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  1. Please don’t change them to San Juan.
  2. Had a friend that was called down because his wife put a bottle of wine in their bag. Problem was she put it right next to his rum runners, they took it all when they saw it. We all had a great laugh because he was bragging about how he had never been caught before the cruise.
  3. It gets people who don’t cruise often to purchase. Just think of the discussion at the dinner table, “Honey, I found a great buy one get one at 50 percent off for a cruise.” It sounds so much better than, “Honey, I found us a cruise, sorry no discounts”. Same thing grocery stores are doing, I just purchased 3 containers of ice cream because it was buy 2 get one free. I should know better.
  4. If they go away, I would love to do the last cruise on both. Before they started the Cuba runs I was scheduled for the last Majesty cruise. We did both sovereign and monarchs last cruises and had a lot of fun.
  5. The same way you go to the captains cabin and tip his room Stewart that is part of the tip pool. 😇😇😂😂
  6. If the price is right I would book it. They have put out the schedule changes so you can see what they are doing. Not sure they updated the web pages with port changes but if you know what they are it should not be a problem.
  7. We did have a half hour cut off in Nassau, cozumel was the same times, got to Rotan an hour late but stayed an hour longer and costa maya stayed the same.
  8. I would be really pissed off if they changed me from St Thomas to San Juan. And for that many cruises, I would think that St Thomas is pissed off also. I wonder if they are trying to get some kind of a deal with San Juan and want to give them more business while working things out. We were onboard the Allure Last month after the problems they are talking about, and she was able to do 23 knot speed which I think is her standard while traveling south.
  9. Just think if the one ship is an Oasis class, the slide line will really get long.
  10. Agree on that one, you don’t have to spent a lot (aka lose) to get the offers. I have seen people lose 500 just to get another 100 dollars on a cert.
  11. Why not do 2 separate cruises vice chasing point? Can see it if your right next to a mile stone or something, but just for the points it would seem you would have more fun on 2 cruises. sorry, we always laugh at point chasers, some people do it all the time to get status. We also feel it rips off the room stewards because it takes away their tip revenue unless you are really staying in separate rooms. If you change to one room, then you should tip that person for 2 people and at least give the empty room person their share because you took the room from inventory and they got nothing from it.
  12. Yes most people know that, but in our case they had 3 people that were going to be tipped that we never would have seen or received service from because they could not get our seating corrected.
  13. Once, somehow Royal messed up out MTD reservation and put us on First dinner seating. They said they could not change it back. Seeing how this did not fit our desired dining time request we went and cancelled the tips. Every night (we eat one meal a day) we sat at the same table in the windjammer and tipped that person out at the end of the cruise. She was real happy. On night 5 of the cruise we did receive a call because they had not seen us at dinner and wanted to know if everything was all right. Told the person what happened, they apologized and said they could move us into MTD then. We stayed in the windjammer for the rest of cruise. I understand that I cheated the dishwashers and such, but was not going to have our tips go to people we would never see on the front line. We both felt a lot better tipping the person that was giving us service. we also know a couple that only eats in the speciality restaurants, they always remove the tips and say because they are being charged the 18 percent they don’t mind. Right or wrong that’s how they feel. I don’t do the speciality places for the sole fact that they add the 18 percent.
  14. You got lucky with the ones in the picture, our lobsters 🦞 this week were taken away from their moms at a very young age based on the size. But that has seemed to be standard for the last few years. I think they may have started to go smaller based on people ordering multiple ones. They got to save the dime,
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