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  1. Yes it is a cooler, and like a cooler you need to put ice in it. We ask our room Stewart for a ice bucket then take the top off and put it in the “cooler”. Keeps things a little cooler and he/she will refresh it when they do the room.
  2. Guess this is not part of their “save the seas program” with rubber and plastic. They want you to throw away the old one and purchase the new.
  3. Just for reference, I just checked a site that gives you past pricing history and it appears that the lowest a JS got to was 1,239.00 each. That was March of 2018.
  4. All kinds of beach access and chairs that you do not need to pay for. All over the island.
  5. Here is part of an story from business insider, talks about Royals pre cruise thoughts on getting the add-one: Michael Bayley, the CEO of Royal Caribbean International, uses reference points to increase how much money customers spend on the company's cruises by emphasizing pre-trip purchases. The idea is that spending $100 on a drink package, for example, will seem less expensive if you by it alongside a $1,500 cruise ticket. If your reference point for what that cruise should cost is $1,800, then buying the drink package to make your total pre-cruise expense $1,600 still feel
  6. Did Navy time also, and you do need to remember they do not have their hands tied the way the Navy does on yard periods and repairs. It would not surprise me at all if they don’t cancel anything but piece it back together during different port calls.
  7. It’s 6 months to book it, not sure how long you have to take it. We found out the hard way. We had a lot of cruises booked also and were not paying attention and never received a notice about the pinnacle cruise or our name tags. I think a porch pirate now has pinnacle name tags. It just passed us by. I called C&A and they informed me that my time limit for booking was over and I lost it. 😩
  8. What types of things do they give away at these types of events? Hope you had a great cruise.
  9. We were their last week and it was to cold for us. However we do live in Florida and don’t get in our pool unless the water is above 85 degrees, we are now spoiled. We did see people in the water just not sure where they were from. For the slides, it did not look like it had any lines so if you can take the colder water it might be worth it.
  10. Thanks, I never heard it come up before either. As stated above you with the countless threads on the subject why no one has tried it. Can this gratuity be mandatory, none of the others are.
  11. I need to ask this just because 😇. Seeing how we all know that it helps to get a little quicker service if the server knows you are going to give them a couple of dollars when you get a drink. (They remember you and keep coming around.). What would Royal say if you told them you did not want to pay the gratuity when you purchase the package? Do they make gratuity mandatory, and if so then it is gratuity or a fee. Sorry just had to ask, I do prepay the gratuity’s but with tipping such a fun topic I had to ask.
  12. Let them know that you are D+ when you purchase it and they should take care of it then. Check your bill first day just to ensure, but when you buy it they should be able to tell you the cost.
  13. This has to happen on the ship, but they are always very good about it.
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