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  1. Some of our cruise ‘neighbors ‘ took a private taxi tour & really enjoyed it. The driver was right in front of the TI, next to the dock. We were on this cruise May 19- June 2 and selected the optional kayaking excursion in Eidfjord. Unfortunately, this was canceled due to weather. We ended up hiking around Eidfjord morning and afternoon. It was wonderful! The trails are well marked and it’s a beautiful area. The yellow route was our favorite. Trail maps and helpful information in the TI.
  2. I have a question about bath linens - are wash cloths / face cloths provided along with the bath towels and hand towels?
  3. How is the planetarium show? Is it worth watching? Is it offered frequently throughout the cruise?
  4. That happened to me too, last week. Try again. I got that message, then hit reserve one more time and it worked. That happened for all of my reservations, but they are in my calendar.
  5. Most banks, even small ones, can order currency for you. It may be worth a phone call to ask.
  6. But, I could not tell which days the specific menus were offered until I was actually booking my reservations.
  7. I had the opportunity to book dining reservations last week. The Chefs Table menus appeared a day or two before.
  8. Thanks CCWineLover! This looks delightful. We board in 75 days - can’t wait!
  9. I think this is the menu. We will be enjoying this meal on our upcoming Homelands cruise in May.
  10. There is a private boat tour that is nearly identical to the Viking offering for Pulpit Rock. The company name is Rodne and they dock very close by. They have good reviews on Trip Advisor and the price is less than what Viking charges.
  11. On embarkation day, how long does it usually take for luggage to be delivered to the cabins? We have a PS1 and have access to our cabin at 11:00am. Just wondered when we should expect our luggage.
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