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  1. Sirens are more scary. At least with Hurricanes, we get a few days warning to prepare and/or get out of the way. I live near a nuclear power plant and they test the emergency warning sirens periodically. Not a sound I would like to wake up to. 😨
  2. Thank you. As of this writing, just some light rain and nary a breeze. Going to head out for some quick errands and be back before the rough stuff gets here.
  3. Speaking of Netflix, I watched The Outpost last night. True story set in 2009 about a remote US outpost attacked by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Pretty accurate and on-point from my understanding. Considering the recent news, it gives good insight to the culture of the area.
  4. Ha! I was going to write something similar. @Ocean Boy better remain on Taylor's good side or HE'LL become the subject of a hit song. 🤣 As far as Henri, I'm just outside the watch/warning areas and on high ground. Hopefully it'll be nothing more than just a regular windy, rainstorm. Winds in the 15-25 mph range are expected with gusts up to 40. Hopefully it's be nothing more than a bunch of small branches in the backyard. Speaking of which, the power company did extensive tree trimming a few weeks back and there is a fleet of out-of-state power company trucks parked down the road so hopefully no/minimal power outages. I have a ton of Netflix to watch today.
  5. Never gets old, although some of the members have change over the years, the quality never diminishes. First time I saw them was at the Beacon Theater in NYC. Glamorous, old time movie palace from the 1920s. Even the cheap seats had a great view. So close to the band, practically on top of them, felt like you could touch them. I don't remember flames but the lasers can close to my head a few times. 🥺
  6. I have a TSO t-shirt. I'll have to dig it out & wear it so I can post TSOD=TSO. In the past 15 years, I've probably been to 10-12 of their concerts so almost a yearly tradition.
  7. Schitts Creek is one of the few shows I can watch over and over. Arrested Development is a love-it-or-hate-it type of show. I loves it as well, especially the earlier seasons when it was on FOX. I think too much time had passed when Netflix took over the show for the final 2 (or 3?) seasons and it lost a bit of its magic. Mrs. Maisel is a fantastic show & I might re-watch the first 3 seasons while waiting for it to come back. She said she took the role to avoid being typecast as Alexis Rose. People have told me I should watch Letterkenny as it matches my sense of humor to a tee. Not sure that was a compliment I sure hope so. I need to see where it goes from here. While I did enjoy it, there is some room for improvement. For example, the sitcom parts of the show could actually be funnier. Most of the "jokes" (and I use that word loosely) tend to be more "groaners" they are so bad.
  8. Any fans of Schitts Creek here? I've been watching Annie Murphy (Alexis Rose - love her!!) on a show on AMC called Kevin can F Himself. I guess its considered a dark comedy about a wife fed up with her husband. Pretty much watched it because I like her and it started off a bit slow but I grew to enjoy it. The thing I really like about it is the way its filmed. Any scenes with her husband Kevin is filmed as your basic, stupid sitcom - bright lighting, typical sitcom living room set, lame jokes, fake laugh track, terrible acting. But when he leaves the room, it becomes a drama - dark, moody lighting, no laugh track although the jokes are actually funnier, serious overtones, etc. Very creative I think and not easy to switch roles from one-dimensional sit-com character to multi-layer drama character. It's only 8 episodes so its worth checking out. Give it at least 3 episodes.
  9. There is one very grainy, faded B&W picture of my mom in front of one of the pavilions, holding a bundle of rags. I'm told that's me. I've always said there were 3 great events that happened in the US in 1964: Beatles came to America. Ford released the Mustang. Me! 😆😇 (j/k)
  10. I was at the Worlds Fair as well. Except the girl(s) were my mom and sisters, along with my father and brothers. Unfortunately, I have no memories of that day. I was only 9 months old. 😁
  11. Number 8 here! I thought about watching it but my DVR is perpetually at 96% full with couple hundred hours of TV shows to watch. Once I get thru those in about 6 month's, I'll give it a try. Currently watching The Kominski Method and Atypical on Netfix. Both under-rated comedies.
  12. The only time I tried ax throwing was during an Octoberfest in Nashville. Octoberfest, where the main objective is to drink copious amounts of beer, in the biggest party city this side of Las Vegas. Thankfully, security was on top of things, turning away people who could barely walk, much less throw sharp objects.
  13. I meant to reply to your earlier Olympics post when the site came down for maintenance. I'm usually an Olympics junkie. Both winter and summer and I enjoy watching sports I would not normally watch. Swimming, beach volleyball and gymnastics are my favorites. Along with some of the more traditional track and field ones. 3-on-3 basketball?? ***** is that a sport for??? Anyways, this year I just can't get into it. Watched a little bit here and there but not too much. I thought it might be my personal situation but I know others that feel that way too. Not sure why. Maybe it's the covid lockdown hangover? Going out while we still can?? Having said that, I'm glad Simone Biles got back to competing at least for one event. Good for her. Fair or not, I do think the GOAT label got to her and she crumbled a bit but she never sulked, never moody, cheered on her team mates, answered all the questions with professionalism and was the picture of a classy athlete. Glad to see she got to go out on a high note.
  14. It is. And at the same time, numbing...and normal. Actually, it's been a roller coaster of every emotion under the sun. Depends on the day or hour.
  15. If only I had some to share. No significant change in either direction, good or bad. 17 weeks of waiting and continue to wait we will. Thank you for asking.
  16. I just went back and edited my post. The requirement will start Sept 16th. A lot can happen between now and then. The Yankees did have vaccinated and non-vaccinated sections. Back in late May I think. Lasted a whole week. Nobody was checking so I guess it was on the honor system.
  17. Figures CC gives us a feature that does not work. Very RCL IT-like of them. 😄
  18. I was replying to this when they took the site down for the rocket upgrade. Thanks! I do drop in every few days or once a week to read. Well, just kinda skim thru since there is usually 15+ pages of unread postings. Then I get hungry reading & looking at pics of food so I leave again. 😉😁
  19. Rather than mask-up, New York - well, at least NYC - is going to require proof of vaccination to dine indoors, entertainment venues & gym. Let's see how long that will last. The short-timer in Albany never likes what the short-timer in Gracie Mansion does and will probably go in the opposite direction. EDIT TO ADD: Starting Sept 16th
  20. I was wondering the same thing. I don't have a rocket ship. I have what looks like a text message bubble next to everyone's post count. But when I click on it, it just takes me to the persons profile.
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