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  1. Try this - they answer fairly quickly. ronystours@gmail.com
  2. Not sure of the beach name. They pick you up at the Mega ( maxi?) Mart near where NCL docks. It is on the other side of the island. They charge you 20.00 pp for transportation ( or you can make your own way there).
  3. Hello All, If you are looking for something different - I would really recommend Cozumel Surfing. On our recent stop in Cozumel my wife and son both went and had a fantastic time ( my knees are shot - so I just watched from the shore). My son has surfed before and had a great time. My wife had never surfed - Nacho and his team really worked with her and she got up on her own for a few runs. Felt really safe - Nacho even moved us from the main beach as he siad the waves were too high for our group. If you want to try something different from the usal beach resorts - this should be on your list. Thanks
  4. Hello All, Just a quick review and recommendation. We booked Ronys for a private tour. Only specification was we wanted to see monkeys and sloths. Our driver Arnold was fantastic. In addition - to the sloths , we went to the beach for lunch and Arnold drove us around the island filling us with information. I would highly recommend Ronys and Arnold. It was a fantastic day.
  5. Thanks - this is really helpful.
  6. Hello All, Does anyone know if the Viva Vino packages are still sold on board? Also if we bring wine on board and wish to pay the corkage - do we do that when we are checking-in at the ship? or do the sieze it and then we pay for it? I would prefer to pay when we check-in. Thanks in advance.
  7. On roughly the same topic - can someone let me know how bad tendering was in Roatan - posted reviews make it sound really bad ( 2 hour waits) - fingers crossed that was just a one off. Thanks
  8. Hello All, I know NCL recently raised the prices on some of their wines. I was wondering if anyone has a recent wines by the glass price list. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. That makes my decision easier.
  10. Hey All, Quick question about the Spa, if I book a treatment ( say a massage) do I get full access to the entire Spa (whirlpool, ice room, etc) or do I just get my massage and then have to leave? Thanks Jeff
  11. Sorry don't have them but a couple of tips. 1. Have your teen register and go the first night - that seems to be when everyone buddies up. 2. They go to the gloe party - so a white shirt does help. My son has gone 3 years in a row ( no brothers or sisters) - always meets people to hang with.
  12. For Cirque we were at a table with other people. Was it worth the price? The dinner was not very good/ show was entertaining - so I would say yes. If we were on the same ship again we would likely not see it again. I did find that you could find some areas that were a bit more secluded and less crowded. I commented to my wife at one point that I was surprised we could find a place where there were only about 10 other people on a ship of 5,000
  13. I have worked in market research for about 30 years it is a horrible design and very poorly executed. I am not sure why people on here would think that posting that the survey is flawed should not be allowed. Yes I know i could "just not do it" but it is a product NCL is paying for and sending to consumers of their product. It is a crappy survey.
  14. Agreed - I just started - also find that the pages take forever to load.
  15. Scoreboard - glad you had a great cruise. I found that Maltings and Shakers were not too bad in terms of being slammed - We were on deck 8 - so visted those very often. I hope my "review" didnt sound negative - we had a great time and are looking at booking the exact same time next year on the Getaway. The Atrium is always a challenge - even on the Escape where I think it is a little bigger - it was always packed. A few other items I thought of later. I love the O'sheehans concept, the wings were great, if you walked up to the bar it really didnt take long to get a drink. Loved being able to bowl or play pop a shot with my son.
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