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  1. But it does not seem that there is much masking up at those baseball and football games that you have referred to.
  2. Unfortunate!!!! And I doubt anyone thinks you are making this up.
  3. 🤦‍♂️Such practical advice. If it is followed Alaska's tourist season can be saved.😉
  4. With the ships sailing at well under full capacity, it really seems that a muster station would not be filled to its capacity.
  5. It makes sense that the muster stations are assigned by the stateroom, but that begs the question as to why staterooms across the hall or adjacent to one another would have a different muster station.
  6. Neither US law or maritime law seems to make any impression at all on some who post on these boards. They want what they want, and pointing out any negative consequences is immediately dismissed as irrelevant.
  7. He asked for one, not a whole multitude of ships.🤣
  8. The only place you see demand for the cruises that are stopped by the PVSA seems to be on the cc newsgroups.😉
  9. Lyrics for Forever Young by Bob Dylan - Songfacts And he is even older than you!
  10. Could you explain what you mean by "mask exemptions"? Do you mean places you do not have to wear them, such as outdoors on the deck, or are you referring to possibly some people not having to wear masks for say medical reasons or for being fully vaccinated?
  11. And even though it would "make your life easier", these are not things you would advocate or be comfortable with because you are a responsible person. Others just see some small benefit to themselves as cruisers and don't seem to care about any other consequences.
  12. I wonder if any passengers did show up. And the customer service representative making stuff up is just abominable.
  13. I'm glad I could pass it on. It is not a done deal yet until final approval by the FDA, but it is looking good.
  14. Although I often have peanut butter and jelly (sometimes replacing the jelly with raisins), I have never had it or the urge to have it on a ship. I did post earlier that near the end of our first cruise (which was on RCCL, not Carnival), my DW did say she missed peanut butter and jelly. And I do think a buffet should cater to different tastes from the simple to the more complex. Variety should be the key as a mass market line is catering to many, many folks.
  15. You are older than me, even if somewhat similar in age. I have always felt not grown up, but lately my bones creak a lot more than they used to,
  16. Here's a link with a lot more details. It is the same vaccine, but 1/3 the dose. They are also hopeful for being able to have the vaccine for even younger children approved by the end of the year. Covid-19 vaccine for 5- to 11-year-olds is safe and shows "robust" antibody response, Pfizer says - CNN Good news indeed for vaccinated children being able to cruise before the year ends.
  17. Good to know, and thanks for the pictures. But, I would still worry on an independent trip that far from the port. When I first read other posters saying Carnival does not have this excursion listed, my immediate thought was the attraction was closed at this time. Now with others saying there are still private excursions listed, I am baffled why Carnival would not have an excursion that is so popular that it always fills.
  18. It really is the type that you feel safer getting back to the ship with a ship's tour as it goes far into the interior of Jamaica.
  19. And it has been explained countless times that the PVSA is not just about cruise ships and cruise ship passengers.
  20. I'll repeat that would be a shame if it is no longer available. It was a wonderful excursion (and the reason I picked that cruise). I was also told by the excursion person on the phone when I pre-booked it for us that it always sold out.
  21. ???? I am confused; sometimes you say you are old with multiple health problems, and now you say you are young.
  22. The V in PVSA stands for vessel not cruise ship. @chengkp75 has explained many times about other US flagged ships that would be affected negatively by the repeal of the PVSA. And could you explain why if it causes great inconvenience and cost to the industry that the CLIA or in fact any cruise line have not lobbied to have it repealed or at least amended?
  23. We used Princess and it was a wonderful cruise, but alas the under 700 passenger Ocean Princess is not longer part of the fleet, so I cannot really say other than ours was a wonderfully enjoyable cruise. We even ended it by taking their excursion back to Heathrow with a stop at Canterbury. That made it seem like we were still on the cruise even after disembarking.
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