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  1. $32/pp would be expensive for my family of six! It would be cheaper to hire a private limo/SUV, which is what we are doing after our RCI cruise next week.
  2. It will give you a warning that the times overlap, but it will allow you to continue with the reservation. You should be fine.
  3. Is this the typical length for dry docking a ship? What can they really do in two weeks time?
  4. Following as we plan to sail her summer of 2020. Hopefully, they'll do some repairs before then, or we'll hold off on the Japan cruise until they refurbish the ship!
  5. Thank you! Good to know as I tried making show reservations in my planner and only very late times were available for some of the shows, which will not work for us.
  6. So we can attend the early or late show without any reservations at all? Just show up?
  7. We also sail on symphony in March. We had to book 2 rooms - a grand suite and central park balcony room for my two teens since they did not have suites that sleep six at the time of our booking. The agent couldn't find rooms that were directly across from each other (requirement if your under age children are booked in a separate room), so she booked my boys in a room diagonal from ours. A week later, we received an email that the boys room had changed. They changed the room to the one that is directly across from ours, which wasn't available when we booked. I assumed they just switched my boys' room with someone else's as it is a requirement that their room be directly across from ours. That could have happened to you?
  8. Thanks, guys! Payment window has come and gone :(. Will look to see if upgrades are available.
  9. Hi. I just noticed our Grand Suite on Symphony for the March sailing is now $1400 less than what we paid for our room. However, we already made the final payment. Will RC reimburse us for the difference if I call them?
  10. You're referring to dining times, correct? Sounds like they only offer crappy late night times if you buy the packages. Just wondering if a concierge will be able to fix this for us once we board the ship. Otherwise, there is no point in us purchasing the dining packages as eating after 8pm will not work for us.
  11. OMG! I didn't realize it would be so difficult to book a dining package online! We are cruising out of Miami on March 9th on Symphony of the Seas. In my planner, the ultimate dining package is available for purchase, but when I try to book it for more than just 2 people, it will tell me the package is not available (there are six of us, and my twins are only 3). When I book for just two people, it will allow me to book?? I called and tried booking over the phone, but the rep told me it is not available to me. So, I decide to book the 3 day package since no package for longer than 3 days is offered. But then the times available for day 1 and 2 are after 8pm! This won't work for us because my twins are only 3 and we need to eat earlier. The rep said I can have the concierge change the time once we board the ship. Can someone please confirm this? We are in a suite and will have access to a concierge. Is it true the concierge will be able to change the dining time for us? Also, I thought about waiting to board to see if the concierge would be able to book the ultimate dining package for all six of us. Anyone know if this is a possibility? Thanks!
  12. When you purchase a Voom package for more than once device, can all devices be connected at the same time, or can you only connect one device at a time? I am asking because we booked a GS on Symphony which comes with Voom for each person in the room, but I think I read that only one device can be connected at a time?? That would not be good in our case!
  13. I received the same email. Sounds like our time in the Bahamas will be cut short unless you get up at 7am for your tours!
  14. Thanks for this info! I thought they had structured activities! LOL. Good to know, and I hope my boys will make some friends and hang out with them :).
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