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  1. Yes, I'll paste them below. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________
  2. I was just looking at the Cruise Planner for my upcoming Transatlantic and saw these new packages listed. Some include a combination of specialty dining, photo packages, internet, etc. Is this just for the Edge or is it showing up for others on different ships??
  3. My payment-in-full wasn't due until tomorrow, but I paid last night. I called them today about this promo, since I had booked with 3 perks and added in gratuities. My beverage package was upgraded to Premium and I got a refund of $140.00. I'm happy 🙂. Thanks so much for posting this!
  4. Thank you SO much for the suggestions! I think waiting until the early morning to see the Colosseum is maybe the best idea as I don't think my transportation to the cruise port leaves the hotel until around 10:30, which would give me time in the morning. I'm so excited as this is my first trip to Europe and since I was very young, I've always wanted to visit Rome. I'm pretty sure I'll be back after this brief visit for a longer trip in the future. 🙂
  5. I haven't booked anything yet for the Vatican. I was actually looking into the afternoon tour conducted by Context Travel ( that you recommended on an earlier thread). I don't want to break the bank getting around but it's my first time to Rome and I could only manage the one day extra away from work (I'm pushing it with my transatlantic 🙂 and I want to see (even if just from a car/golf cart) as much as possible besides a Vatican tour.
  6. I need help deciding what to do for one day in Rome, Oct. 31st! I'm landing about 8:30 am and have a car picking me up to take to hotel (Empire Palace). I know I can't see a 10th of what I want to see but have decided a 3-hour (skip the line) tour at Vatican Museums was the must. Then I was hoping before or after, I could get some sort of transport (even a golf cart) to take me around the area so that I can see as much as possible. Can anyone help?
  7. Fantastic! Thanks so much for posting these beautiful pieces of art. I cannot wait to witness it all in person this November.
  8. Thank you. That's what I was hoping to hear 🙂
  9. .... on November 15, 2019. What time do you think early disembarkation will start?
  10. I'm coming in on the Celebrity Edge.
  11. I only had the early seating option on the Edge (6:00 pm - 11/1/19 sailing) but I asked Celebrity to wait list me for Select. I just got my most recent invoice in voila...it said Select!
  12. How about a 10:15 am flight if we get into port at 5:00 am?? I'll carry off luggage myself.
  13. I had the Classic Package and it DID include cans of soda. We would get one on our way to the room and keep it in the fridge.
  14. At least you had two days. My excursion was cancelled while I waited at the dock in St. Maarten. Stuff happens! I gave myself 15 seconds to feel sorry for myself as my cruise buddies had already left to do other excursions and then I thought...I'm in St. Maarten!!!!! I turned and walked right into town, asked where I could go to pick up a tour....ended up with a group that we pieced together at the taxi stand and off we went all over the island. Got to be right there when an airplane took off from Maho Beach, seeing all the people being blown back. Ended up at Orient Beach (hahaha). Life is what you make of it. Some people just want to kvetch and complain and others learn to take the positives in life....and enjoy it! You make the choice 🙂
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