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  1. We never received our Blue Book for one of our Riviera cruises. When I called O to request a replacement they told me there would be a $25 charge because they use an outside contractor to print the books. O sends them the passenger list and addresses and at that time the books were being sent second class mail. If you’ve moved it won’t be forwarded even if your post office has your new address. Instead O mailed us luggage tags which were not personalized but they worked fine. The porters at the dock have tags and will gladly help you with them. We received our final boarding e-mail about two weeks prior to cruising. This really provided everything we needed for check in. Be sure to bring this with you. Some ports require it for entry. We haven’t sailed since the pandemic so I’m not sure what else may be required. I’m sure you’ll be advised in your final e-mail. I hope your Blue Book comes. It’s very nice and personalized. Happy sailing🛳🛳🛳
  2. Are there any new updates from O regarding requirements for boarding in Miami. Are all port of call open for excursions? Is mask wearing required on board? What about flying back to the USA after the cruise? It just seems like so many ways for things to go wrong. We’re so ready to start cruising again but we’re nervous and it’s a big investment. I keep hoping things lighten up by December.
  3. Lots of ports are banning or limiting mega cruise ships. Key West, Santorini, Venice and Dubrovnik for example. I think the pause caused by Covid led lots of countries to reevaluate the benefit or lack thereof of allowing cruise ships to dock. It seems that some of the poorer Caribbean countries depend on tourists spending more than other parts of the world. Alaska is also feeling the loss of cruise ship passengers. The size of the Oceania ships and the relative affluence of their passengers is well suited to visiting lots of ports where mega ships may not be welcome. When visiting Caribbean ports of call we try not to be the “Ugly Americans” and support their economy by dining, drinking, using local tour guides and shopping as much as possible. I know they all seem the same but there’s always something to enjoy if you do a little research.
  4. I know, I know - but there is something to be said for sitting on your balcony while your butler pours your champagne, dining on gourmet meals, floating around in the warm Caribbean water and snoozing under a palm tree. For those of us who have an easy drive to Port of Miami it sure beats staying home. We’ve traveled to lots of exotic destinations but the virus has kept us from international travel. For now the Caribbean works for us. Maybe in another six months we’ll venture farther from home.
  5. I’ve had that happen. Very disappointing. Did you try sharing a table? We were able to get a reservation when we offered to share. Turned out to be a great evening. Good luck!
  6. Since we like to eat early and those reservations seem to get filled first, I do the 12:01:thing. The later dining times can cause you to miss the show. Of course if you overindulge at the afternoon tea, dining at 6:30 won’t work too well.😁. Getting the reservations early gives you choices.
  7. The Saturday WSJ Off Duty section has an interesting article “Can cruising shine again”? Discussions on port restrictions, vaccination, lowered capacity, cleansing, masks, etc. Reports from ships that are currently sailing. Sounds like cruise lines are going above and beyond to provide a safe environment. The question is how does this impact the luxurious experience we expect from cruising - especially on Oceania? We recently cancelled a January cruise on Riviera that we were really looking forward to. Too many unknowns for us.😢. Hope things improve soon so we can get back aboard our favorite ship.
  8. If my DH and I feel safe enough to take a Riviera Caribbean cruise in January 2022, how close to sailing can I book. Is there a cut off due to TSA, Covid, etc.? Right now there are lots of available cabins and since we live driving distance to Port of Miami we’re free to pack up and go with little notice. Right now I’m too worried to book but come December things may have calmed down. We’re fully vaccinated and don’t mind any required testing. Any rules I should know?
  9. When we got to the last date when we could cancel without forfeiting administrative fees, we cancelled our January cruise. Too many unknowns for us. Now I notice that our formerly heavily booked cruise has lots of available cabins in almost all categories. If things change between now and the end of the year we’ll rebook on the same cruise. We’re vaccinated and will get a booster when available but too many port closings and the thought of having to wear a mask onboard was just too much.
