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  1. I took 25 10-second exposures with a 400mm lens and a tracking mount and stacked them together with astrophotography stacking software. Then processed the image in lightroom.
  2. Braved the cold on Friday night and got a picture of the Orion nebula.
  3. For the milky way one, I was using an 8mm f/3.5 fisheye. I took 5 two minute shots and stacked them together to bring up all the stars. For the Andromeda one, I used a 50mm f/1.8. There were 4 two minute shots stacked to make that one. All were taken with a Canon T6i and a Slik ECH-630 Astro Tracker.
  4. We finally got clear skies so I went and found a dark place to shoot.
  5. It's actually kind of interesting as there's a lot less color about 60 miles north of my other picture.
  6. Stitched together 64 images to make a panorama of the foliage on Sunday evening.
  7. Silver Whisper and Norwegian Gem at St. Thomas, USVI
  8. I just started playing with stacking exposures, and the moon was right there.
  9. Milky Way looking NNE Milky Way looking SSW
  10. Leaving St. Thomas, USVI - 11/12/2019 Leaving St. John's, Antigua
  11. Freedom of the Seas, Mein Schiff 2, and MV Arcadia from the Norwegian Gem at St. John's, Antigua Celebrity Equinox, Navigator of the Seas, Carnival Victory, and MSC Seaside from the Norwegian Escape at Cozumel, Mexico
  12. I was on the Gem last November. The only problem I had with the layout was that the interior design of the public decks isn't completely symmetrical which made it harder to get to some places. As for the club-balcony suites, I never went in one but I did get a picture of the exterior of the stern. Those cabins are right below the outdoor deck of the buffet. The balconies below them bulge out so you could see people on the balconies below you.
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