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  1. We also cancelled the BGI/FLL Wind voyage just before yours Lois. Same thing, full cruise credit minus airline change fee. No muss no fuss but we're going to look at 2021 to put the credit to good use.
  2. Lois...we were almost with you for the TA portion but a family gathering changed those plans. We'll leave the Wind nice and tidy for you:-) F2
  3. As luck would have it, we're doing a last-minute adventure on the Silver Wind March 26th, Bridgetown to Ft. Lauderdale and then the Spirit, London to Copenhagen in July. We looked at the Far East sailings but passed this year because of the cost of air transport.
  4. Our Silversea rep let us know it was no longer available when we booked for Spring 2021. He knows we liked it but said they were told that it had been "abused" (his word not mine) by the trade to book and then do last minute cancelations when the cabin couldn't be sold. On another insurance topic, we were told travel cancellation coverage has been improved (particularly for evacuation) and the price increased by point 25%, (one-quarter of one percent).
  5. Well done! Davey...brings back those good memories and reminding us that the zodiacs were a missed opportunity. Thanks for sharing...again. Best to you both.
  6. Thanks les for catching the new deck plan. It looks like La Dame is located on Deck 8 where only the Arts Cafe and Boutique appeared on the last version. I guess we'll see.
  7. Hopefully it's the same Esther (could there be more than one?) as we enjoyed on the Spirit in January and just last month on the Muse. She has a great songbook including most of the great Harry Warren hits like "You'll Never Know", "An Affair to Remember (a personal favorite) and "Lullaby of Broadway".
  8. Davey .... a fine looking pooch! Love the eyes -- looks like he's posing:-) Wishing you great fun with him and good memories from Juneau (the pup and the place).
  9. Yes, yes - it's Jimmy Kovel, HD. Fingers just wouldn't spell correctly:-) Knowing that it's a bit warmer this year could open up new possibilities like it's going to be much more pleasant to walk around glaciers in short sleeves instead of insulated jackets. Like Davey, careful you don't get too much hot sun.
  10. On the Muse just a week ago: Captain Marco Sangiacomo - very engaging, noon updates and frequently seen throughout the ship Rico du Briel - Cruise Director - enjoyed our second voyage with Rico. He's very approachable - good guy Chelo - Asst. Cruise Director - calls good Bingo - he's new to the Muse by a couple of voyages Jimmy Lovell - Hotel Director - everyone can't say enough good things about Jimmy. He remembers everyone's name! Executive Chef Anne-Marie Cornelius - awesome! Enjoyed her demonstration and she wants to know what passengers think Terry, there's a good chance the weather is going to be warmer than expected. We had little rain (one day) and some light drizzle another. Our June 17 cruise stopped in Haines where they had no idea how to turn the AC on in the travel van; it was a good thing some of us "southerners" (meaning the Lower 48) were on board. Our cruise was fortunate to have SS Expedition Staff on board and they not only conducted the enrichment lectures, but engaged with passengers throughout the voyage. One of the many benefits was that they knew each of our ports and could make suggestions on where to look for wildlife. Overall, we found that we liked the excursions best that were by boat, fishing vessel or jet boat. Several morning excursions by plane and helicopter were cancelled due to low visibility but those later in the day made it without a problem. Looking at your July 25 itinerary: In Ketchikan Expedition Staff spoke about the Bear Country Wildlife Experience. We were too early but, beginning the third week of July, the bears are looking for fish and we understand this is an outstanding excursion. Your July 27th port day should be perfect. We had an enjoyable time on the "duck" Land & Sea tour but wish we'd skipped the Lumberjack show heading to Wildlife Rainforest Sanctuary instead. In Juneau we had an excellent experience on "Discover Alaska's Whales". It was very interesting, the boat first stopped to check, log and report captured ocean creatures including an unusual crustacean the scientific guide discussed and then passed around for all to hold before heading out to spot the whales. The boat's captain knew where to head and within 15 minutes we were finding whales. Snacks weren't much but no one seemed to mind and I think everyone on board was sorry when we returned to the pier. We've didn't stop at Skagway this trip but, years ago we were there and loved exploring the old mining town. My bride reminded me that we had booked a private guide knew seemed to be an "eagle whisperer". I haven't been able to find his name again but maybe he's still out there. I noticed they offer "Haines through a Lens" as an excursion out of Skagway. On our voyage the Muse docked in Haines for the day and sadly, other than following another tour van to a spot where they spotted a young bear foraging for food, the tour didn't measure up to our other excursions. I say that while admitting the bear sighting was terrific. In Sitka we booked the afternoon "Sea Otter and Wildlife Quest" excursion and it was excellent. This was different than the other boating excursions as the captain showed knew and seemed to enjoy showing us the inlets in and around Sitka. We saw eagles, sea otters and the onboard guide showed us the salmon gates where they funnel back into the ocean. Our understanding from other passengers was that the morning excursions saw more sea otters but not much other wildlife. Probably more than you were looking for but we had a great time on a well kept and staffed ship. Enjoy your cruise!
  11. Our SS Sales Agent handled it for us and we were re-stocked daily for the 10 day voyage. Your TA or SS Sales Rep can pass your requests on to the right individuals or, if you prefer, I believe I read that you can email them directly to SpecialServices@silversea.com.
  12. Agree - it would be nice to see where your waitlisted excursion sits in the queue prior to boarding. On our June 17 Vancouver-Vancouver trip the shore excursion desk (on the Muse it was Anita who assisted us) immediately let us know that our waitlist positions were #8 & #9 for an excursion that had 14 spots. Knowing that, she highly recommended and we immediately booked another excursion that was 25% less cost and covered 90% of the same territory. Not a single disappointing moment.
  13. Ahhhh...Davey, you are so right! I was thinking of the fun we had at Kaiseki, sitting across the aisle from you and D, your magnificent dinner jacket. The chef-prepared lobster was like nothing we'd ever enjoyed and the Kobe beef was out of this world!
  14. So sorry to hear about your Poppy - and we thank you for remembering that it was a year June 20th when we lost little Muffin. We enjoyed our time, and many laughs, with you and D and share your sadness. Til next time....save that dinner jacket:-)
  15. And I almost forgot that today's buffet lunch option include fresh shrimp, King crab, oysters on the half-shell.
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