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  1. Well this is certainly good news! Thankyou for sharing.
  2. Thankyou mringenoldus. It is certainly not a deal breaker, but does the Emerald boat have a vanity counter with chair, in the main cabin? I can’t see from the brochures.
  3. We are tossing around the idea of the Douro with Emerald. We have previously only been on Avalon boats. I have noticed that the room sizes are quite a bit smaller. How would they compare? Thankyou
  4. Consider a sunset (stern) cabin. The panoramic views means you will see all the sights. Also watching the ship’s wake as you travel is wonderful in itself.
  5. River cruise boats, like Ocean ships and most hotels, supply hair dryers. As these appliances draw more electricity than a curling iron, that suggests that the issue some River Cruise lines have with curling irons is not simply a matter with the circuitry. If they are concerned with the quality and features of the curling irons, the simple answer is to issue company supplied ones. Another would be a to have an on board check to make guest owned ones meet converter/ adapter standards. On a cruise of 130-160 people, say half are women and probably half again would have curling iron. I think that would be doable to maintain safety. i have traveled on Avalon and they allow curling irons but remind passengers of the safety rules. The stateroom attendant also keep an eye to make sure everyone is safe. They also SUPPLY curling irons at the desk to those who request one. This seems a very simple solution to the the issue. Obviously they have spotted a market need and addressed it. Several other lines have as well. This is what is good about River Cruiseing, there is something for everyone.
  6. Kurzin2010, I’m so happy that the billing error was corrected. I am a big fan of Avalon having been on several of their River Cruises. It was dismaying for me to hear that your experience was less than outstanding. Hopefully they will follow up with you personally.
  7. The real lesson is going to be on the part of Avalon, in failing to achieve the ultimate goal of securing return customers over poor follow up in customer service. Though not possible in this circumstance, a billing error of this type is usually some thing that is resolved at the front desk, with an apology and smile.
  8. Hmmm. maybe you could share your experience on their Facebook Page. You might be able to gain the attention of someone at Avalon with common sense. I believe that senior management would be aghast to hear that any guest, let alone a guest in a Royal Suite ( with picture evidence included), would be dismissed in such a manner.
  9. It has been covered in other posts, but Avalon allows flatirons and curling irons onboard, while they are banned on Viking.
  10. My automatic dual voltage curling iron is BaByliss Pro. ( Tourmaline, red barrel) It does not have a digital temperature display. I have heard these are safer. I have used it many times with no problems.
  11. Thank you Bake Apple Gobble Gobble
  12. A lot of very useful information here. I have a European flatiron and will now be on the lookout for a European curling iron as well. I can’t help but think that all we discuss on this thread must be similar to what was of concern many years ago with regards to hair dryers. Now there is hardly any hotel / ship etc that doesn’t issue one.
  13. Company issued curling iron/flatirons would be a great solution, such as is the approach to hair dryers. It is my understanding that curling iron/ flatirons draw less electricity than hair dryers and many have automatic off switches. I would be agreeable to dropping my own off at the front desk and picking it up when I need it.
  14. As fire issues are questioned in regard to hair appliances, I would like to add that River Cruise lines that ban them for safety reasons, example Viking, still allow smoking on deck.
  15. Yes, Avalon allows curling irons, flat irons and the like. They even have some at the front desk if you need to borrow one. This is a huge point of difference in choosing a river cruise line. I don’t think that men or those fortunate women with wash and go hair can appreciate that most women wish to look like they are on a deluxe vacation and not an escapee form intensive care.
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