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  1. No home for us yet . I do have high hopes for an assignment in the next 5 days, or maybe if really lucky, before Nov. 3.




    I've been watching this thread too and when it "bumped" up on the boards, I too was hopeful that you had heard something.


    Just wanted to mention that I had read elsewhere that if you go to the point of starting to print your luggage tags, that your cabin number may show up there before it shows in the main docs. (24 hrs?) I have no personal experience with this but wanted to pass along something I had read...


    Here's hoping for a great Cabin assignment and Wonderful Cruise!!!

  2. A few cruises back, there were two transgendered fellow cruisers aboard Norwegian Gem who we enjoyed getting to know at the evening gatherings. One of them was a petroleum engineer from Houston who was unable to be herself while at her day job but truly glammed it up (and had the petro dollars to do it right ...can you say Chanel, Prada and Versace?) on her cruise vacations. We traded emails but never really corresponded and not only did I loose the email but frankly can't remember her name. Moved to Houston a year ago and have kept my eyes peeled but since we only met her male persona once on a port day, not sure I would recognize "him" anyway.


    I know it's a long shot but does this ring any bells with anyone? Would love to reconnect since as I recall, she said she threw some fun parties and meeting new folks in Houston has been hard. lol


    Hoping to give your post a "bump" to keep it active in the thread...


    Have you considered contacting LGBT Community Centers? It's possible that she may be active in her community. She may be a mentor! Mentioning that she throws parties is a great clue too!


    Good Luck in your quest! Moving to a new area is always difficult. But what a great adventure too! :D

  3. We are staying at the Westin. Arriving on the 27th. Then hopping on the Nieuw Amsterdam afterwards for a second cruise. Same itinerary. Should be fun...


    Enjoy your stay! Will be curious as to your impressions of the NV after sailing the Eurodam. Travel safe and hope to meet you on board!

  4. Yes, ships power is engine/generator produced. Yes, running the generator motor a bit faster will raise the cycles a bit over 60 if the Engineer chooses to do so. When I ran ships, my Chief Engineer preferred to run the AC electrics a bit above 60 cycles. Most electrical items operated nicely at that level and it allowed for the slight power drops when other large items come on line. I have also encountered power on ships a bit under 60 cycles. The 50hz 220v Euro standard power would probably melt your clock but then, the plug format is different which usually prevents you from making this mistake. I have managed to get around this and nicely melt my DW's hair dryer by mis-using an adapter set. 110v/6ohz stuff most definitely does not like 220v/50hz power. Live and learn.:D


    Hmmm... wonder how many fires my ignorance of this fact might have caused when forcing plugs in China hotels last year. OOPS! Thank you for this education! I will NOT do this again!:eek:

  5. I agree with most everyone here.


    But I think the the OP's question/point was regarding the inability of the HAL rep to see the advertizement that he was seeing. It was because of the time lost that he missed the potential savings. I don't think he was trying to "break" any rules regarding how savings can be acquired... :rolleyes:

  6. Maybe it is a cruise ritual for them??? Personally, I don't understand the "get on board, undress and put on a bathrobe" idea. But then I like to be on an open deck, aft, to watch a sailaway (and I am NOT doing that in a bathrobe:eek:).


    I giggled when I saw them too! I think there was another thread talking about that! Personally, I think they are using the robes to cover their swim suits.... :eek: Looked like someone asked them to take their pictures for them! Ha!:rolleyes:

  7. November 27 Port Schedule (copy & Paste)



    PE | ISLAND PRINCESS | 16:00

    PE | ZUIDERDAM | 16:00

    PE | VISION OF THE SEAS | 16:30

    PE | CELEBRITY INFINITY | 16:30 (Martini Glass & Pink Flamingo Banner-Kathy)

    PE | OASIS OF THE SEAS | 17:00 (Glow Sticks & Balloons-Stacey | Banner Wave-Todd)


    Can't wait! Is it possible to OD over Sail Aways? :rolleyes: (DW thinks I've gone "overboard" :eek:)

  8. Hi! We are first-time cruisers and have booked a cruise with HAL out of Fort Lauderdale on 11/30/14. We have chosen to fly into Tampa, FL and then commute via rental car to Port Everglades. Am looking for advice as to which rental car companies would work best for this. Any comments would be appreciated!


    My best advise? DON'T MISS THE SHIP!!!!!!!:p :eek: (from you Dear Friends who will be waiting for you on board!):rolleyes:

  9. My Partner and I really enjoy the LGBT gatherings, anyone else ?


    We just booked this cruise.


    happy sailing !


    Good Morning!!! My DW and I are sailing with you and your partner! Also, our dear friends are sailing with us in a stateroom next door!


    That's 4 and with you and your partner, that's SIX!! whoot whoot!


    We would love to meet up! We will be staying at the Hilton Marina on the 29th (our DFs are renting a car from a different airport and will meet up with us on board)


    We will be going to the Mariners luncheon and are signed up to attend the Cruise Critic Sail Away and Meet & Mingle. Check out the Roll call! It's a pretty fun group!



    Where are you guys staying? I am so excited to have family sailing with us!!! Welcome aboard!!!:p

  10. Just wanted to add that I have read where the MDR manager has made dress code exceptions (mercifully) for pax that have lost luggage... So they don't lose a potentially special night or dinning experience.


    For us, the MDR is part of the cruise experience... "dressing" for dinner, the attentiveness of the waitstaff, the presentation of the meal... all these things contribute to a wonderful and special evening.


    Although, I do appreciate well dressed men and women, I do not feel offended if they were dressed more casually.

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