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  1. Thanks for all the good responses. We’ll be sure to bring wine from our local Total Wine. Sounds like it’s worth the trouble.
  2. I know we can bring several bottles of wine on board but if we don’t want to bother, what will a typical bottle of of a nice Pinot Noir or Pinot Grigio cost? We will have a bottle (or two) of Champagne in our PH cabin complements of O and our TA. Can I have them served to us in the GDR or specialty restaurant? Can I exchange the Champagne for a red or white wine? Since we’re driving to Miami and parking at the port it wouldn’t be too much trouble to bring wine. Just wondering if it’s worth it.
  3. Your blue book and final cruise summary should have the boarding time listed. Our blue book just arrived and our boarding time is 11:00 AM for our PH cabin. Although you might have a bit of a wait, there isn’t really enough time to do any serious sightseeing in Miami. If you plan to explore before sailing be sure to check your sail away time. I’ve noticed that ours is one hour earlier than we’ve had before and I believe you are expected to be on board at least an hour before that. We like to board as early as possible. It’s a vacation day😄
  4. The parking garage is just across the street from the terminal. Easily walking distance. When you arrive you simply drop off your bags with the porters who are waiting there for you. Be sure your luggage tags are on all of your bags. The porters did double check. Keep your carry-on bags - park in the garage and cross back to the terminal. When we returned after the cruise we had a porter (red-cap) load our bags on a dolly and accompany us back to our car which was on the top floor. We simply gave him a nice tip and we were on our way. Our only wait was in line waiting to pay the parking fee. The whole process was easy and efficient. We never had to pick up a heavy bag. It costs more than off-site parking but we tried that once and “never again”.
  5. We have been able to board as early as 11:00 AM with our PH category cabin but have never had access for another hour or two. We carry a small wheelie bag with all prescriptions, jewelry, electronics, etc. and relax with a nice lunch at Waves or the Terrace with the adult beverage of the day. It’s a good start for your vacation. Availability seems to be according to cabin category. The tour company we’re using in Cozumel informed me that we will “most likely” dock at Punta Langosta Pier downtown. In Roatan my blue book indicates that we will be tendering at Coxen Hole. Having done this before, it’s not my preference. So much easier when docked. Sorry, can’t remember about the light switch😄
  6. Once you enter the port area there are many signs directing you to terminal J. Even the names of the cruise ships are posted. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding it. Your taxi driver has likely been there many times. I believe that terminal J is used almost exclusively by Oceania. The big mass market ships dock on the other side. Perhaps the Google info is dated. Terminal J is somewhat newer. We’ve sailed from J three times and have never had a problem. Good Luck!
  7. Book a reservation in every one! Besides having better food in the specialties, it’s a fun evening to try different venues. On our last Riviera cruise we had dinner in each one and then our butler got us an additional reservation in Polo. We shared at a table for six and it was the best evening of the cruise. Try them all. If you have to share it’s a great way to meet fellow cruisers. On O ships you won’t run into many unpleasant dining partners.
  8. How far ahead should I expect to get my blue book, luggage tags etc. ? Will it be sent to me or my TA? Last cruise in March it never arrived. We had to print out our documents to board the ship in Miami and have O mail us generic luggage tags. Would love to get the folder this time.
  9. I’m a night owl so I sign into my account right at midnight. Just did this last week and even though we’re in a penthouse several days were blocked - just didn’t show as available in one restaurant. There aren’t that many suites so I’m wondering if groups can make priority reservations that fill the venue. We had to take alternate days but got the times we wanted with the couple we’re traveling with (also PH). 🤔. Not a big deal - just curious.
  10. We always book thru a Riviera agent and we have always gotten the cabin we wanted. afterwards, within 30 days of booking, we transfer the booking to a TA & get extra goodies from the TA.
  11. I’m sure this has been asked and answered before but I can’t find the link. 😩. I’ll be trying to make reservations for four of us - both couples in PH. Can I simply add their booking number to complete our table? Does the site allow for that? Hope it does - saves me from making a call to O.
  12. We have done “Red Ginger” and “If it Swims” on Riviera. the RG class had the watermelon/duck salad which was delicious. Most of the prep work is done ahead so the hands-on cooking it’s easy. If it swims was scallops and fish. Very good dishes. These classes are lots of fun and no stress. We were served wine to accompany our tasting. One requirement is NO OPEN TOED SHOES, FLIP FLOPS OR SANDALS . Safety requirements. Several people were sent back to their cabins for shoes. On both of these cruises the classes were booked with a wait list. Reserve early! Also, consider a late dinner since the food you prepare is for you to eat. Our next cruise is on Insignia and I’ll miss the Culinary Center😢😢😢.
  13. There is an article in the Wall Street Journal this morning about Le Sirenuse. Because of the great views it has become crowded with tourists taking selfies. Since hotel guests have been complaining they have instituted a new policy. The restaurant is now available only to hotel guests and those who have a dining reservation. There is a guard posted to enforce this new rule. So, be sure to make a reservation if you’re planning a visit. We have found this policy in effect also in Capri at Grand Hotel Quisisana.
  14. Generally, yes. But depends if the ship has a concierge room - if yes, definitely. you typically get preferred early boarding, access to the spa deck, early restaurant reservations and access to the Concierge lounge which is open 24 hours a day, with coffee, tea, oastries. Especially worthwhile if you’re an early riser. For $50... go for it. You’ll like it.
  15. We’re booked on an Insignia Cruise scheduled to stop at Cozumel 11/11. When I check my account to mange my bookings, there are no excursions listed under Cozumel. All other ports have multiple excursions available. I tried to arrange a private tour with an independent operator and they just wrote back to me to say that Insignia is not scheduled to be in port that day. This is a cruise that was originally scheduled for Cuba. What’s happening???
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