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  1. We love the all Broadway shows, production shows and ice shows. Our favorite piano bar entertainers: Jordan Peterson, Girl Named Jake Our favorite headliner: Mo5aic
  2. We've been on many Anthem cruises. We have never experienced any of the negative things mentioned in this post. The ship has always been clean, food was good, service excellent, entertainment fabulous! The Diamond club was never overly crowded on our sailings, even during the summer season. The only place we saw wear was in the Schooner Bar. The table around the piano was broken, and the chairs were not in good shape (some had even been removed, leaving only 1-2 chairs around the piano). I assume these will be repaired/replaced .
  3. About 10-12 years ago, we had a waiter named Mauricio from Mexico (Cancun) on several different sailings. He was exceptional! I wonder if he is still with Royal.
  4. I remember hearing this at a Captain's talk onboard. St. Maarten is where they refuel and restock.
  5. According to his LinkedIn Profile, he is currently based in Las Vegas, and he lists himself as a "former cruise director at Royal Caribbean International", and he lists his dates of employments as 2002 – Oct 2018 16 years. He does not list anything more recent, except for a certification in Creative Bootcamp January 2019
  6. We were also on this sailing, and had a very similar experience as you. We were terribly disappointed with food, menus, the buffet, poor overall service, long waiting times and long lines. Although the entertainment was outstanding, it was very difficult to get reservations so we weren't able to see everything we wanted to. It was our first NCL cruise, and definitely our last.
  7. OP: Oasis is also coming to Bayonne in May 2020. Have you checked its sailings to see if any are suitable for you?
  8. I believe Girl Named Jake is on Majesty now = I follow her on social media, and she recently posted that she's on MJ for a few weeks, and then moving over to Indy. She's been on several of our cruises, and we love her!
  9. Adventure OTS - Clo O'Connor July 6 for 2 months. Then who? Allure OTS - Jimmy Rhodes March 11 for 4 months, then Mitch Merucciis scheduled to return August 12 for 2 months. Anthem OTS - Dennis Charles May 12 until September 6, then Chris Brown starts September 6 for 4 months. Brilliance OTS - Mike Szwajkowski July 3 (for 2 or 4 months?) Empress OTS - WHO is the current CD? Enchantment OTS - Bobby Broughton April 6 until early-September. Then who? Explorer OTS - Topi Ylönen returns June 8 until July 27. Then who? (Graham Seymour may return as regular CD again for the rest of 2018,
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