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  1. I'll rephrase....will science and common sense drive policy or fear and supposition? We've had a year of the latter and how'd that work out for Joe's Diner?
  2. And the average age of deaths is like 80 YO and the average number of comorbidities is 3.8. But you wont hear that because We'RE aLl GOnNa dIE
  3. No, it doesn't work that way. Being advised that "xxx"is not science. Antibodies wane over time. Science. T-cell and B-cell immunity lasts much longer. Science. The scaremongers will only quote about antibodies. SARS1 survivors are still immune and can't get SARS2. Science. SARS1 and SARS2 are closely related. Science. "We think..." Not Science.
  4. "There are at least four non-mutually exclusive possible explanations for the resurgence of COVID-19 in Manaus." TLDR. Science has made an observation and come up with some thoughts on why. Cool. There are still very few VERIFIED cases of recurrence and that is not well studied. I did see something a few weeks ago that number may be 1/200. Ok. Science is on my team. I'm still sure of that.
  5. Ummmm....that's politics, not science. "Political Science" is an oxymoron. I don't play in the science of wishful thinking.
  6. Add 2 subsets - confirmed cases and still vaccinated, confirmed cases and not vaccinated. There are a lot of us in that second subset that would be hidden otherwise.
  7. Fair enough. I choose not to vaccinate because the science hasn't demonstrated I need it, having been naturally inoculated and subsequently immunized🤔. And don't quote Dr. F.🤡 The science of what is known leans towards me being correct.😁
  8. SD is a beautiful state and it floats my boat just fine. Your comment was hateful. PS I'd take it over NJ any day and I've spent time in both.
  9. Not interested in cruising if I have to wear a mask or am restricted in port in any way. Nor if vaccination is required. DW probably had it, I definitely had it, neither of us plan on getting vaccinated. That option wasn't in the poll.
  10. Our kids were raised on Carnival, and people on Carnival visibly seem to be having the most....fun. One Christmas cruise on HA and talk about staid..., and stuffy. Did Alaska on Carnival and Princess and really enjoyed Princess. It was late season and the ship was dead by 900 pm but for that cruise it was ok. DW did a last minute on NCL during February and had a good time. Met a nice couple we hung with. We've looked at the others for ITINERARY as now that is our main focus.
  11. The government is in no hurry to help anybody except themselves. "The science" is much further along than a year ago, let alone 6 months ago. It is very easy for the CDC to set basic guidelines. Crew vaccinated, 5-10% of cabins set aside for infirmary, masks optional, travel at your own risk.
  12. Not antibodies....Antibodies wane over time. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8529429/Could-immunity-17-YEARS-Singaporean-researchers-SARS-patients-crucial-T-cells.html
  13. https://www.healthline.com/health-news/how-long-does-immunity-last-after-covid-19-what-we-know https://www.thestar.com/life/health_wellness/2021/01/13/long-term-protection-covid-vaccines-immunity-duration-unknown-but-experts-hopeful.html https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20210107/covid-19-immunity-could-last-longer-than-8-months Officially we don't know because we have less than a year of data to work with. Vaccines for profit are being forced on us. Think about that. Why isn't J&J in the mix yet? Why isn't A-Z in the mix yet? Pfizer and Moderna were approved in le
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