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  1. This is a shambles. We have cruised with P&O for 20 years and even the old CP used to revert our passport numbers to out of date passports EVERY cruise. Even though new ones had been saved it didn't matter. This, of course, has done the same again. But everything about this new site is pathetic. I can't even switch between my details and my wife's and every time I enter our emergency phone number it is deleted. Can someone please get their finger out at P&O and sort out this mess.
  2. Good for you sunshine. Quote "until we switch to My P&O Cruises you won't be able to make online bookings" Some use for those of us who will be trying to re-book our flight seats when P&O eventually get round to informing us what the new flights actually are !! Never mind though eh? we only sail in 21 HOURS TIME
  3. Best all check your emails. Cruise Personaliser has been scrapped and a new site where everyone will have to register called "My P&O Cruises" will quote "be up and running shortly" Stunning !!!! As we are among those who are on the Trans Atlantic Azura cruise on Friday doing back to backs and were on a Thomas Cook flight home. Of course we have heard nothing regarding the rearranged flight from P&O.
  4. Well this is the final straw for us. We go on back to back cruise on Friday Trans Atlantic and Caribbean on Azura. Our flight home was with Thomas Cook. No alternative given by P&O yet and we have been told that we will not know until we are on the ship. We had booked Premium Economy and paid for our chosen seats. The only email from P&O was on Sept 23. In this it stated that when a new flight is allocated we would be able to go to our Cruise Personaliser and rebook seats. Now they are saying nothing can be booked on CP and the new site "My P&O Cruises" will be up and running "SHORTLY". Everyone will have to register on this new site. Considering we have eight sea days out of Southampton with Madeira our only port of call before the Caribbean. It looks like we have been hung out to dry by P&O.
  5. The silence is deafening. Still nothing from P&O. We go on Friday on back to back cruises flying home November 16th. No chance we are going to hear anything.
  6. We should be looking forward to a fantastic cruise which is only a week away. Instead we are worrying how we are getting home when it's all over.
  7. We sail the same day and doing back to back cruises due to fly home November 16. We were told exactly the same yesterday by our agent. We booked Premium Economy on the day of booking this holiday and subsequently chose and paid for seats. We trust all aspects of our booking will be honoured as per email from P&O on September 23.
  8. Has anyone received word from P&O yet regarding new flights to and from the Caribbean ?? We are doing back to back cruises sailing Trans Atlantic on Azura on October 18th and flying back on November 16th but as yet have no indication of our airline or flight timing. Anyone ???
  9. Cheers. Your welcome. May see you in The Caribbean when Azura and Britannia are in port together as we are on back to back cruises till November 16th. Have a good one Mike and Sue
  10. The coach pick up is on ground level at the airport railway station. Take no notice of allocated coach numbers you have been given. Clearly if the coaches were filled like that and were waiting for late comers they would never get to Southampton !!! The operation is run like clockwork by P&O. There is a kiosk set up in the ground floor foyer. They have a list of all passengers booked on the complimentary coaches. Check in with them any time after about 7am. They will give you a ticket with a coach number on. First 50 or so allocated number 1 and then the next 50 number 2 and so on. They start filling coaches 1,2, 3 etc. Luggage is loaded and you will not see it again until it is outside your cabin on the ship. We are on Azura transatlantic on October 18th. It will be the third year we have done it. Hope this helps. Mike and Sue
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