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  1. A heads up: Dollar/Thrifty car rentals claims to have an office one block from the cruise port. That office closed a year ago. They will still take your online reservation saying you a car will be waiting for you at their "cruise port office". But they no longer have a cruise port office. Their cars are only at the airport, they offer no shuttle service, and when you call them (stranded at the port) they will tell you must find your own way to the airport if they have any cars available. "Cayman Auto Rentals" went above & beyond to save our day.
  2. Just off the Dawn 16 Feb 2020. The spreadsheet is accurate. Smoking allowed in small open-air area starboard side of Bimini Bar on deck 14 (always crowded, can be very windy). Also allowed in entire casino when casino is open. And staff rarely objected to cigarettes in Cigar Bar. Clearly there were more smokers than the designated areas could accommodate but staff were not unreasonable.
  3. That all sounds wonderful. I won't let my bad experience with the pre-cruise concierge sour my mood. Thanks you TravelBirds!
  4. Thanks stefmaia. I will do exactly what you say. I'm getting excited again!
  5. gizfish --- Very very good to know. I would have stood in that long line. I'm liking the sound of the Haven experience better with each reply. Thank you so much.
  6. Thanks NLH Arizona. I'll give them a call -- can't do any harm. Appreciate the good idea.
  7. Thanks Two Wheels Only. I'm slowly feeling better about our decision to try the Haven. I appreciate your reassurances.
  8. Greenpea2, I'm trying not to let this pre-cruise concierge fiasco spoil my mood for the cruise. It's good to hear you have found them useless too. I'll do as you suggest. Thank you.
  9. Thanks david_sobe. The pre-cruise concierge fiasco is/was definitely getting into my head and souring my entire outlook. I appreciate you pulling me back aboard. I will follow your advice and talk face-to-face with our concierge as soon as onboard. One more question if you don't mind: How will I know which concierge is assigned to our suite and how do I locate him/her immediately upon boarding? Thanks so much.
  10. Hi shoh515, I just checked my reservations online and on the confirmation PDF. Both say party size of 1. Thanks anyway.
  11. For the first time ever we booked a Haven suite for our upcoming cruise. The NCL promo information describes the pre-cruise concierge who "will fulfill your every wish from reservations to special pillows." I was excited but in the end I was let down. I emailed the Pre-Cruise Concierge simply asking for (a) 4 dinner reservations for two and (b) emptying out of the mini-frig. Three weeks later "Victoria" responded to say she had made 2 of the requested dinner reservations -- but she only made those for one person. And she said she couldn't do anything about emptying the mini-frig, so we should ask "someone about that" after we are on-board. She did ask if we were pleased with our pre-printed luggage tags -- woo hoo. We're still a month away from sailing and I am already having a bad feeling about our decision to spend extra money on a Haven suite. Have others had similar experiences with the pre-cruise concierge services? And, in general, were you disappointed with the Haven experience? Thanks.
  12. Hi Turtles, Like you I was told in the casino that I could not draw against nonrefundable OBC. Shortly thereafter, I stopped at the purser's desk and asked the same question. The gentleman added up my refundable plus my nonrefundable OBC and gave me the total in cash. I'm pretty sure in my case he was "violating" published NCL rules, but it is worth a try. Good luck.
  13. No place to smoke = possible mutiny! You're right -- they didn't think it through.
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