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  1. 515kitty

    Scenic Amber Danube info

    Would love to ask questions to someone whom has been on this ship? Also the stops and how they handle them?
  2. 515kitty

    Amber Scenic

    Has anyone seen any pictures of this new river ship called Amber by Scenic. It seems to be sailing but would love to see what it looks like.
  3. 515kitty

    Water level on the Danube

    Was wanting to watch what is happening on the Danube this spring and thru the year. We are to sail on Scenic in the fall and do not want to do a bus tour. Is there a sight to see the levels and how the river lines are handling the low or high levels. Since it was so low all last year was worried it might take a while to raise back up to normal. thanks for the help.
  4. 515kitty

    Puerto Rico docking

    We are to meet a friend whom we have not seen for years when we dock in PR at the end of the month. Just got and email and she was asking where we are docking as they have new areas and have moved things around. Would there be directions to a Oceania Riviera or is there a recommendation where one might meet up? Also years ago she was able to come aboard the ship and I assume there are restriction now that that might not be permitted anymore know about that. Would that be correct?
  5. 515kitty

    island paradise voyage

    I would love to find out from anyone whom has done this voyage that when docking in the ports of call how far is the town and are they with in walking distance? Are there towns that are easier to walk than others. My husband had double knee surgery and walking is somewhat of a problem.
  6. 1) If we book ahead how long to change or cancel before being charged? 2) Where do I find out times when the tours depart? 3) If doing a basic 101 tour will we be able to book once on board? Doing the Caribbean
  7. 515kitty

    Scenic liquor and wine list

    I was reading some past post and have tried to search but at no success. A while back some one had taken a snap shot of what is on the list. (Premium liquor and wine.) Would love to have this or read it again. Thanks
  8. Since all the companies seem to have about the same price point I have been going crazy trying to figure what would be the best for my husband and me for our 50 wedding anniversary cruise. Have cruise ocean but never river. Leaning toward the Danube, on Sceinic, new ship with the itinerary that we want. Now Scenic is where we have focus on. Alma is the cruise line that have had friends traveled on and loved it. But Alma won't have the new ship. Than there is uniworld, Avalon which have friends travel also everyone loves the one they have been on??? Is there away to narrow it down??
  9. I notice there seems to be no explanation to what might to be a request for the best room in the class of B1-B4 on the ship Marina. I notice there are ones that have more deck space than other rooms is this the way to go? Help
  10. Would like to know if anyone can tell me what might be the difference between the cabins of the class veranda B1,B2,B3 and or B4. Is it location only?