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  1. I looked on the NHS App again today. The expiration date for the 2D barcode has changed to 10 July and there is a note saying it automatically refreshes every 30 days to   protect data.

  2. My certificate too had an expiration date of 20 June 2021 but I’ve looked again today and it now says ‘2D barcode expiration date 20 June 2021’ which makes slightly more sense.

  3. Have I imagined it or did  P & O announce that in addition to Iona in 2020 there would be another new ship in 2022?  The reason I am questioning it is that at the Peninsular Cocktail Party on a recent cruise the captain mentioned Iona and a new Cunard ship for 2022 but made no mention of another P & O ship. 


  4. Information about P&O's new Iona and her dining options are now appearing on the net. Here is a slide show:



    There will be no 1st & 2nd sitting dining anymore I see. Freedom Dining will be the norm.


    What do you think? Do you like what you see?


    Apologies if this point has already been made - I've only just joined the Forum and am still finding my way around (good practice for when on board Iona?)


    With 4 Freedom Dining Rooms it is even more important to obtain a TWID code if travelling with friends under a separate booking reference in order to ensure that you are assigned to the same dining room.

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