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  1. Usually about 60 days before sailing.
  2. I am sure the thousands of people have sailed and had no problem. The few negative reviews you see are probably from people that can't be pleased no matter what you do. I have seen negative reviews posted because they didn't like the weather, as if that is the cruise company's fault. Go, have a good time and formulate your own opinion. 🙂
  3. Sorry, but I am glad to hear that doesn't happen to just me. The reaction I have gotten varies from "Oh you poor thing" to "What on earth is wrong with you".
  4. Don't know how much help this could possibly be, but I was on POA March 2019. On my cruise, it rained just enough one day to cancel my helicopter tour on the big island. The rest of the time it was nice and sunny.
  5. I have been trying off and on for a couple of weeks.I am over 120 days out so I haven't been sweating it. Depending on the browser, I either got the never ending busy indicator or I would get a popup saying is was limited availability. Was finally able to add it on today so maybe it's being fixed finally.
  6. I was on this same tour earlier this year. You are only at the Dole plantation for about an hour or so. I just wandered around looking at the scenery. Other than that, it's a big gift shop. PCC - You are free to wander as you choose. However; if you stick with your tour guide, he will let you know the best route to take from event to event to attempt to get the most out of your visit. Kualoa - Lunch is provided here. They will sit you down and give you a history lesson and take you on a bus trip around the location. Movie sets, wildlife and such. Then you are off to the pier. You do not *have* to purchase anything on any of the tours that I recall. The information I was given before I left was wrong. Your tour package will tell you to meet something like "Oahu Explorer" in baggage claim. This was incorrect. I got off the plane and saw an NCL employee standing right at the gate. I thought it was strange at the time. But I followed directions. I wandered around baggage claim for about an hour before finding the right person to ask. If I had just met the person at the gate, she would have escorted me around. But I didn't so I got some extra exercise. So if you see NCL at the gate when you deplane, they are probably there for you.
  7. I read the same thing on MSN. What I understand is that they are going to reduce the number of ships allowed to go into the lagoon starting in 2020. Probably another pier somewhere nearby on the mainland. Which means that if you want to see Venice, you will have to find some other way to make it over to the city. By the time it happens, they will have figured it out I'm sure. But, I think you are safe for your November cruise.
  8. Yes, your dining package works in any of the specialty restaurants.
  9. It is an awesome cruise. It's expensive because as an American registered ship, they to pay all kinds of taxes and fees which drive the cost up. The ship itself does not have the bells and whistles that other ships have but it doesn't need them. You are in port so much that you basically sleep onboard and nothing else. When I was on POA, the food was pretty good. I definitely did not go hungry.
  10. It's a possibility that it might be in a less than desirable location to you. All they will tell you is that you will get a balcony cabin. That is the risk you take. My last cruise, I did the sailaway cabin and got a cabin in a really good location so it's going to depend. "really expensive"? I would say no. I think that it's a bit more expensive than what I am used to but not outrageously so. The "goodness" of the food is highly subjective. I won't tell you if it's good or bad but I will say that I have never gone hungry onboard a ship. I can always find something to eat and it's generally been pretty good in my opinion. I think the food is better on NCL than Carnival. I am fairly easy to please though. I found the bedding to be very comfortable.
  11. Anywhere is a good spot really. You are in port a lot and the views of the ports is not all that great. The ship moves in the evening so you see lots of dark. I had a balcony that I hardly used because I was out and about 90% of the time, but I am not the kind of person that can just sit on the balcony for hours at a time so YMMV. The port side of the ship just gets you a really good view of the Napali coast as you sail back to Honolulu.
  12. That''s a good question. I had a balcony cabin and I do not recall seeing USB ports. Could be I didn't notice because I have a device that plugs in the AC outlet and has 4 USB ports on it. Hopefully someone can chime in with a for sure answer.
  13. No, they will bring you a glass of your chosen beverage just like any land side restaurant. Not difficult to get a refill at all, just ask your server. Not sure about *inside* the buffet. The Gold Rush Saloon is attached to one side of the buffet so you could stop in there and get a soda if you wanted one with your lunch/dinner. Or grab your food and sit in the Gold Rush.
  14. Oh good I was afraid that I had missed some point you was trying to make. Instead you are putting words in my mouth. Thanks.
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