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  1. I don’t think you are getting the notification that we have stuff for you. I checked the t-shirt is brand new, it says REGAL Princess, it is a mens Medium, but it looks big. You can have it if it will fit.
  2. I tried sending you a message but it was disabled. What size are you? I may have at least one brand new that my Mom just gave me. I am also in Ottawa
  3. For the Alaska we “had” booked, it was going to cost is $1500 CAD for the two weeks for the Package vs the Basic, it was not really worth it.
  4. I had a b2b booked for Sep, but it was booked as the 14 day version of the trip, it was cancelled by Princess many weeks ago
  5. I had it booked as the 14 day version, as the OBC is better that way and it was cancelled by Princess. It was for Sep 21.
  6. It was Vancouver to Whittier return for next Sep.
  7. Mine was cancelled by Princess.
  8. The 14 days are two back to back 7 days, and mine just disappeared from my list. No official cancellation yet. FCD still shows applied to the crisue.
  9. Any cruise that was scheduled to be more than 7 days is showing up as not available at the moment due to the CDC directives.
  10. Although is was not Princess ( I got back our $10,000 back in July). I just got back my taxes from the flights I had booked with Points. The flights were cancelled before the end of March.
  11. As with Canada as well health coverage is not free, we pay a lot of taxes for it. We just do not have to shell out for each Dr visit.
  12. You will be lucky to get a top sheet and a blanket now. My mom does not really like a duvet, and she has to beg for a blanket.
  13. There sometimes is no understandable reason for the cabin availability. We wanted to book the 14 day version of two 7day Alaska trips. The better cabins are only available for the 7 day cruises and not the 14. You would think they would prefer to sell the longer time, but not always .
  14. I just checked mine, we submitted ours in 2016, but mine also shows an expiration date of the end of 2021....
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