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  1. Hoping someone can help me we booked 2 rooms to travel 9th may. When it got cancelled I finally got hold of our ta (the 3 letter one) and requested a refund as I'd paid for both rooms. I've received a cheque today for our reservation and am wondering if I'll get a separate cheque for the other room as it had a different booking ref but the ta paperwork had all 4 names on. Hopefully someone has experience of this and can help me
  2. Don't know if it applies but I cancelled an august cruise on Anthem just before final payment and used cruise with confidence to get the deposit as a FCC. Like I said I'm not sure if the same will apply to you
  3. No they didn't pay us holiday pay as we get average shift and overtime. Mine as now been wiped off still waiting go hear about hubby's. We only get 6 days a year floating all of the rest is fixed so each day is precious. We had to use 4 fixed days whit week but got paid the shift and overtime
  4. The best of it is we both work for the same employer but different departments, mine wants proof, my hubby's doesn't, they are worried they won't be able to cover all floating holidays. I've printed off the booking confirmation and all of the cancelled cruises from the FAQS then gone mad with the highlighter. I'm not sure where they were for the whole of lockdown but probably not on this planet. Just checked our ta is the 3 letter one and they still aren't open yet
  5. I never received one as I think it went to my ta who were shut
  6. I think I've found a solution, in the FAQ on the cancellation page is a list of cruise numbers and my cruise number is on the booking invoice so hopefully this is what they want
  7. Hi all I've been into work tonight and my employer has asked for proof that my plans changed for the time I had booked off in May, just wondered if anyone had anything I could submit with my booking info. I never thought of it at the time as we were furloughed but as we don't get many floating days holiday everyone is precious 😂. I've had a look back but didn't find anything any help appreciated
  8. When we had the package the waiters soon get used to you and I found they were back before the 15mins as the cocktails didn't last that long 😂
  9. Hope you managed to get a response from p&o if not I recommend setting aside a few hours and constantly ringing your ta as I have the same one and this is how I eventually got through
  10. It covers anyone in your cabin it's just royals way of making things more confusing. It works on facial recognition so just get everyone in the 1st photo taken then you should be ok
  11. Thanks both of you. I found the free phone number after I'd posted having 2 and a half weeks off work as switched my brain off 😂😂
  12. Has anyone please got the phone number and opening times as I think I will be best phoning them as got to sort out 2 cruises
  13. I originally applied on the 16th March for our Easter cruise but didn't get an email to either my spam or inbox. I refilled the form in last week even though it says to only fill it in once 😂 and still nothing
  14. I cancelled on the day they cancelled the first batch of cruises and haven't received any email at all not sure whether to wait and see or who to contact
  15. I'd make sure you pack a thin rain coat as we did 4 ports in Norway last year and it rained in all of them and that was in August. To help with packing we just made sure we had a few layers to cover any eventuality
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