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  1. ??? Our family has booked the Eurodam from Seattle on 5th.I suggested much later, but...... Personally, I would wait till 22. RO
  2. Any room aft! They are brilliant!
  3. We only had a the deposit down for our June trup. We never got to be on the Sun, but we just re-booked on the Coral Princess.
  4. We just stayed at the Marriott which is across the street from Pier 66. Edgewater is next to Pier 66. Both are expensive, $350-400+ per night. We liked the more modern style of the Marriott. RO
  5. Good, we (Eurodam) were only going 12 knots at the time. In the notice, I'm not surprised, "after" Speegle said NOAA received several complaints from the public after the video was posted.
  6. Cat has almost forgiven us for leaving! ;-) We had a great vacation on our Alaskan cruise. Can't wait to do it again.
  7. We booked our Seattle hotel 4 months in advance. RO
  8. Friendly crew. Good food. Smaller ship. No water parks! No go carts! A real promenade deck, 3 laps = 1 mile! 😉
  9. 6/29/19. Woke up and Eurodam is already docked at Pier 91. Had breakfast in suite, as we watched to magic of the dock crew unload and reload the ship for another week. We had great service from our room steward Budi, Dinner staff Aan, Anawall, and Dominico! These people work there a#$% off all week. Back to the real world.
  10. 6/27/19 Ketchikan port day. Another blue sky day, and warm! Didn't book any excursions, so today is a walkabout day. Did the Creek Street spiel, wondered around, bought no diamonds, or rare rocks. Had drinks at the Arctic Bar, had a burger from next door Burger Queen, good and really good fries! They have a covered deck overlooking the main promenade, great for people watching. Gala night in the MDR, the salmon and halibut were excellent all week. A long sail to Victoria, as we are down one engine at 50%, cooling problems. 6/28/19 Victoria, BC. Cloudy and cool. A late port/docking, 8:30pm, so any excursions were cancelled. Taxis to downtown, 9 CD. Too bad of the short stay as Victoria is a beautiful city. Next time! Back to Seattle tomorrow morning. These seven day flew by.
  11. 6/26/19 Sitka port today. Pre booked a 3 hour wildlife boating trip with http://www.gallantadventures.com/ The reviews were great, and we hoped for a good day out. Clear skies again and slight winds. Walked the small downtown of Sitka, found a couple of treasures for us and the cat sitter. :-) Met Paul the owner/operator at the marina, his boat holds six people max. DW and I, and another couple from Texas were his guests today. Off we went an not 5 minutes out, we cruise past an island with at least 16 bald eagles, juveniles and grown! We head out to the volcano island and come across a cow and calf humpbacks! At the island, there are sea lions, sea otters, puffins, and assorted birds. On the way back another humpback says hello. The three hours flew by and Paul drops us off at the ship pier. I recommend Paul's tour if you are in Sitka!
  12. 6/25/19 Birthday girl day! Glacier Bay cruise today. Another sunny day and clam winds. Stunning views of mountains, glaciers, wildlife, and the glow of the turquoise glacier water! Cruised by Lamplugh, John Hopkins, Grand Pacific, and Margerie glaciers. Sadly most are retreating, and Margerie had minimal calfing. The glacier ice, is a blue that hard to describe. Beautiful day of cruising. Birthday dinner was in the Pinnacle, my halibit was delishious, but it took two tries to get my DW filet to med-rare. Odd, since it is a steak theme restaurant. We did end up getting her dinner comp'd. DW said today was magical!
  13. Yes, we were on the Eurodam and they were passing out cups of pea soup! RO
  14. Monday June 24. Awoke to the calm waters of Stephens Passage after a bumpy day at sea. What a show the sealife displayed this morning. 3 Orca's port side, and then minutes later 5-7 humpbacks bubble-net off the aft!!! Today is our pilots choice glacier tour through HAL at 3pm. Arrived at Juneau port under clear blue skies! :-) We did a quick stroll through downtown. Picked up promptly at 3pm and taken to the Temsco helioport. Everyone is weighed, safety video, and spiked booties put on. DW and I was put in a small MD500, did I say small! Travis out pilot was great, DW had never been on a helio, and he put her at ease with no dramatic flying. First fly to was Gilkey glacier. Travis warned of the creavice and deep pools, if you fall in, you die! The three of us were there about a half and hour. Next stop Travis said if the winds are down we would go to a special spot. Well, we did, and it was amazing. Clear, no wind, the silence was deafening, in a good way. The 360 views made us feel that we were on top of the world. We could even see the Devil's Paw! Stunning bucket list item checked. the three hours went by too quick and we landed back safely and a ride into Juneau. A celebratory drink at the Triangle Club and back into the Eurodam. There were five ships in port that day, and downtown was a tourist mass. We grabbed some grub, and retired to our deck to view our sister ship leave port. Tomorrow is Glacier Bay and DW birthday!
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