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  1. The problem is that all it takes is one person to show symptoms and everything shuts down. We have a two year old to leave behind and 2 dogs. Doing an extra 2 weeks in quarantine would be impossible Im not worried about getting sick but the fact that I could end up stuck with no control makes me nervous. Our cruise is in November so hopefully everything will be under control by then And another consideration is, will you be welcomed in your ports of call ?
  2. Thanks Tree, that is what I thought but I have been wrong before
  3. Ok, I have a question about the promo. Are kids only free if they are the 3rd person in a cabin or does it apply if they are say, Grandma, grandaughter in a cabin ?
  4. We went in to book a cruise on the Indy for next Nov 15th. We went to the travel agent right after Thanksgiving and were told that that sailing was completely booked. So we booked for the Allure and are super excited but it seems like they knew this for a while
  5. I will check out my planner as soon as Christmas is behind us. Have a wonderful Christmas. Happy Hanukkah and a merry holiday season
  6. Thank you, what a dork but thanks for the help, apperently I really need it
  7. I am trying to figure out excursion prices. Labadee is one of our stops and I am wondering if anyone can give me a price on the zipline ? Also any other prices on Labadee would be helpful
  8. We just watched a youtube video and for their day in Falmouth they went to The Good Hope Estates There was tubing and ziplining Has anyone been there or have any idea of cost ?
  9. Thank you all for your very thoughtful suggestions. After I spoke to our travel agent and she said that we would have to change our rooms because they are only for two I just assumed that because there is a couch in the cabin that we are golden, not true. Anyway after much thought and discussion with the rest of the group we have decided to leave her behind for this one. You are right about chasing her around at 70. That would be more chasing than I am wanting to do on my birthday cruise. Another consideration is the what if she gets sick issue A sick baby on a ship
  10. Thank you all so much. I feel much more confident about taking her . I think she wll love all the things going on around her. She will be 23 months so she should be potty trained by then, fingers crossed. The Allure says that they have a kids club for as young as 6 months Is there an amount of time that they can be there? Is 2 hours about right?
  11. First let me say that I always thought people were crazy to cruise with toddlers. They wont remember the trip anyway, they get cranky ( so do I ) We are cruising next Nov on the Allure My 70th birthday. husbands 60th. Middle daughters 50th Now you are probably wondering who that toddler belongs to She would be mine. She is our grandaughter that we are in the process of adopting I am concerned about leaving her for more than a week. Finding someone who she will be comfortable with and who can deal with a toddler That job usually falls to the grandparents but t
  12. We are going to have 3 cabins next to each other Is it possible to have the dividers open or is that against Royal Caribbean policy?
  13. Thank you! I would rather know what to expect and not be dissapointed when they can't do it
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