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  1. Right off the elevator on Deck 10 midship, you will find three rooms. One leads to the main hangout where you’ll find a real full-size New York City yellow cab. You’ll marvel first at the immaculate old-style Manhattan taxi, and then wonder how it got there. Obviously, it was installed before the roof was put on and will stay there for many years to come. (quoted from Porthole on-line):D

  2. Shellback80, I am REALLY enjoying your review!!!!!:p


    Joanie, Very good information on how to order a truly rare steak! Thank you!:D


    Also love our veranda but not as much I see that you do! Ha! Wanted to tell you that a few months ago, I was searching for cabin photos on various cruise lines and I stumbled upon a photo of a mattress on a veranda! I am sure that is a big no-no but it was their solution to a crowded stateroom! Thought you'd get a chuckle out this.;)

  3. We are REALLY enjoying this thread! We are sailing Eurodam on the 30th and haven't sailed in 9 years so just soaking up all the info we can! :p


    Question: I read the "On Location" bulletin.


    "Bunkering Fuel Notice

    Please refrain from smoking on the

    designated smoking areas on the outside

    decks, including your balcony, throughout

    the entirety of our time in Ft. Lauderdale.

    We will be loading fuel and smoking is a

    serious safety hazard." :eek:


    So where CAN we safely smoke during this time? :confused:

  4. We put packing tape on them punch a hole and use zip ties ..


    This is what we are going to do. cover the folded tags with clear packing tape, punch a hole and attach with small cable ties. I will pre-tape & punch them and pack in luggage for the flight. Then will attach with the cable ties at the hotel before leaving for the ship the next morning.:D

  5. Huskerchick will be wearing a black & white top and pink shorts, not the previously reported black shorts. (Game time decision, or me not really listening when I was told what she was wearing? You make the call!) I'll be in an Aloha shirt and blue shorts.


    Or, if you find Cruz Chic, we will be the people standing near her who aren't her.


    Have a wonderful Cruise POA1 and Cruz Chic!!!!!! We will be waving back at cha!!!!!:D

  6. Here to watch the sail-away. Hopefully she'll sail on time so I can get on to other things that need attention. Thanks for the link to the Key West webcam. Will be on MS Eurodam in two weeks and one day.


    We will be with you on the Eurodam that week!


    I am here and am hoping to get our dear friends to join us (on line) too. Told them about the Westerdam horns! They will also be with us on the Eurodam in a couple weeks! They live in WA and we all miss each other and are looking forward to this cruise!

  7. I'm on the NA but not till Sunday. I just don't want to take my countdown clock down with pricy Internet. I'm shopping tomorrow:D.


    Well then we will lift a toast on Sunday! Enjoy your day tomorrow - preparing for - and anticipating your cruise on Sunday!


    To others about CC searches: I have to preface to say that my search efforts on Cruise Critic are limited. Because, I have found, that the CC search engine is not as "intuitive" as say... google. (and I have copious amounts of google search experience)


    To the OP: When I have looked for information on cabin photos, I usually use different "trigger" words.


    First, use a main search engine rather than just the CC forum. Changing my words will sometimes improve/change the search results.


    example: I have found that a google or bing searches for "pictures of..." will be different than the results I get if I use the words "images of...".


    I also have gone to "YouTube" for searches and have found good results. I sometimes stumble upon a video that just happens to include the cabin I was looking for.


    Before I found HALFACTS in this forum (tons of cabin pictures with DATES!), the other site I used to use for cabin photos was cruise line rooms dot com.


    Study the Cruise line Cabin categories and find comparable cabins even though your specific Stateroom number is not found.


    Hope this helps!

  8. Thank you both. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to make this cruise. It's been a rough week :rolleyes:. I will post some thoughts, good or bad but I might be more guarded this time. Looking forward to a neptune suite again this time. It's getting addictive. You might even see me butting in on someone's live from thread if he doesn't mind:D. Looking forward to leaving this stupid cold and snowy weather behind.


    Please don't hold back! We want candid -unguarded reviews! I, for one, appreciate your thoughts.


    Have a WONDERFUL Cruise!!!!! :p

  9. We won a trip to China last year so I bought us medical ins through Allianz.

    premium for 2 was $60 for 10 days. Med-e-vac coverage was up to $500,000. We are 55 and 51 yrs old but had no preexisting medical conditions. I would shop around.


    Have a great cruise!!!

  10. Visited Arlington National Cemetery (parents and grandparents buried there) a couple of weeks ago. It is always a good reminder of how lucky we are through the selflessness of so many.


    Thank you to all of the veterans for your sacrifices!


    Has anyone seen the amazing sea of poppies around the Tower of London? There are over 800,000 representing the number of British troops dead in "The Great War".


    I saw something on TV about this over the weekend and I was truly moved. Humankind suffered and sacrificed... I am humbled.

  11. Our cruise price dropped SIGNIFICANTLY.....and we had to 'do battle' with HAL. Had the cruise itself not been so enjoyable, and the crew so amazing, we would never consider sailing with HAL again. It is not a gift, as you have pointed out. And the price game is frustrating.....


    Totally agree! And no one should have to "Do Battle" with the cruise lines for fairness. Oops! you overpaid! Sorry!


    Our Cruise fare has dropped $500 pp. $1000 total. The two "offers" I was given were:


    1) an upsell which we chose not take because we simply can't afford it. (I now know that savvy cruisers book and plan to gamble on getting upsells but I did not know this before I booked so booked what we wanted - a balcony)


    2) The second offer was a FCC but with a short window to purchase and we would lose the $50 pp on board credit we currently have. We probably won't be able to cruise again for at least 2 years so the "credit" would go to waste while we would give up our current $100 OBC.


    So while I don't expect a dollar for dollar re-compensation, I feel that the offers both required more money from me. In reality, they are not offers. They are hustling tactics.


    ... I have had a sour feeling about this since yesterday morning after talking to my PCC (she had to work this weekend)


    I was naive and if I am ever able to cruise again, I will never book early again. From reading these threads, this is not unique to HAL. All the cruise lines subscribe to these tactics.

  12. Two different things. Lunch after embarkation is offered to any Mariner albeit many times fills up and no more room. No invitation required.


    This thread is referring to the Mariners Luncheon usually held toward the end of cruise. Invitation and you will be given a tile. If your a Mariner and don't get invited than something went wrong in the process.


    The two lunches are often confused and IMO should be re-named.


    Thank you for clarifying! I see what you mean about "brunch" vs "lunch"... We are sailing our 3rd HAL cruise at the end of the month - So just One star. As far as I know, we have not been "invited" to anything. I am assuming that the Brunch is for recognition and awards to multi-stared Mariners...


    Thank you again!!!!

  13. lol


    Well don't feel bad because my cruise has gone down over $1000. I've gotten zero for that, but that's life. It's a huge turn off for booking early. It would be so nice if they had moderate pricing early. This is going to come back to bite them when people get such a bad taste in their mouth.


    Thank you for saying that! I learn a lot from this forum and I appreciate your kind words.


    We will BOTH enjoy our cruises!!!!:D ... and not book early! Ha

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