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  1. This is some of my videos from my YouTube channel. I have cruise ships vids, Holiday vids and Drone vids. Feel free to check them out, Send me a message or comment on the videos, I'd love to get to know some fellow cruise addicts 😁 I also post photos and smaller videos on my Instagram if anybody is interested Follow Pea@Sea on Instagram
  2. Hey guys! I would like to see more people who like to make videos of their cruises or of cruise ships that leave from Sydney. I like to video my cruise holidays and also film cruise ships leaving Sydney harbour. I look forward to seeing everyones videos 😁 Happy Sailing! Pea@Sea
  3. I've seen so many video's about this. I used to watch the Sea Cruisers video's and even gave her a shout out on my Instagram but now I know she's ripping people off of their hard earned money for the sake of getting herself a free cruise I no longer watch or support her or anyone affiliated with Sea Cruisers. It's just wrong. I hope something gets done soon. Thanks for your warning post!
  4. Hey guys! After a lot of planning I have just started my YouTube Cruise vlog/General cruising channel and Instagram. We have a few videos up and Our most recent is our introduction/ First ever Vlog to welcome you to our channel. If you could go check them out, Give a thumbs up and subscribe, I would really appreciate it! Also don't forget to follow me on Instagram for more photos, Videos and Cruise tips 😁🚢🍹 Pea@Sea YouTube Channel You can follow me on Instagram here Follow Pea@Sea Instagram
  5. Oh No! Worst news ever haha I really liked the look of the noodle place but I won't be on board till March 2019!! Well at least I know I like Johnny Rockets [emoji4] Sent from my SM-N960F using Forums mobile app
  6. Excellent, Do you have any menu info at all? Sent from my SM-N960F using Forums mobile app
  7. Hi Everyone, My wife and I just booked our first cruise on Ovation of the seas, It will be our 2nd time cruising with Royal Caribbean, First cruise was 4 years ago on Voyager of the seas. My question to anyone who has recently been on board, Is Kung Fu Panda Noodle still on board? I have seen it in many YouTubers videos but fail to find any information on the venue on RCI website. Any info much appreciated :):)
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