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  1. I never heard the number on board but the crowds only bothered us on sea days. Wonder why it felt so crowded for you?
  2. We arrived back in Galveston on Thursday from a 5-day cruise on the Dream. We were delayed leaving by about 6 hours due to fog. This exact same thing happened a couple of years ago on the Breeze - fog. It's a cuss word in Galveston they hate it so bad. So - lesson learned. From now on we will ONLY cruise out of Galveston during warmer months when fog isn't so common. Hats off to our captain though, the itinerary was only changed one hour (we arrive in Cozumel at 9:30 instead of 8:30 a.m.). We were very much impressed!!! Here are some things we learned - we wish we had known
  3. Thank you for the info! And I will send only good thoughts your way for a clear day for sailing next week!😊😊😊
  4. So..... we've been fogged in here in Galveston today. Same thing happened to us 3 years ago at Christmas on the Breeze (we lost Belize due to the delay - so sad - think we would have learned our lesson - but never again a winter cruise from Galveston - WAY to stressful way to start a vacation ). They have notified us to disregard all boarding times and just show up between 6-9 p.m. Bizarre - I am picturing utter chaos. So.... when we did this 3 years ago our luggage didn't arrive until after midnight. Could we possibly carry on our luggage - they are large samsonite ones - jus
  5. Okay -thank you! He could totally sit in the bar and watch it (he is a preacher so that will be an adventure😂). When, if ever, do they project it on the big screen by the pool?
  6. I apologize if this has been asked and answered - couldn't find anything current during search. 30th Anniversary Cruise was booked a year ago. We leave on Saturday, December 28th. Spouse discovered OU plays in a bowl game on the day of departure (at 4 p.m. - sail away). Any suggestions on what, if any, is the best way to try to allow him to watch this game? After some research on Carnival - there does appear to be any wifi plans available that allow streaming. Thanks in advance for any input. He will get over it if he can't watch it but I would like
  7. This same kind of thing happened to us a couple of years ago on the Breeze. Our entire family went - we had four rooms. My nephew backed out the day before. He was sharing a room with my 23 year old son. I posted and got advice to definitely NOT cancel as they could reassign his room based on occupancy. This was not an option as I had worked to get all the rooms on the same deck and my nephew would lose the money whether we reported or not. When we checked-in we weren't all together and told them more would be arriving later. They called my son on his cell phone around 3:00 and asked wh
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