognize us because we will be wearing Mardi Gras beads. 🙂 Hope you can make it.
  5. I've sailed on both ships. I prefer the Island, but I think your son would have a better time on the Caribbean Princess. In my experience, the Panama Canal cruises don't attract a lot of kids. A partial canal cruise, during the holidays, will have more kids than normal though. The Caribbean Princess will certainly have more activities than the Island. I wouldn't worry too much about the shorter times in port. There's still enough time for you to get off the ship and tour around.
  6. partybarbie

    Photography package on Grand

    I got the same email. The price seems steep to me too. I also bought the $99.00 package last year , but I haven't seen it offered again.
  7. partybarbie

    big screen movies Dec Regal

    Sailing on the Grand in December and got the same email, with the same two movies. I wanted to see both of these, so looking forward them.
  8. We pre-paid our gratuities in US dollars. We had booked under the "Sip and Sail", so we did not incur any beverage charges. We used our on-board credits (past passenger, stock share-holder, military, etc.) to pay for our tours. I think our final bill was maybe $50.00 USD. We did not pre-purchase any on-board credit as there was no need to.
  9. partybarbie

    Some 2020 deployment news

    That's good new regarding the Star Princess. On the Grand Princess, we were told that the Grand would be leaving, but the Future Cruise Consultant didn't know the replacement ship yet. He said that we almost didn't get a ship, so I'm happy that it's the Star.
  10. partybarbie

    Beverage package discounts?

    This has been our experience also. The main advantage to waiting is if you have a lot of shipboard credits to spend, otherwise I would pre-purchase. It will be loaded to your cruise card, ready and available to use upon embarkation.
  11. partybarbie

    Island Princess - do I believe the comments?

    It will really depend upon what is important to you. The negatives are lines for anytime dining (which can happen on any ship), small, windowless gym, small casino, promenade deck doesn't go all the way around anymore, loss of aft viewing areas, no Sanctuary pool, removal of the Universe Lounge, and no IC. None of these things are deal breakers for myself or DH. What I love about the ship is the large Crooner's Bar, the Bayou Cafe, the covered Lotus pool, the new cabins on Deck 7 aft, the forward Horizon court with the specialty coffees and pastry bar, and the Wheelhouse bar. DH also loves Churchill's cigar bar. The Explorer's lounge can get really crowded with passengers trying to watch the early evening game shows. Around 11:00 pm, it turns into a disco for dancing. It's really up to you, and what you like, if this ship will be the right fit for you.
  12. partybarbie

    Puerto Chiapas, Huatulco, Manzanillo

    The town of Manzanillo is within walking distance. There's a small town square, a church, and some interesting artwork. There's not a whole lot to see, but you could grab a beer and go for a walk. In Huatalco, there are local panga boats that will take you on a short cruise the nearby beach restaurants. It's a perfect beach day.
  13. partybarbie


    Congrats fellow roll call member! That's a great deal.
  14. partybarbie

    exchanging mini bar for coffee card

    Call room service and they will come and pick up the Elite Mini Bar. The coffees will be loaded on to your cruise card. You can have all 30 put on one card, or split the coffees and put 15 on each card. If you print a copy of your passenger account, you may see a charge, but it will be followed by a credit, similar to the way you see a charge for the free laundry, followed by a credit. It may take a couple of hours for your card to be loaded, but the barista can check that for you. Just ask before you order.
  15. partybarbie

    Missing Beverage Package

    Our PBP was listed in the Travel Summary only. Then it was listed in both the Travel Summary and Onboard Reservations. Now it's back to just the Travel Summary. It's constantly changing. 🙄