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  1. I had an idea- check out the private island post
  2. I don't know whether this has been talked about before, but what is the problem with cruises just aimed at Labadee and CoCo Cay? We only cruise from Bayonne, - so how about a 7 day with 2 days at sea, one day at either island, a sea day, one day at the other island and 2 days back to Bayonne? It could be increased to an 8 day or 9 day itinerary with extra days in the islands or sea days between.
  3. We booked two cruises in Nov. 2019. May and Dec 2020. We recieved FCC for the May cruise and were planning on using them for final payment on the Dec. cruise. Being over 70 and not being able to have our Dr. sign off on us, are our FCC,s worthless or do you think RCCL will have to give us a refund for the value of the FCC,s? Thanks for your thoughts.
  4. thank you for the information. we enjoyed coco cay so much , a back to back is affordable and would give uu 4 days at the private islands.
  5. Did someone post before that there were going to be cruises next year that just goes to the two private islands only? Does anyone know who the ships were and when they are sailing? Thanks
  6. Are Diamond Plus permitted in the concierge lounge on these ships?, also the last time we were on the Adventure was in 2009, has she changed much and if so- how? Thank you for your time.
  7. OK. if you tip him to make your bed, empty trash and replace towels----what is he doing to earn his salary??
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