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  1. Governor DeSantis met with Department of Transportation and cruise line officials at Port Canaveral yesterday. He is threatening legal action against the CDC for their rigid policy on keeping cruise ships from sailing from US ports. Maybe this will help. I can’t see too much danger in cruising if all passengers are required to show proof of vaccination. So many people are going to Nassau to cruise Crystal this summer. Time to give American port workers a break.
  2. That new fee might be too much for us. So far we have gotten benefits that make up for the cost. Centurion Lounges, ship board credits, wine tasting, monthly Uber credits, $200 in any additional airline expenses such as baggage fees, meals and alcoholic beverages on board, concierge services for theater tickets, additional bottle of champagne in our cabin. We book our cruises through our favorite Oceania agent to get the best cabin for us and then transfer and pay through Amex Platinum. They’re always very accommodating and nice to deal with. Of course, last year most of the bene
  3. When we did the Amex Platinum wine tasting on Riviera my husband and I attended together. Not sure, but I think it was the only wine tasting event on that cruise. It was fun and very informative. Our sommelier was incredibly knowledgeable. We sampled about 6 wines - mostly reds. They were served with various cheeses to compliment the wines. We were each given a bottle of wine of our choice to take with us, I’m not sure how this would work out for a non-wine drinker - if one person could attend two events. This was free for us compliments of our Amex Platinum card.
  4. Sailing up the Bosporus on the way to Istanbul watching the city come into view on a beautiful sunny day. Relaxing in a lounge chair sipping champagne made it even better. Also, leaving Lisbon and sailing through the straits of Gibraltar. Any cruise sailing past the Statue of Liberty. Too many moments to love. Can’t wait to sail again.
  5. Haven’t sailed on Crystal. We’ve been Oceania cruisers for years but I’m interested in the July Bahama sailings. I’ve noticed in the literature that there is assigned early or late seating for dinner. Are there any other options? Being locked into late seating would be a big negative for us. We’re vaccinated and ready to pack our bags. Had two cruised cancelled last year😱.
  6. The Canadian health minister has reiterated her plan to continue the lockdown until 2022. Alaska is being severely impacted by the inability of residents of the panhandle (Juneau) to use Canadian highways to access northern cities. The Governor is being encouraged to declare a state of emergency to allow ocean going ferries for transport. This doesn’t look good for the cruise industry. Alaska cruises may be delayed for longer than Caribbean and even European. Could this be payback???
  7. Vista teaser looks great! Is there any way to find the itinerary? DH and I are fully vaccinated and ready to pack our bags.
  8. Here in Naples, Fl. you would never guess there is a pandemic. Restaurants are full and people are using masks only to enter and exit and not always then. Lots of visitors - grandchildren everywhere. DH and I have appointments for the vaccine Monday with the follow-up automatically scheduled. We’re sticking close to home until the second shot takes effect. We’ve all isolated this long why not wait another month. Getting the appointment was a challenge but things seem to be loosening up. Lots of our friends have also scored appointments this week.
  9. I miss cruising so much😢. Not sure of a safe date to book. Here in Florida, Lee County seniors stayed in line over night, bundled up on lawn chairs for their shot. Collier County requires tickets that you must get from an on-line ticketing service. Very complicated and sells out instantly. I think we have a long way to go. I’ll just keep reading brochures and dreaming of my next cruise.
  10. Noise from overhead if you are under Waves might be a problem. I haven’t been bothered by vibrations in aft cabins when you are that high up. However, on deck six in the GDR you can clearly see the water trembling in your glass when you are at sea. The vibrations can be intense. You might be safer booking a PH midships on deck ten.
  11. We sailed on Insignia just before the Covid shutdown. We were in 8065 and our friends were in 8045. Neither one had a problem with noise overhead. I notice that in walking from one end of the ship to the other that the hum of the engines increased noticeably as we neared our cabin in the aft of the ship. Not unpleasant, still a great cabin but might make a forward cabin more desirable.
  12. We sailed on Insignia just before the shutdown in a PH. We really enjoyed the quiet and privacy of the Spa Terrace although we did miss having a concierge lounge. We were on a warm weather cruise to the Caribbean and the lounge chairs at the main pool were frequently filled, so having the option was good. I think you can also get a hot breakfast in a concierge cabin. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Insignia whatever you decide. The ship looked beautiful - the service was excellent and the food was great.
  13. Amazing new procedures! Looks like they’re doing everything they can to prevent any outbreaks of Covid or Norovirus. Interesting that they are increasing the medical staff. I’ll be waiting to hear from passengers on the first of O’s sailings. Anyone know when they expect to resume their schedule?
  14. The cruise we were considering was Riviera, January 3, 2021 to the Caribbean. Our agent told us that even though there are cruises scheduled starting in August, she thinks it will not happen. I doubt there are many bookings. She’s recommending waiting until 2021. We will hold off to see what happens. I’m sure there will be plenty of cabins available at the last minute. Does anyone know how close to sailing date you can book? Maybe security issues require some time.
  15. We really miss cruising. Would you take a chance on a January cruise? There are great deals out there and we’re looking at an Oceania Suite. Am I being too optimistic? Living in a red zone state gives me too much time to spend pouring over brochures.
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