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  1. A question for those cruising this week and last. Did the ship show any of the olympics? Any thing on the big screen?
  2. In myvikingjourney you can cancel a reservation on the calendar and then book another one. One word of caution is that you don't always know what is available so if you cancel you may not get what you want. I don't know how to connect another party but others have done it.
  3. I am no Puffin expert, but I thought the naturalist on the short excursion we took out of Reykjavik on our own said that they were around all year long, but could be wrong about that.
  4. If you have time on disembarkation day, there is a 1 hr tour out of Reykjavik to a small island close to the city with something like 30,000 puffins on it. Viator has it. We liked it a lot.
  5. Thank you for the information. We will be using Quest for the PCR for the Bermuda cruise in August. We did not need a PCR test when we went to Iceland - it's a lot less stressful if one is not required!
  6. For those that have been on the Bermuda cruise, if you have an afternoon flight home from Bermuda and air transfer by Viking, can you stay on the ship in the morning of disembarkation? When did they make you leave the ship?
  7. Question for those that have been on the Bermuda Escape cruise. Are the bartenders up to speed on making rum swizzles? Very important question, I know :).
  8. I am assuming that the Quest Lab results came as expected? What was the turnaround time?
  9. Agree with your comments, Clay. I think it is on the honor system.
  10. I didn't measure it but guessing about 1 1/4" in diameter and about 1/4" thick. Not sure what you mean by phone pocket but it definitely fits in a regular pocket. The lanyard has a removable portion to take it off the lanyard. I kept mine in my pocket the whole time. One word of caution. It occasionally blinks (green, red, and other colors) as it is updating to the server - I had it next to my bed when sleeping one night and it woke me up. My wife put it in her shoe under the bed at night to stop it from bothering her and I did the same!
  11. We saw it there on July 17th which I think was the inaugural cruise.
  12. Thank you Clay, did not know she was on board!
  13. I thought so as well as I had seen that video too.
  14. I agree. I like Jim. He has a million subscribers - especially for his train videos :).
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