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  1. Pretend you're Usain Bolt and run like the wind. There was a good thread about this over on their board. You have to board really early in one of the priority groups and know exactly where the Vibe sales desk is. It literally is a race.
  2. I forgot 2 things. 1) Do not get up and leave your S&S card in the machine (it happens). Follow the proper steps at each machine. Also, 2) Sign up in the Casino to join the Players Club. You will get future offers even if you're not a big player.
  3. You insert your S&S card into the slot machine. If you don't have any OBC, the money spent playing slots would be billed to your S&S card. If you have OBC, the OBC will be reduced by the amount spent. Some people use this method to cash out their OBC, download $200 to play, use a little and use the card to cash out at the Cashier cage. This may work with promotional OBC; however, the OBC given to rebook cancelled cruises may be use it or lose it.
  4. I'm more concerned about all the crew, like stewards, waitstaff, etc. back in their home countries that may yet be unvaccinated. Carnival is probably already working on rounding up all the crew needed to restart. My guess is aiming for Aug.; both to increase the vaccination rate and hopefully relaxing some of the mask requirements. There is already movement towards unmasking outdoors. I really believe Carnival has a huge concern for the potential of confrontation between crew and guests, or worse between guests, over being the mask police. It has happened time and again in our airports and pla
  5. Yeah, I was wondering if Galveston was maybe becoming Vaccine Central. They could get the jab, especially if they were going there for other reasons like you mentioned.
  6. I thought they cancelled Alaska cruises for this year due to the Canadian border closure?
  7. Yeah, I thought the blinds would help with the heat they mentioned but then you'd lose the view.
  8. Did those cabins have window blinds? I thought that I read somewhere that light from those cabins could interfere with the Bridge. I would love to try one of these cabins; wonder if having a PVP would increase my odds of finding one available to book?
  9. They only have a bare minimum crew onboard during the shutdown to maintain the ships. The majority of the crew is not onboard during the shutdown. All the room stewards, waitstaff, etc. are back in their home countries. That is one of the main reasons it takes up to 90 days to be ready to resume cruising.
  10. The Havana pool is the small one on the side. The Havana area on Mardi Gras is more of an afterthought. They put the focus on the new Loft 19 area. The Havana area is much better on the Vista class ships.
  11. Some think it will be raised to a minimum of 200 shares in the future; 100 shares gets the benefit at this time.
  12. Yes, still get OBC if you own 100 shares or more, based on length of cruise. Some of these people that were paying attention scooped up shares when it was down below $10, some scored at $7.
  13. You can cruise without kids on Virgin Voyages, the new cruise line from Sir Richard Branson. No one under age 18 allowed.
  14. The casino offers vary but come out regularly. I booked earlier this year on an offer for $100 deposit per person with $200 OBC, basically a free cabin. That offer expired but as posted above, the offers keep coming. Join the Players Club and play in the casino to get on their mailing list. Heck, you might even be able to wrangle an offer over the phone if you can find a phone number to the casino desk. You don't have to be a big player, just need to get on their mailing list. Some offers include drinks while you play, some offer drinks anywhere onboard.
  15. I'm sure they can get it there as quickly as they can round up the full crew to be ready to start cruising. They could even use it to bring crew members over from Europe if it is still by Barcelona.
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