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  1. Amazing new procedures! Looks like they’re doing everything they can to prevent any outbreaks of Covid or Norovirus. Interesting that they are increasing the medical staff. I’ll be waiting to hear from passengers on the first of O’s sailings. Anyone know when they expect to resume their schedule?
  2. The cruise we were considering was Riviera, January 3, 2021 to the Caribbean. Our agent told us that even though there are cruises scheduled starting in August, she thinks it will not happen. I doubt there are many bookings. She’s recommending waiting until 2021. We will hold off to see what happens. I’m sure there will be plenty of cabins available at the last minute. Does anyone know how close to sailing date you can book? Maybe security issues require some time.
  3. We really miss cruising. Would you take a chance on a January cruise? There are great deals out there and we’re looking at an Oceania Suite. Am I being too optimistic? Living in a red zone state gives me too much time to spend pouring over brochures.
  4. I understand what Jonthomas means. Having sailed in 2019 on both the Riviera and Insignia, I miss having a cruise to look forward to. Planning is half the fun - checking excursions, finding the perfect cabin, looking at menus, making specialty reservations and checking the cooking classes. Cruise critic has been invaluable! I love being able to get so much great information. This is just a very sad time. We can only hope there’s a vaccine soon and cruising can resume.
  5. We sailed on Insignia in November in cabin 8065. It was a great spot - at the end of the corridor with little foot traffic and no overhead noise. Our in-laws were in cabin 8045. It was even better. Quiet but close to the elevators. I think your choice is a good one.
  6. Just looked at the live cam at Port of Miami. Riviera is still docked at terminal J. Didn’t sail yesterday? What’s happening?
  7. We sailed on the Riviera several times but our last cruise was on Insignia. The ship was beautiful and we had a great time. BUT - we really missed having two more specialty restaurants. This is a real consideration for us because dressing up and going out to so many different venues for dinner is a treat for us. I missed the cooking classes and the executive lounge. Our PH was smaller although I liked the layout better. I’m not a fan of the table and chairs at the foot of the bed. The separate table works so much better for meals. We got a great deal on Insignia because of the Cuba cancellations but in the future I’ll stick to the larger ships.
  8. We sailed in 8065 and it was fine. We never heard any noise from overhead. However, the gentle “hum” of the engines is more noticeable aft. The trade off was that it was a very smooth sailing for us. Almost no motion. I would avoid cabins under Waves Grill because of the scraping noise of chairs on the wooden deck.
  9. On our last cruise on an R ship one night at Polo was completely blocked even though we were in a PH. Turns out it was reserved for a group. Fortunately only the one night was unavailable. I try to sign on at one or two minutes after midnight EDT. Has worked fine. Once on board we try to book an extra specialty. We’ve had to share but that’s been fun. Hope you’re able to get the reservations you want. We just can’t eat dinner at 8:30 or 9:00 any more. Besides you miss the show😫
  10. After being wait listed for a month, we booked a PH on deck 11 under Waves when it became available. Then we read other comments on CC and moved to deck 10. It’s very quiet there and we were not bothered by the overhang you will get on 11. Even though every cabin was wait listed, my TA called right as final payment was due and there were several cancellations. Your cabin might be fine - just safer to move.
  11. It was on the menu in Polo but it was ground Waygu beef - not a steak. We declined to order it. I don’t recall seeing it on the menu in the GDR but we haven’t been on cruises more than 10 or 11 days. Maybe others have had it ???
  12. We have gotten them on all of our O cruises, however, we were in concierge or PH cabins. Yes, you can take them with you. They’re nice zipper top bags with compartments. We used them for towels and wet bathing suits on beach visits.
  13. Try the Hilton Colonial on Bay Street. It’s walking distance from the port. They limit day passes and it sells out early. I think you can contact any of the beach hotels online to make a reservation.
  14. One note about the Vero bottles in your room. For me the bottles required two hands to grasp and pour. I didn’t particularly like them although I understand the need to cut down on plastic. I was happy to have plastic bottles available when leaving the ship.
  15. If you want to take a look at Le Sirenuse, rent the movie “Only You” with Robert Downey and Marisa Tomei. They visit there.
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