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  1. On 10/16/2021 at 12:34 PM, Bimmer09 said:

    This has been the best review on CC in a long time and my reason to log on several times a day to keep up with it. Thanks to Crystal and Nate for letting us tag along. I have never been to any of these Greek islands but now want to see them and eat that food, enjoy those beaches, pet those cats, drive those roads, drink that wine and enjoy the hospitality.


    1,000% agree. No offense to those that do live cruise reviews, but after awhile they all begin to seem the same. Since this is so different and unlike anything else I've done,  I found it fascinating.  

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  2. So, I accidentally saw an episode of Below Deck. The Mediterranean one.  Actually, parts of 2 episodes. I stopped off at a friends house and while waiting for them to finish up so we could go out to dinner, that was what was playing on the TV.


    At first, I thought this was horrible. How can anybody watch it?  And the so-called drama seems so fake and manufactured. It seems like there are a few crew members that are not aware what their job responsibilities are.


    Then after a few minutes, I thought, well that is a nice looking yacht & the scenery is kinda spectacular. A few more minutes go by and I find the crew is ridiculously gorgeous & handsome in some of the tightest, most skimpiest outfits ever. I wanted to keep watching to see Capt. Sandy was going to tie Hannah to an anchor and throw her overboard.


    So, I plan to spend my Sunday binge watching past episodes to catch up. Each season is stand-along right?


    Thanks guys. My DVR is perpetually at 90% and all I need is another show to watch. Just Thanks.


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  3. 9 hours ago, BonTexasNY said:

    Memories.  Many, many years ago, I worked at an advertising company across the street from Bryant Park.  Back then it was just a park, no exhibits or anything else except lots of ummmm people who drank their beverage out of a bottle in a paper bag.


    I remember those days as well, when it was scary to go into the park. Now it's been totally transformed and a place for people to hang out and read, exercise, yoga, play bocce ball, free movies, concerts, art exhibits, a couple of restaurants and food kiosks, etc, etc.


    For a few years, I used to commute into Manhattan by train for work and would always cut through the park on my way to/from the office. A nice, quiet oasis in a loud, hectic city.

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  4. 3 hours ago, dani negreanu said:

    You actually live in Manhattan !!! How cool it must be.... Pre-Covid I had a dream of living a whole month in Manhattan. To feel the city. As it is, it takes me a week to get over the jet leg, and by that time, we're usually leaving.


    Actually, no. I live over an hour away, outside NYC. I took that picture the same day as I went to the NY Ranger hockey game. I took the train in early that day & walked around the city for a few hours as it was a beautiful sunny warm day and it was my first time being in Manhattan since before the pandemic. Feb. 2020 to be exact. It seems to be" mostly normal" now, love all the "new" outdoor seating areas many places not have but sadly, a few of my favorite watering holes (bars) are no longer around.  And a few others seem to close much earlier and are not as crowded as they normally would be. But I would say it has 70% of the energy it used to have, if that makes sense.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Sunshine3601 said:

    Do you happen to know how many mbps you have with comcast now?     We got 200 mbps yesterday with their special and today we gave it a try out - had labtop on, both phones in use and streaming movies on all 3 tv's and everything worked well.   

    I have to check but I think we have alot mbps at home and now know for fact we can reduce that.   Maybe you want to check your account and maybe you can reduce it too?


    17 minutes ago, Luckynana said:

    My grandson just checked our mbps, and it was very low.  He said he thinks I pay for 100.  He also thinks the high school behind us possibly blocks our speed.  My daughter just suggested that we could probably get the new customer rate if we put the account in her name.  


    Last year, I had downgraded my Comcast/Xfinity Internet plan from 300 MBPS (Blast!) to 200 MBPS (Premium Pro) . With 2 laptops going for work, a tablet streaming Netflix, Youtube on 2 phones, 1 smart TV all going at the same time (total 7 devices for those not counting along) and there was no noticable difference.


    I think the Internet-only package for me starts at $99.00 so with taxes, fees, surcharges, etc, $125 is not hard to believe.  I considered it but choose the mid-level 125 channel cable plan that starts at $120 but ends up at $180 with DVR, Modem, etc. No  premumm channels.


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  6. 2 hours ago, singinalot said:

    We’ll stay at the Hilton again tomorrow night and have a transfer to the airport Sunday morning at 8. 😬😬😬


    Nooo, I'm not ready for "our" vacation to be over. 😁


    If you cared about your CC friends, you'd extend another week.😉 There should be a 3 week minimum when visiting Europe.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Lionesss said:

    I cannot begin to think how much thread catching up I will be doing when I get back home.  
    Today perfect day at coco cay. 

    Last night as Radio would say the casino was very lionesss friendly. 

    I won $15,000. 

    Great machine. 

    After I got my pay out I went to another machine and won $1,200. 

    Done in casino. 

    Off to beach. 

    Sea ya. 



    Awesome-sauce as the kids say!


    Looks like the next few cruises are on Royal!

