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  1. Glad to hear that it is priced in the package now. When they first launched it, we were on the Caribbean for the launch, they were $15 each. But we were at the right place at the right time and they made a few to demo which we were given.
  2. It was in the Main Dining room, Crown Princess, So we took to either having a regular coffee and the liquor or getting The Nutty Irishman. But even at the International cafe the only other drink you could get while getting any drink (with or without alcohol) was water.
  3. In the past I was not able to get a speciality coffee and a liquor at the same time. I guess if you put it in the drink it is ok, but if you want to slip it separately it is not allowed unless you wait the required amount of time...
  4. In the press conference early Tuesday am (NZ time) the Prime Minister did say they were getting lots of support from the Cruise Line. So before we judge, maybe in the background they were working with those effected. It is just us at home wondering why things were not posted publicly.
  5. Found this website, seems to be giving good info https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2019/dec/10/new-zealand-volcano-eruption-white-island-blast-latest-updates?page=with:block-5def17748f08be0cbf46d67a#block-5def17748f08be0cbf46d67a
  6. Personally I do not think a day is long enough there, you will have to pick and choose what you want to see. You need to take the bus that goes around to the various locations, we spent over 5 hrs at the Saturn 5 rocket building. Also I read that it goes to the vehicle assembly building again. (Was in there about 35-40 yrs ago.) The outside is mainly going between buildings, and the “ Rocket Garden”. Places where there were outside viewing platforms had a ceiling overtop.
  7. Love the idea of having it shipped to the Hotel, as they cannot ship outside of the US. I wonder if it would be worth it to have them shipped to a UPS store just over the Border for our trip in May, leaving from Vancouver. It would take around an hour each way to drive there.
  8. If it did happen the Photographer could get fired for something like that.
  9. One thing to watch, Princess blocks some rooms, and in my case an entire deck from Their listed 14 day cruises, so you have to book it as a B2B, it cost more and we are loosing out on OBC credits, some are 250 for 14 days, but only 100 for 7. We also had to use both FCC s for the trip, I am delaying booking another trip until the cruise, so I can buy more. If you want a particular deck, location, etc you may be forced to do it that way.
  10. Thanks for the comment, Our next cruise leaves from Vancouver, I will get some next time I am in thenUS.
  11. If you are picking it up, we avoid the “souvenir” stores and get that sort of thing at the Grocery store. A quarter the price, also, maybe the label is not as fancy,
  12. Take into account what type of flight you are going on. International will need to be there much earlier than Domestic
  13. We were told an elite could bring one person with them. Again too afraid to “upset” someone doing wrong, but they don’t care if the “upset” those doing it correctly.
  14. You don’t need a coupon, just go to the back where they have a “cash register “. Just ask for it, they might want to sell you stuff, if you are interested let them show you things, We actually had a blast in St Thomas, tried on lots of stuff I would never buy, it was fun to have tens of thousands of jewelry on.
  15. Think helicopters...some sort of auto rotation... For this drop, they were given 2 styrofoam cups, limited tape, some card stock.. This one survived IMG_0926.MOV
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