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  1. Wow, I thought our World Cruise was long! I hope you have a great time and hope that your DH knows how to cook :).
  2. You can watch from the couch although it would be better if it could tilt. See the pictures below. The first picture is taken from the corner of the room so it is closer to the TV from the couch than it looks.
  3. No, it is fixed to the wall at the head of the bed.
  4. The end goes through the slit on the large part (other end). Does that make sense?
  5. Just to correct the above good information...the article says that they have performed 200,000 tests!
  6. It is hard to know which changes were done due to the Covid procedures and which ones are due to low passenger capacity. The actual serving of the food by the staff is a covid procedure which eliminates the passengers from serving themselves and eliminates all serving utensils. (I think it actually is better all around and that they keep this as a permanent feature as I felt it is better hygienically anyway). The bringing to the table might have been due to having extra staff vs number of passengers so they had staff available to do this or it could be to eliminate crowding at the counter for social distancing. I don't know which one or both. Also, some of the plates are very hot and I think the staff did not want us to burn our hands! In any case the staff (crew) are amazing!
  7. @eaglewatchers Check out my answer in post #2!
  8. According to Viking: Main pool: 26.2’ X 13.2’, depth 4.6’ Infinity pool: 19.2’ X 13.7’, depth 4.8’ For me I get about 4 strokes per length of the pool! If you want to do 500 yds you have to do 57 lengths of the pool!
  9. Agree! And you can get it extra spicy if you like it that way!
  10. While it is nice to have a bit more service with lower PAX counts, Viking will go out of business if they cannot fill up their ships so I am hoping that the ships will be more full because we all want Viking to be successful! Also, I feel for the crew as the gratuities are based on passenger count and with lower passenger count they are getting lower gratuities to spread amongst the crew.
  11. According to the restaurant manager, 5:30 to 6:30 is prime time for the restaurants. 8 pm is less crowded.
  12. I believe that there were only 350 on board because that is how many booked the cruise. I think they were trying for around 400 or 450 (50%) capacity. We had many travel advisors on our cruise, I am guessing between 50-75% of the people were travel advisors. Some seats in World Cafe were blocked off with the do not sit sign but it was not an issue because we tended to eat late around 8pm and it was almost empty when we ate there and we almost always ate outside which was very empty too. The seats behind the hot tub (between the hot tub and the Aquavit bar) were often all full at lunch and there was no blocked seating outside but I was not concerned as it was outside anyway. Often we sat on the outside tables to the right or left of the world cafe along the edge of the ship where there was shade a a breeze and it was really nice to look out on the ocean. On sea days there was too much "breeze" there though.
  13. We typically did not get anything special except for breakfast with eggs made our way like “over easy”. We also got eggs Benedict with no ham but with smoked salmon. I do not think there is much that they would not make for you if you asked as long as they had the ingredients. When I was was saying that they would bring it to you when it was done referred to ordering the over easy or special eggs Benedict or one of the pasta dishes that they had on offer- they had to prep it and then bring it over. They would find us whether inside or outside.
  14. This past week with 350 pax on board all was normal. Both sides open. Unbelievable service. Great selection. Sushi, gelato, unbelievable deserts available every night. One interesting change is that the crew members insisted on carrying your dish to your table for you. Or delivering it when it was ready if they were making something special for you. We ate outside most nights and at times were the only ones out there. As you probably know, due to health protocols they dish up the food for you based on what and how much you request.
  15. It is called "Book Exchange" and I took a picture of it today, September 10, 2021 on the Viking Orion. Looks like a good selection of books at least at this time.
  16. We were told by the captain that the pilot would board at 6:30 am for 8 am docking. We will have to speed up as this was at noon going 11 knots and we were ~200 nautical miles from Bermuda at that time. Leaving 20 hrs to make it.
  17. The infinity pool was lowered a bit lower than they normally do for at sea days. Hot tub next to the infinity pool also had its level lowered. pool has remained empty today.
  18. Due to rough seas they closed the main pool. They drained it rather quickly. Does anyone know what they do with the water? Do they store it to use to refill the pool?
  19. @bluesea777 and @Heidi13 thanks for the thoughts. We had a bit of a rough night at sea last night but not that bad. Woke up to a beautiful sunrise and slightly rough seas. Viking Orion current location is at North West Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 31.09555 N / -66.65625 W) cruising at speed of 11.1 kn (21 kph/ 13 mph). We are still heading away from the hurricane west-southwesterly. Not sure how far we are from Bermuda or from Larry at this point. Currently it is 7:40 AM Atlantic time.
  20. We did two weeks. Back to back. It has been great. The water has been special. Warm to swim in and beautiful to look at. The crew is amazing and the food and drink wonderful as well. We will wait and see what happens over the next few days🤞🤞.
  21. Orion will leave the Dockyards this evening and head out to sea in a southwesterly direction. Will return to Bermuda some time on Friday staying away from as much wind and wave as possible.
  22. We had the California Cuisine this evening on the Bermuda Escape cruise (Viking Orion). I loved the crab cake and sweet potato chips but not the halibut that much or the mandarin desert. The wines were not so great either. Not the best of the Chef's Table in my opinion.
  23. Someone posted on social media that we are not allowed to go off on our own in Bermuda. Can someone confirm this please? I thought it was allowed at least up until now?
  24. I cannot get into it since I already took it but it basically asks if I remember correctly if you have any symptoms, been in contact with anyone that has Covid, are vaccinated, etc
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