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    Might have been answered already, what sockets are in cabins.
  3. Shunter boy

    First cruise 😳😳😳

    Thanks for the info (y)
  4. Shunter boy

    First cruise 😳😳😳

    Thanks mike, seen a vid of cabin 8084 at the blunt end lol, but reading your comment, looking forward to it. Does the cabin have a fridge
  5. Shunter boy

    First cruise 😳😳😳

    Same island, but the same hotel since 2006, it was like a second home. Someone wrote a post on trip advisor stating that the more you go to a place you tend to look deeper at the hotel and start nit picking, the hotel we stayed at it had gone through change management, couple of refurbs, then went into a Thompson hotel that we think did spoil it as before there was a great mix of nationalities.
  6. Shunter boy

    First cruise 😳😳😳

    Thanks, everyone we’ve spoken to has said the same. We really do need a change in holiday scenes.
  7. Just booked our first cruise, and pre booked a junior suite 8066 on discovery 2 for next sept 2019 followed by a 3 night stay in Majorca. We’ve had enough of the same hotel same country since 1997 and thought we’d give this a try. Well looking forward to it, counting the days lol