  10. That makes more sense. However, I still don’t like the idea. The ship feels like our own little world and outside interference and regulations are difficult to accept. I guess we’ll all just have to follow Oceania’s rules. If I eat and drink non-stop to avoid the mask issue I should be okay😎.
  11. Just before final payment is due some people cancel. This happened for us. We got a call advising us of an available concierge cabin. I think with the current delta variant unknowns more people will want to take a wait and see attitude. Check for the FP date. good luck!
  12. “While in their waters”. Are you saying that even after the ship has left port but still close to shore, passengers are required to wear a mask onboard? Seems like bureaucratic overreach to me.
  13. We were lucky last cruise. Met a couple on our roll call. Since we live in Naples close to I 75, they picked us up on their way to Miami. We parked at J and split the parking fee. We paid for the gas fill-up on the way home. Great couple - worked out well. We also paired up on our own excursions. Always good to check out your roll call. Looks like no such luck on our upcoming cruise but we’re going to park at J anyway. Too safe and convenient to go elsewhere.
  14. Royal Caribbean has actually set sail for Alaska from Seattle. They mention an e-muster drill. Anyone know what this is? I’m happy to read that cruise ships are sailing from American ports. There was a great celebration by both passengers and crew while boarding took place. Gives me hope that my future cruise will be a go!
  15. The canapés served in PH cabins are great. We tried a different one every night. We liked to save the chocolate covered strawberries for a late night snack. Be careful if you have early dining reservations. After a couple of glasses of champagne and the canapés you might not have much of an appetite for your dinner😄. Same applies to the cooking classes. You eat what you prepare so make a later reservation on those days.
  16. Wearing a mask on a cruise is a deal breaker for me. DH and I are fully vaccinated and have been living our normal pre-Covid lives. No going back for us. We don’t sail until January but final payment is coming up in October. Guess I’ll see what the rules are then. Mask mandate on a ship means maybe we head to the Breakers instead.
  17. After we check in our larger bag we take a small carry-on ( a size that fits under airline seats) on embarkation day and keep it with us. Cruise documents, passports, prescription drugs, jewelry and electronics - anything you just can’t lose without ruining your trip. If you board early enough to score a nice table at the Terrace that’s a great place to be. If not head to Waves which is usually less crowded and has the best surf and turf sandwiches. Everyone is toting around some sort of bag, so just relax, have an adult beverage and enjoy. Once we’re on board we can finally really relax.
  18. Thanks LHT28. I’m trying to edit my profile😁
  19. This thread is helpful. DH and I are fully vaccinated and intend to pay in full on the due date for our upcoming January 2022 cruise. If Oceania cancels our sailing I can expect a full refund. Any cancellation made by me is my problem to work out with insurance, etc. Am I understanding this correctly?
  20. Our February 2022 Riviera cruise in a PH2 has gone up $100 per person. Glad I booked last month. Doesn’t seem like too much but still better for me😁.
  21. When my Blue Book went astray because of a move, Oceania wouldn’t replace the whole book without a $25 charge but they did send luggage tags. They were not personalized like the originals but they were just fine. Since we’re sailing in a guarantee this time and don’t know what our cabin number will be, we may not have tags until we arrive at the terminal. I’m sure the porters can handle any luggage tag issues if for some reason you don’t get yours. We always have our bags identified with our own tags as a precaution.
  22. I know this has been covered before but Amex may have added insurance 1/2000. I’m getting mixed messages when I call them but their literature seems to say that they do cover trip cancellation. Has anyone used this? We feel that we need insurance for our upcoming cruise. I have a great TA so if all else fails I’ll get her recommendations but it sure would be good if that big Amex Platinum fee covers our cruise.
  23. I like your thinking of “Why Not”. My DH and I were contemplating booking an Oceania cruise in January. Since we’re seniors we said “What are we waiting for”. The cruise is booked and I can’t wait!
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