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  8. 10 hours ago, lenquixote66 said:

    When we lived in NYC we went to Montauk at least 5 times every summer.Since living here we have never gone .


    5 hours ago, molly361 said:

    Spent a lot of time in Montauk growing up.  My grandparents lived in Hmapton Bays


    I've always wanted to go Montauk, especially in the off-season. Too far to drive for a day trip and my Fall & Spring weekends always seem to be full doing Fall and Spring things.


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  9. 12 hours ago, Sunshine3601 said:

    Gorgeous photos. 

     The last time we were there was Jan 2020 and had reservations for sunset dinner at the italian restaurant next to lighthouse park but they emailed us prior to cruise they would be closed I forget why.

    We had a fun meal at the west deck restaurant on the beach and saw a gorgeous sunset.

    Hope to get back to aruba early 2022.  


    I've eaten at both. The Italian restaurant by the lighthouse was good, not great. I was a bit disappointed as I heard great things about it. I think the ambiance & views makes the food taste better than it really is.  But I've only ate there once I would give it another try. I usually give a place 3 or 4 chances before giving up on it.


    West Deck is more casual but definitely more lively.


    And hiking to the top of Old Barney lighthouse in LBI is definitely much more easier with it's nice, wide steps in a well-lit staircase....and handrails.



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  10. 21 minutes ago, Ocean Boy said:

    I am a little bit jealous that you have been up and I haven't.😐


    But you can console yourself as you live near the ocean.  Like walking distance or short drive. I need to drive an 1 1/2 hours to get to the ocean. A real ocean. And that's with no traffic and there is always traffic.


    I can make it to the Long Island Sound in 45-50 minutes but not really the same.   Not even close, at least in my neck of the woods (water?)


    Besides, now you have a reason to go back! 👍

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  11. 18 minutes ago, Ocean Boy said:

    The last time I was in Aruba the lighthouse was still closed up. As I understand it they have reopened it and let people climb up. That is one of my biggest reasons for wanting to get back to the island besides that I just like it there.


    We had done the climb up before. It's pretty windy up top, the kind of wind that will push you back a step or two & makes your eyes tear up. It's screened in so no danger of being blown over or losing anything but still.


    The steps on the staircase going up the are pretty narrow and get more narrow as you go towards the top. Not a big deal going up but on the way back down my fear of height and natural clumsiness made it a bit of a thrill. Oh, did I mention no handrail to hold onto??

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  12. 1 hour ago, Ocean Boy said:


    I love lighthouses. I think I have said that many times.


    1 hour ago, dani negreanu said:




    And, please, keep on saying -- lighthouses are sooooo romantic 💚


    Last year, about this time, we were in Aruba. Got to have a Mimosa toast watching the sunrise (yes. Sunrise) behind the California Light house. Named not after state but the SS California which sunk nearby. 







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  13. 2 hours ago, Jimbo said:

     800 flights cancelled Saturday and  another 1000 flights  this morning cancelled by Southwest Airlines , hope no one on this thread  had flights scheduled yesterday or today for cruises this weekend were effected.




    1 hour ago, Sea Dog said:

    Reading that even though Southwest denies it that there were over 300 pilots and crew call in sick in protest to vaccine mandate. 


    1 hour ago, BonTexasNY said:

    That's what I read.  They also said it was weather related.  I guess only SW was the only airline affected by the faux bad weather.

    Before covid we used to fly SW about twice annually.  Never a problem.  Loved flying out of Love Field instead of DFW.  The free luggage was a plus.  We will find another airline in the future.


    1 hour ago, Sea Dog said:


    That's exactly what I thought also.


    I was wondering that as well. Issues with Air Traffic Control or weather usually affect most airlines, not just one.


    And it seems SW has been in the news a lot lately with regard to cancelling flights.  Hmmmmm....


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  14. 52 minutes ago, island lady said:


    We are totally awed by Jet Blue's service from Orlando to San Juan.  


    42 minutes ago, Sea Dog said:

    Really tell me more. What did you like? I have heard a lot of complaints that there is no leg room and everyone is packed in like sardines.


    31 minutes ago, Ocean Boy said:

    I actually think JetBlue's Airbus 320 planes is more comfortable than SW B737 planes. I also prefer being able to choose my seat ahead of time.


    I always found JetBlue to have the most legroom to stretch out. Even the "basic" seats, which is important for my long legs. With the "Even More Room" seats, there is plenty of room to stretch out, cross your legs and have plenty of bags at your feet and not worry about your knees being crushed when the person in front reclines.


    I've been a fan for JetBlue for a long time but sadly, their fares are not as competitive as they used to be (at least in the NYC area) and they eliminated the free checked luggage a long time ago, which is something I love about Southwest - 2 free checked bags a person. 

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  15. 10 hours ago, singinalot said:

    Best omelet ever…sausage and fries inside



    I love that they put french fries inside so many of their foods. I occasionally put potato chips on a hamburger but now I'm going to try to see how many things I can put french fries on. 🍟



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