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  1. 515kitty

    Transportation -Nuremberg to Prague

    We did this river cruise in October on Amber but the reverse. Now saying that we did the post tour but after finding out they did there transfer though Pilzen which is a beer town we booked our own. As we had been to the area before knew I wanted to go though Karlvory Vory CZ. Left Prague at 8:15 with a private pick up made by our travel agent. Now saying that we had to turn him in for his unsafe driving. There were 4 of us leaving Prague and arrived in Karlvory vory around 11 AM short walk in town and coffee at the Grand Hotel Pupp and bought sandwiches for the road. Left Karlory Vory which he was speeding an arrived in Nuremberg at the War Crimes court house at 2:30 PM. At 3 PM he tried to take us to the ship and prior had the location written by Scenic on a piece of paper but he got lost. Arrived around 4:30PM. Hope this helps but Karlvory Vory is a beautiful town and well worth the trip. But as you are the reverse you will have more time in Karlvory Vory and not rushed to get to your location. Enjoy
  2. 515kitty

    Scenic alcohol

    We never found it to be a problem as it was nice to sit in the lounge before dinner to enjoy a drink and here about the upcoming cities and tours. Than on to dinner and returned after for a night cap. We do like the small Royal Crown bottles as will take them on the airplane in our one small bag (3oz) for security. Enjoy it is a wonderful trip
  3. 515kitty

    Scenic alcohol

    I might differ from Lone Star as we just returned a week ago today. Did Scenic Amber and asked our butler when settling in that my husbands liquor of choice was Royal Crown and was told we would not have it in the room and would have to go to the bar for it, could not be in the room stock. My husband was a bit disappointed as he has mobility problems. But the bar is not that far. Now I do know from prior post Lone Star was in the Royal suite we were in BD Balcony Deluxe on not the diamond deck. We were on the Sapphire deck. Might make the difference I don't know??/
  4. 515kitty

    Tauck, Crystal or Uniworld

    I also might mention that the ship is new and the balcony is nice that it is an extension of your living space (balcony deluxe suite) 225 sq. The design is wonderful. Every space is used and worked well.
  5. 515kitty

    Tauck, Crystal or Uniworld

    I must say that the food is a big factor in my choice and we are on the Scenic Amber right now sailed out of Nuremberg to Budapest. Have not had a bad meal since we left. The quality is excellent. From breakfast to dinners. All is fresh daily.
  6. 515kitty

    Scenic Danube Cruise cabin selection?

    That is a hard question to answer as everyone has different comfort levels. We will sail next week and it was hard to make a right choice. We did choose the sapphire deck. And went with the BD as it seemed to have a good location and the sq. footage was also good. I do hope we made the right choice, we will find out soon. The cost is a big factor and for us it is important to have a balcony. We are hoping that choosing Scenic was the right choice. There are other companies that seem to deliver a good product also. The couple traveling with us did Ama last year and it will be interesting to find out what they think of the two companies.
  7. I understand that logic but they are providing a product that they are trying to get the public to try. There for I would do whatever it takes to give the traveler the best experience ever in hopes that they return and tell there friends how wonder and helpful this River company might be to travel with.
  8. Again a big thanks to CC. I really appreciate the info on the Vienna Riding School. We will differently ask about the horse. Was the trip to Bratislava long and did you enjoy it? Was concerned because really would like to do the enrichment trip to the concert of Strauss and Mozart which would be that night. I am looking forward to sailing with Scenic and the couple with us sailed with AMA last year so will be interested to here there take on the two river cruises companies. Also my TA got better answers from the UK office and also found the AU web site was more user friendly. Just the fun of planning and wanting to know how to make ones trip the best ever.
  9. We are set to travel in about 10 days with a booking though our TA and Scenic. It has been interesting as far as communication with them to say the least. I am sure they have there reasons. But if I call Scenic USA they say to contact my TA. My TA doesn't have this information and would be very simple for Scenic just to provide the information. As far side tours they require you to check your chooses around when our dead line for payment was due. Fine but 6 weeks from travel they won't let you view what you have picked and just says you bookings have now sent for final processing. I couldn't remember so I did call and they told me what we had choose but was told to talk to them once on board if we wanted to change.Apparently they have space for all but a few side trips to handle the numbers wanting to choose that tour. Good luck
  10. 515kitty

    Weather and temperature in October

    I was looking at a new pair called Helm so thought I would try that one. Comes in Black also. Yes I was talking about the Smart Wool socks, sorry I for got the Wool part but when in Scotland they came in handy. Great to share these travel tips.
  11. 515kitty

    Weather and temperature in October

    Caviargal would love to know which ankle boot you like as I am a true believer in my Naot's but haven't tried the boots. I have Luga order but haven't got it yet it is a mary jane type. Another tip I like traveling in the fall if living in the states are Smart Socks. They keep your feet warm but not heavy and also keep them dry. It is all the packing prep work.
  12. 515kitty

    Scenic Transport

    We are in the US and I have seen where some or our traveling friends in other parts of the world get pick up at there home and transported to the airport. Does anyone one have any info on this?? I will call Scenic and ask them also. Also might note, we are with Scenic in October Prague on our own and our travel agent as already made arrangements for transfer to the Marriott. As far as the executive level it can be book prior (More cost) and also at the time of check in the front desk has the ability to upgrade to Marriott rewards members as far as there rewards level. We to are booked in Budapest for our final night and one extra and scenic is to provide our transfer as booking though Scenic was a better deal than Prague to book though Scenic.
  13. 515kitty

    Scenic Amber Danube info

    Sorry we are not on that sailing. Ours is Oct 7th. Since I posted have did some changing around and will say Scenic and my TA have done a fabulous job. If anyone is on our sailing would love to hear from you.
  14. 515kitty

    Scenic Eleven Days Gems of the Danube with Prague

    FYI I have been working on details to get this done. With the help of Funexploring got a general time frame and just don't think we are going to depend on Scenic to get us to Nuremberg on time. Now I also called back and they did dance around time frame and basically said to wait till I get to Prague and make arrangements. I don't feel comfortable not having a plan in hand. So have now contacted my TA and have here working on it and she has come up with a couple of options. I think we will doing a private transfer earlier on Monday from Prague with a stop in Kalvary Vary of which I really wanted to go back to early lunch and get into Nuremberg early afternoon which will give me plenty of time to do the courthouse and get to the ship. Just have to work out luggage arrangements and I think it will work. Love the info from everyone and have my fingers crossed.
  15. 515kitty

    Scenic Eleven Days Gems of the Danube with Prague

    This is giving me thought on how I might want to rethink what we do. I do know we are also taking a chance to visit the courtroom 600 but do know that there is plenty to see on the top floor. I can some what understand about the luggage and travel with it but was hoping the bus would get us to the ship in time to just drop the luggage and get to the courthouse by taxi. One would think they would work harder to make ones trips special and have a return client. Really do not understand if staying at a Scenic hotel they could not hold your luggage and transport you when you were ready. I will keep working on this and post when I have a definite plan so if anyone needs to know info.It is the small things that make the trip special.