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  1. Sadly we now have 6 confirmed cases with two other possible cases.
  2. Exactly. My forty-tenth. Haha I love this one. Well, I would love it....until someone says....”oh, that’s about what I’d guessed”!
  3. Love it! Just concerned my drinks package will suddenly be changed to a sofa package, and that’s definitely not worth losing the years for! 😂😂😂
  4. VT, I love your thinking. Of course, my DH would then have an almost-inappropriately younger wife, but that’s probably something he’d be proud of! I’ve been telling people it’s my forty-tenth birthday, and that somehow sounds a little less middle aged than fifty!
  5. Thank you so much, all of you. I appreciate the replies, and will definitely ensure I talk to the MC Concierge if we have need. I have a “zero year” birthday we are celebrating, but not sure I’ll be telling anyone about that one!
  6. We’re sailing for the first time in a few weeks, and will be in a suite. I read about the various staff that will be assisting to make our cruise fabulous, and am trying to work out who does what. I especially want to know who I may want to tip on top of pre-paid gratuities. Can someone please give me an idea of what each of these people do? Thanks in advance.
  7. I quite like the look of the menu in Blu; have you considered that as an option? Perhaps not for your celebration night, but it depends on your taste. To be clear, I haven’t sailed yet myself, so I am not speaking from any first hand knowledge; purely from perusing menus on here. I’m not sure if Suite guests can eat at Blu as standard, but I’m sure you’d have no trouble getting a reservation.
  8. What’s clear to me is that pretty much anything is accepted if it involves long pants and a collar (the T-shirt thing above seems a real anomaly). But since I will be making a bit of effort on evening chic nights, the least DH can do is is a dress shirt - I will leave the tie as a choice for him. Choose your battles, I say! 😉😂
  9. Thanks Denie. I’d imagine DH will have to be coerced into trousers for dinner, because he lives in shorts too!
  10. I had been having the same problem, and the SQL error message, but it seems to have come right for me now (touching wood as I type this!)
  11. Thank you, Ben. DH was pleased to hear that, although I suspect that in the Pacific Islands in mid March, he may be happier in light trousers!
  12. Thank you for the response, DYKWIA. There’s so much information on the dress code on these forums, but it was difficult to find those specific answers.
  13. We have our first sailing on Solstice in March, and I have questions about the dress code for DH. Is it acceptable for men to wear dress shorts (not denim, not too short) in the MDR for breakfast and lunch? Also, are polo shirts ok for the non-chic evenings with trousers? They have a collar, but are short sleeved. Or is short sleeved unacceptable for dinner? It seems so much easier for women! A few sundresses and a cocktail dress, and our evenings are sorted!
  14. Thank you both for the replies. I think I will call Celebrity. Kkmiausa, I have no idea what the cruise contract is, so I’m not sure that will be much help! I have the confirmation from my (reputable large national) TA, and my payment confirmation. That’s it. I have checked in online, so everything seems ok, but it was just the package information that was missing. So I’ll give them a call.
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