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  1. We got this option, too--to the tune of $278 per person. I cannot imagine how this could pay off, especially with lots of high-level brands included in the Premium plan. Even if my husband choses to have a few espressos and premium scotches, I cannot imagine that adding up to nearly $600 over 8 days.
  2. I tried quoting everyone to thank but for some reason it's not working. Thank you so so much everyone for your help!! CC has been so much more helpful than my useless travel agent. I feel like some of my questions are so dumb, but cruising can be a little complicated to a first-timer! So I really appreciate all your assistance! I just purchased the unlimited package and assigned it to my husband, since I'm passenger #1. Thank you!!!
  3. Oh no, really? I had thought I read on multiple threads that you could upgrade the 250 min perk to the unlimited once on board the ship (at the on-ship rate, which is more expensive than buying it through the app before the cruise)...
  4. My husband and I are going on our first NCL cruise. We have the 250 minutes of WiFi from the free at sea promo, but we'd like unlimited WiFi. We'd likely being using the internet at the same time, so one package wouldn't work for us. I was thinking I'd purchase one internet package through my NCL portal at full pre-cruise price (i.e. cheaper than onboard), then once on board, activate the free 250 minutes and immediately upgrade that package to unlimited, thus now having two unlimited packages. Is there any reason this wouldn't work or any more cost-effective way to secure two unlimited WiFi packages? I've heard mixed things about WiFi and when the ship is in port--if we stay on the ship while the ship is in port, will the WiFi still work on the ship? Also, is the iConcierge app for communication still a thing? I couldn't find it in the App Store on my phone. Is there a different app to download for onboard the ship? I have the Norwegian Cruise Line app where I can favorite shows, it seems like i can book dining reservations in a few months, etc.
  5. Good to know about the Christmas decor! It's not something we find offensive, we just wouldn't really enjoy a dinner with over the top caroling or something like that haha. Families with children won't bother us! The cruise we're looking at actually leaves 12/20 so I do think it'll have slightly less children than the ones that leave the 28th. We're excited to try NCL! I didn't really think about how cold it'll be...mainland Florida obviously can greatly fluctuate in December, so I guess it would depend. We're pretty brave when it comes to cold water, though--so if the pools/slides were open we'd try them! When I said "pull out our wallets, so to speak" I really meant spend money onboard that hadn't been "spoken for" pre-cruise, not the physical act of pulling out money or swiping a key card. I really like the idea of pre-purchasing onboard credit and budgeting that way—that's a great idea that I knew nothing about. Thanks for the tip on reserving the karts and laser tag upon boarding! Aww man that's a bummer! We were hoping port time would mean short lines for the karts. We are considering the unlimited pass as it looks like something we'd really enjoy... We definitely may consider a speciality restaurant for a few nights, especially Christmas. Thank you all so much—this is all super helpful!!
  6. Hi there, My husband and I are considering a late December sailing on the Bliss out of NYC. We have zero interest in the ports, so the point of this trip would strictly be to enjoy Bliss's amenities and figure out if cruising is something we'd like to do in the future. We'd both be first timers. I do have a few questions though... 1. How much of the ship is "up and running" during port days? Would we be able to do the go karts and play laser tag? Water slides? Mini golf? What restaurants are open? 2. How much can we prepay for in advance/before we step on the ship? I think I saw where we can preorder cases of water for our stateroom. Can we also pre-pay for go kart tickets/unlimited go-kart pass? Spa treatments? My husband really likes an all-inclusive feel and I'd love for us not to take out our wallets, so to speak, during the week. 3. We do not celebrate Christmas—would there be anywhere on the ship we could go for meals and/or activities on Christmas Day that wouldn't feel overly...festive? I really appreciate all of your expertise and help with my questions!!
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